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3 Best Landing Spots for Star WR if Dallas Cowboys Do Cut Him

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Amari Cooper has been mentioned as a possible trade target for the New York Giants. The former third overall pick could be available to sign, but no team is willing to pay his price tag yet.

The “dallas cowboys 2020” is a question that many fans have been asking. The Dallas Cowboys are in need of a wide receiver, and there are 3 best landing spots for Star WR if Dallas Cowboys Do Cut Him.

Amari Cooper, a wide receiver with the Dallas Cowboys, might be a free agent shortly. It’s not a certain conclusion just yet, but there’s credible evidence that the Cowboys’ Cooper will be a cap casualty.

It also makes logic. Cooper’s contract stated that the Cowboys’ 2022 season would be a “off-ramp.” This season, he’ll earn $30 million in base compensation, but with a dead cap number of just $6 million. Depending on when the cut occurs, the Cowboys may save anywhere from $16 million to $20 million by dismissing him.

With that in mind, here are three clubs that should contact Cooper’s agency right now.

The Philadelphia Eagles should get in line for Amari Cooper as soon as possible.

This would be a fantastic chapter in the Eagles-Cowboys rivalry.

Imagine Cooper getting released by Dallas and signing with the Philadelphia Eagles right away. It’s essentially a self-contained comeback narrative.

The truth is, it’s a win-win situation for both sides.

DeVonta Smith, the Eagles’ projected No. 1 wideout, would benefit enormously from having a veteran like Cooper on the roster beside him. Cooper might divert attention away from Smith’s quickness, but he’s no ruse.

Cooper would be a huge boost for the Eagles’ roster, and he’d provide Jalen Hurts a true safety net. He catches just about everything that comes his way and is coming off a 1,000-yard season only a year ago. Due to COVID-19, he only participated in 15 games last season, but he still tallied up 865 yards and eight touchdowns.

The Eagles now have $20.8 million in cap space, so they should be able to pay Cooper what he believes he is due.

It would be a win-win situation, and what a way to avenge the Cowboys.

Cooper would be a wonderful match for Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots.

Amari Cooper, Dallas Cowboys

Amari Cooper, Dallas Cowboys During the National Football League game between the New England Patriots and the Dallas Cowboys, Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Amari Cooper (19) sprints after the catch | Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

We’ve seen what Bill Belichick can accomplish when he has Randy Moss on his team. With Moss as one of the essential cogs, he put together one of the most powerful attacks in NFL history.

The other was, of course, Tom Brady, so Mac Jones shouldn’t be under any duress.

Even though Josh McDaniels is now the head coach of the Las Vegas Raiders, Jones and Cooper might be a lethal combo for the New England Patriots.

Because of their spending binge last summer, the Patriots don’t have a lot of cap space, but they have enough to work with Cooper, particularly if they shift money into the future. Cooper would be a huge improvement over Nelson Agholor, Jakobi Meyers, Kendrick Bourne, and N’Keal Harry, no disrespect to any of their current wide receivers. Let’s see what Jones can accomplish if he’s given a real No. 1 wideout. 

Cooper’s chemistry with Belichick stems from his time at Alabama, where he played for and flourished under Nick Saban. Between Saban and Belichick, there isn’t much of a difference. They just coach in various leagues.

The Indianapolis Colts might be interested in Cooper.

Amari Cooper, WR, Dallas Cowboys

Amari Cooper, WR, Dallas Cowboys The Dallas Cowboys’ Amari Cooper #19 scores a touchdown against the Miami Dolphins in the third quarter | Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

The Indianapolis Colts have been doing all they can to improve their chances of becoming a playoff team. The greatest question mark and concern for the Eagles is at quarterback, where Carson Wentz’s future is uncertain. Even yet, having a superstar on the outside like Cooper will make the job of whomever the Colts start at center in 2022 a lot easier.

Wentz wasn’t great, but he didn’t have much to work with in the wide receiver category outside of Michael Pittman Jr. (1,082 yards, six touchdowns). In reality, Zach Pascal was Indy’s second-leading receiver, catching 384 yards and three touchdowns. Jonathan Taylor, the All-World running back, was the third-leading receiver.

That’s not good, regardless of who’s at the helm.

The Colts could use a serious option to replace Pittman, whether it’s Wentz or someone else. If it doesn’t make his life simpler (which it would), consider how much more dangerous Taylor will become if defenders are forced to consider Cooper as well.

With nearly $36 million to spend, Indy has one of the best salary cap positions in the league right now.

Cooper’s addition would be a significant boost for the Colts.

ESPN and Pro Football Reference provided the statistics. Spotrac provides contract information.

Jerry Jones’ frustration with Amari Cooper makes it more likely that the Dallas Cowboys will move on. RELATED: Jerry Jones’ Frustration With Amari Cooper Makes It More Likely That the Dallas Cowboys Will Move On

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