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3 Reasons Jameis Winston Is Nothing More Than a Band-Aid Solution to the Saints’ Dramatically Declining Roster

We’ve been saying it for the past three weeks: the New Orleans Saints’ roster is a disaster and needs a dramatic overhaul. The Saints’ season just ended last Sunday and the Saints currently have the NFL’s worst record at 1-7, and after two weeks of free agency, the team has lost its entire starting quarterback and running back positions. Even worse, the team might have their franchise quarterback, Jameis Winston, on his way out the door.

The New Orleans Saints running game has been one of the best in the NFL for the past few years, but it appears it is slowly dying. After the loss of star running back Mark Ingram for the rest of the season, the Saints are relying on the aging Alvin Kamara and the resurgent rookie Boston Scott to keep things going. With both running backs unable to consistently reach the end zone, the Saints are looking to Jameis Winston, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers first round pick, to solve their offensive woes.

The New Orleans Saints are in an extremely tough situation. They’re at the bottom of the NFL’s leaderboards in virtually every statistical category—including points scored, yards gained, and yards allowed—and their once-mighty defense has been decimated by injuries and age. The team will play the final two games of the season without its best pass rusher and most valuable cornerback, and they can’t afford to lose many more pieces through injury or free agency if they want to contend in 2015.. Read more about jameis winston stats and let us know what you think.

Many expected Jameis Winston to win the primary quarterback position with the New Orleans Saints this summer when the former Tampa Bay quarterback signed on to be Drew Brees’ backup in 2020.

Winston is set to take over starting responsibilities for the first time since his disastrous 2019 season after a year of studying the system and developing a connection with head coach Sean Payton.

While there is cause for hope in the Saints organization (a new quarterback is always thrilling), the harsh truth is that Winston is just a band-aid solution to a much bigger Saints issue.

Jameis Winston’s track record isn’t exactly stellar.

Jameis Winston during a New Orleans Saints preseason game. Chris Graythen/Getty Images/Jameis Winston

To begin with, it’s critical to recognize Winston’s less-than-stellar NFL track record.

In 2019, he led the league in passing yards and touchdowns with 33, but his league-leading 30 interceptions lost the Buccaneers a playoff berth. Winston spent the most of his last season in Tampa Bay throwing dangerous jump balls to Mike Evans and Chris Godwin, which proved to be an ineffective approach.

Winston was similarly mediocre prior to his weird 2019 season.

Between 2015 and 2018, he threw 88 touchdowns and 58 interceptions while leading the Buccaneers to only one winning season. It says a lot that the Bucs won the Super Bowl right after after replacing Winston with a 40-year-old Tom Brady.

Jameis Winston has a one-year contract.

Jameis Winston has a one-year deal for $5.5 million… $7 million in incentives are also available. With him as the starter, it is now a distinct possibility. https://t.co/CSiYXPuQIU

August 27, 2021 — Ian Rapoport (@RapSheet)

Another factor to consider when assessing Winston’s potential to rescue the Saints in the long run is his contract situation. He’s only signed for a year, which puts the Saints in a bind next summer.

The Saints will have to pay up and give Winston a multi-year contract if he plays well. Due to budgetary constraints, the Saints are already having difficulty keeping all of their key players. Giving Winston a large deal would just make things more difficult.

If Winston fails, the Saints will almost certainly let him go in free agency, leaving the club without a quarterback.

Normally, a club like the Saints (who just lost their Hall of Fame quarterback to retirement) would rebuild around a young gunslinger on a rookie deal (Mac Jones in New England, for example). Trying to make a commitment to Winston beyond 2021 will simply delay the inevitable.

New Orleans also has a slew of other roster problems.

Winston is, in the end, just a tiny part of the jigsaw in New Orleans. The Saints are currently struggling with a slew of personnel problems.

Sean Payton hasn’t coached a team to the Super Bowl since 2010, Michael Thomas is injured and wants to be traded, Marcus Williams and Marshal Lattimore are both on expiring contracts, the team has a lot of money invested in older players like Malcolm Jenkins and Demario Davis (Spotrac), and Sean Payton hasn’t coached a team to the Super Bowl since 2010.

Winston’s presence isn’t resolving all of these urgent issues.

Winston is unlikely to be seen as the Saints’ football savior. They’re probably aware that 2021 is designated as a “retooling year.” Moving ahead, though, expectations must be adjusted properly. Winston is a stopgap measure; the club must continue its search for a Brees successor in the summer.

Pro Football Reference provided all stats.

Following Cam Newton’s unexpected release, Matt Nagy has run out of excuses to not start Justin Fields.

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