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30 NFL Players Who Changed The Fortunes Of Their Franchises

The NFL is one of the most popular sporting leagues in America. The teams have been changing for decades and ever since 1960, when there was just 12 players on each team, the game has evolved a lot. These are some of the thirty players who changed their franchise fortunes with their talent or leadership ability.

The “nfl players who lost all their money” is a list of 30 NFL players who changed the fortunes of their franchises. The list includes names like Kurt Warner, Joe Montana, and Steve Young.

Every game for NFL players carries a lot of pressure since they’re constantly playing for their future. Some of these players live up to their billing and use their talents to turn around a franchise’s fortunes. They’ve been outstanding, assisting their team in victories in crucial situations when the club’s supporters had previously expected them to lose.

Franchises, on the other hand, can stake their hopes on certain players who fail terribly. In this guide, we’ll look at 30 NFL players who had a significant impact on their teams’ fortunes. Bleacher Report has compiled the following list.

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Evan McPherson (#30)

Placekickers aren’t the most apparent choices to turn a franchise’s fortunes around. McPherson’s performances with the Bengals, on the other hand, have been nothing short of spectacular. He’s proved to be one of the league’s most clutch players. First and foremost, he is the only player in NFL history to have scored 40 points before to the Super Bowl (via SBNation).

usa_today_17604675 USA Today Sports is required credit.

Throughout the 2021 postseason, the rookie had an unblemished record. This was critical since the Bengals had only won one of their three games by a single point. This featured a game-winning field goal in the AFC Championship game against the Chiefs. He led the squad to its first Super Bowl appearance since 1989. He didn’t wilt despite the immense strain on his shoulders.

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Daniel Jones is 29 years old.

Jones has just not gone above and beyond for the New York Giants. In 2019, they selected the quarterback in the first round. In name, he took over Eli Manning’s job, but he hasn’t lived up to his predecessor’s accomplishments. Several elements have influenced the franchise’s fortunes, but he is one of them. The Giants’ recent slide has corresponded with his role.

1621536882_321_NFL-Fans-Share-Their-Reactions-To-Historic-Quarterback-Mistakes USA Today Sports is required credit.

It’s not really fair to pin the blame on him since the front desk is a disaster. Meanwhile, the Giants are slicing through coaches like butter through a hot knife. His weapons are similarly unreliable, and they are continually damaged. Jones, on the other hand, hasn’t had a winning season since moving to New York. It’s unfortunate since no one believes in him anymore (via NJ.com).

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Minkah Fitzpatrick (#28)

For the first 11 games of the 2020 season, the Steelers went undefeated. They lacked offensive firepower, and there were concerns about quarterback Ben Roethlisberger’s deteriorating abilities. Their defense, though, was outstanding because to guys like T.J. Watt and Ryan Fitzpatrick. The Miami Dolphins safety came and soon established himself as one of the team’s leaders.

pittsburgh-steelers-minkah-fitzpatrick-lands-on-covid-19-list USA Today Sports is required credit.

Because of his job, Fitzpatrick is unlikely to make many headlines. However, he is an important part of the Steelers’ lineup and makes significant contributions. Because he’s so good, he’d fit in with practically any squad in the league. Simply by walking onto the field, the two-time All-Pro transformed the fate of his club (via Fansided).

4e9824af-3d89-4d14-a1fa-c03240bafa35-usp_nfl__san_francisco_49ers_at_detroit_lions USA Today Sports is required credit.

Deebo Samuel is number 27.

When the Niners reached the NFC Championship Game in 2021, they defied expectations. They were fortunate to reach the playoffs since they lacked confidence at quarterback. Samuel, on the other hand, shone brightly because of his unique dual threat. The wide receiver might also be used as a running back. He quickly established himself as one of the franchise’s most effective offensive weapons (via The Guardian).

1236736471 USA Today Sports is required credit.

Kyle Shanahan deserves praise for allowing Samuel to play a dual role. This was quite successful during the season and may have been a game-changer. Occasionally, an athlete emerges who completely transforms a sport’s style of play. It’s happened with rushing quarterbacks and other positions in the past. Samuel, on the other hand, brought something fresh to the table that fans had never seen before.

hi-res-60306309de30f7427d49085ab579e8eb_crop_north USA Today Sports is required credit.

Andrew Luck is number 26.

Luck was regarded as one of the finest quarterbacks of his era. When Peyton Manning retired, the Colts were fortunate to have Luck fall into their laps. Because he was prepared to begin from the outset, the transfer was effortless. With the three-time Pro Bowler, the squad never won a Super Bowl, but they did reach the AFC Championship game (via New York Times).

andrew-luck USA Today Sports is required credit.

In the end, Luck’s surprising retirement transformed the franchise’s fate. He retired from the NFL after just seven seasons due to several injuries. Indianapolis failed to defend its hero, and he sustained many blows to the body. He eventually decided it was too much for him and went away. Because they didn’t take care of him and didn’t have a quality starter, the Colts lost out.

jamarcus-russell-nfl-comebackjpg USA Today Sports is required credit.

JaMarcus Russell (#25)

Russell was the Raiders’ first-round pick in 2007, and they took a chance on him. When they made him the first overall choice, they transformed the game. However, they did so in an unfavorable manner. That’s because they gave him a record deal as a rookie. Russell, on the other hand, fell well short of his promise and became one of the greatest flops of all time (via Republic World).

jamarcus-russell Sports Illustrated is required to be credited.

He altered the franchise’s fortunes, albeit not in a beneficial way. When a club decides to start a rookie quarterback, they are taking a huge risk. In the best-case scenario, they’ll turn the squad around in a few seasons and make it a winner. When it doesn’t work, though, the effects are disastrous. The Raiders were in this situation because they had to pay the price.

cam-newton-touchdown-panthers USA Today Sports is required credit.

Cam Newton (#24)

When the Panthers chose Newton in 2011, they won the jackpot. With his outstanding performances, he transformed the franchise’s fortunes. Newton was named the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year, but he wasn’t just a one-year wonder. He had a breakout second season, winning the league MVP title. Carolina had won the Super Bowl the previous season.

hi-res-c4060493ad5d7f3514956318f5fb4484_crop_north-scaled USA Today Sports is required credit.

Unfortunately, he did not get his ring, but his brilliance aided in the Panthers’ transformation into a contender. They had the league’s most intriguing dual-threat quarterback for a few seasons. Injuries eventually took their toll on his physique, and he began to deteriorate. During his heyday, though, they were a strong contender in the NFC. It’s a pity they didn’t make the most of this opportunity (via Washington Post).

wqvvdhkqtsykevasotb7 USA Today Sports is required credit.

Sam Darnold (#23)

In 2018, the Jets were on the quest for another top quarterback and chose Darnold. They selected the USC Trojans’ standout as the third overall choice in the draft. Darnold was also a very young man. To put it in context, third-year Darnold was older than freshman Joe Burrow. In New York, though, he struggled with a lack of direction. He wasn’t ready to be a starter (via Yahoo).

sam-darnold USA Today Sports is required credit.

In a game against the Patriots, Darnold famously’saw ghosts.’ Because the Jets were dysfunctional, his failure to adapt with the NFL wasn’t totally his fault. He eventually lost the fans’ trust and quit the organization in 2021. It’s a pity things didn’t work out since he has a lot of potential. However, he transformed the franchise’s fortunes by forcing them to rebuild from the ground up.

jj-watt USA Today Sports is required credit.

J.J Watt (number 22)

Watt’s finest years are behind him, but he was an outstanding player for Houston. There’s a reason why his admirers sobbed when he visited Arizona. Before joining the Cardinals, he spent ten years in Texas (via The42). With his never-say-die mentality, he helped turn the franchise around during this time. He was named Defensive Player of the Year three times.

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T.J., his younger brother, was inspired by the Defensive End since he is also gifted. Watt has a great ability to sack opponents. He is the first player in NFL history to have more than 20 sacks in more than one season. Off the field, he’s a wonderful leader and an inspiration. Fans adore him because of his unwavering dedication to both the community and the club.

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Tyrann Mathieu, 21.

People often speak about successful teams’ quarterbacks, but other players should be mentioned as well. When it comes to the Kansas City Chiefs, it’s even more pronounced. After all, Patrick Mahomes is the sport’s most famous player. Other players, on the other hand, have played a big role in their recent climb to popularity (via Fansided).

gettyimages-1300911373 USA Today Sports is required credit.

Mathieu has a love-hate connection with his fans. To begin with, safety is a contentious topic on social media. He is, on the other hand, a fantastic player. Mathieu was an important part of the team’s victorious Super Bowl campaign in 2020. Along with more prominent players like Mahomes, he helped turn the franchise around. Athletes like Mathieu are essential to a team’s success.

skysports-derrick-henry-tennessee-titans_5567525 Sky Sports is required credit.

Derrick Henry is number twenty.

Henry has the potential to be the most powerful player in the NFL today. The Titans’ battering ram of a running back is crucial to their success. He’s a real marauder and the greatest nightmare of any defensive line. He has an absurd workload, yet the Titans can’t afford to rest him. That’s because when he’s not on the field, they lose more games. Their 2021 performance experienced a setback due to Henry’s injury.

derrick-henry-free-agent-e1579027701329 USA Today Sports is required credit.

Henry is the engine of the Titans’ offense. Before his injury, he had almost 100 running yards more than the NFL’s second-best rusher. The NFL is a constantly changing league, and the importance of particular jobs changes with time. There’s a popular belief that running backs aren’t as essential in today’s game as they once were, but Henry defies this notion. He is a formidable opponent (via Sportscasting).

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Russell Wilson is 19 years old.

Wilson was not selected as late by the Seattle Seahawks as Tom Brady was by the New England Patriots. Despite this, few anticipated the third-round choice to develop into one of the finest quarterbacks of his time. Wilson, on the other hand, altered Seattle’s fortunes and attitude with his outstanding quarterbacking. He only has one ring, but he should have a lot more (via CBS Sports).

russell-wilson-super-bow-interception-1 USA Today Sports is required credit.

Wilson is a shady figure on the field, with a strong arm and pinpoint accuracy. Some doubt his pocket skill, yet his achievements speak for themselves. He’s a nine-time Pro Bowler for a reason. Some say he’s unfortunate not to have earned an MVP award already. Wilson is a terrific franchise quarterback who is calm and steady.

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Michael Vick (#18)

The Atlanta Falcons were on their way to become one of the league’s best teams. With his dual-threat abilities, their star quarterback Vick was revolutionizing the game. However, their lives were turned upside down when Vick was arrested by the FBI. He was the ringleader of a dogfighting ring and spent many years in prison. This was a huge setback for the franchise, and it completely impacted their destiny.

ap101115042489-e1605314251729-1024x684-1 USA Today Sports is required credit.

In summary, it resulted in a squandered season. The Falcons faced several issues both on and off the field. Bobby Petrino left his position as head coach to take over at Arkansas. Meanwhile, the squad missed Vick’s abilities and considered him indispensable that season. They quickly chose Matt Ryan, and everything was back to normal. However, this was a major setback at the time (via Bleacher Report).

bwuqr74fsrgmebhrg6qh USA Today Sports is required credit.

Luke Kuechly (#17)

Everyone is talking about Cam Newton, but no one is talking about this guy. Kuechly was a big part of the Panthers’ resurgence in the mid-2010s. The linebacker was a fierce competitor and one of the finest in the league at his position. For seven years in a row, he was named to the Pro Bowl. In 2014, Kuechly was again named Defensive Player of the Year (via Sports Illustrated).

znqoyubqwfdjznugrl7ifqysoa USA Today Sports is required credit.

His efforts also shifted his team’s fortunes. Carolina had been out of contention for a few years prior to his arrival. He did, however, assist them in reaching the Super Bowl, as they significantly improved. Yes, Newton’s hypnotic ability was vital. On the other hand, Kuechly was equally significant. He was an important part of this dynamic young team’s foundation.

1296745044-scaled USA Today Sports is required credit.

Davante Adams (#16)

As a repeated NFL MVP winner, Aaron Rodgers receives the most of the praise. He would not be where he is now if it weren’t for Adams’ skill. There’s a solid argument to be made that the dynamic receiver is the greatest in the NFL at his position. He’s undoubtedly in the mix since he’s continuously breaking Packers’ records. He established a team record with 1,553 receiving yards in 2021.

ochwdfhcyyiklemjmjyg USA Today Sports is required credit.

He’s a touchdown machine, too. Adams was named to the All-Pro team in both 2020 and 21 after two outstanding seasons. Green Bay supporters are concerned about his possible departure since he is such an entertaining player. Adams has the ability to turn around any franchise’s fortunes. He does it because he makes the life of quarterbacks simpler (via PFF.com).

1367744134 USA Today Sports is required credit.

Matthew Stafford (number 15)

Nobody says Stafford is the greatest quarterback in the NFL, or even the most interesting player on the Rams. Cooper Kupp, the electric Cooper Kupp, is the recipient of this distinction. The former Lions star, on the other hand, was a steady hand in the team’s pursuit for a home Super Bowl victory in 2021. It was a smart decision to send Jared Goff to Detroit in exchange for Stafford (via USA Today).

matthew-stafford-getty-ftr-013022_kxd0inxnij051rc0ds65s1s2i USA Today Sports is required credit.

Stafford’s downfield passes are much more aggressive than Goff’s. He’s more willing to take dangerous passes, and Kupp has benefited as a result. By stepping up, he effectively reversed the franchise’s fortunes. Sure, he throws a lot of interceptions, but there’s no doubting that his approach is effective. Stafford deserves this transfer after years of floundering in Detroit.

gettyimages-50989654 Sports Illustrated is required to be credited.

David Klingler (#14)

Two of the worst pick failures in NFL history are Klingler and Akili Smith. They were both Cincinnati Bengals players. When it comes to quarterback selection, the team has a poor track record. Maybe that’s why they stayed with Andy Dalton, the typical guy, for so long. They were content to play it safe since finding someone better is so tough.

gettyimages-1217568074-scaled-e1590878165317-1024x683-1 Sports Illustrated is required to be credited.

Klingler, a Heisman candidate, had a lot riding on him. He was only with the Bengals for two seasons, thus he couldn’t equal them. The fact that he took over for the famous Boomer Esiason didn’t help matters. Only a few years after playing for the Super Bowl, they began to fall apart. Klingler is now a bible study instructor in Texas (via Texas Monthly).

odell-beckham-browns USA Today Sports is required credit.

Odell Beckham Jr. (13), Odell Beckham Jr. (13), Odell Beck

Beckham is a divisive figure since his career has fallen short of his promise. However, throughout his first three seasons with the Giants, he was a force to be reckoned with. There’s a case to be made that he transformed the franchise’s fortunes. Because he was a bonafide star, Beckham was the ideal ambassador for the NFL’s largest market. His fame extended beyond sport, but this posed a concern.

usatsi-15112872-odell-beckham-browns-pregame-2020-1400 USA Today Sports is required credit.

There were a lot of distractions off the field, which meant there were a lot of diversions on the field. Meanwhile, the three-time Pro Bowler has been sidelined with many ailments. He was, however, fantastic when he first broke out with the Giants until his career took a turn for the worst. He didn’t have the same success in Cleveland, but L.A. seems to be a nice match for him. If he can hold it together, Beckham has a fantastic talent (via N.Y. Post).

merlin_164437284_df91073c-2058-4189-a0ed-149f4e968ba2-superjumbo USA Today Sports is required credit.

Myles Garrett is number twelve.

Although the Browns did not reach the playoffs in 2021, there is little doubt that they have improved. After the previous year’s heroics, fans were disappointed. While Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield divides views, one athlete brings the city together. Garrett, their defensive end, is one of the best in the NFL (via The Athletic).

90 USA Today Sports is required credit.

Garrett, as well as players like Nick Chubb, were instrumental in changing the franchise’s fortunes. Because of his consistency, Garrett is a regular candidate for Defensive Player of the Year. Only four players had more sacks in their first 41 games than Garrett. He’s a fantastic athlete who maintains himself in fantastic shape.

ryan-leaf-2 USA Today Sports is required credit.

Ryan Leaf (#11)

With this terrible choice, the Chargers transformed the franchise’s fortunes. It’s still incredible to consider how many people thought Leaf had a bigger potential than Peyton Manning. However, this was not the case, and the Chargers were punished as a result. He was ineffective on the field and acted wildly off it. It’s a pity, since he had all the makings of a superstar (via Sportscasting).

636286505528687804-xxx-ryan-leaf-16979 USA Today Sports is required credit.

Leaf battled with addictions and only played in the NFL for four seasons. Manning, on the other hand, grew into one of the best quarterbacks in NFL history. Leaf was unable to equal his rival’s successes and was arrested many times after retirement. Fortunately, he has just turned his life around and now works in the media as well as with addiction programs.

190415-ricky-williams USA Today Sports is required credit.

Ricky Williams is number ten.

To begin with, Mike Ditka’s insanity was not Williams’ fault. Ditka won a Super Bowl with the Bears, but he had a brief and ill-fated tenure in control of the Saints. He grew enamored with Williams quite immediately. Ditka was interested in the running back after he had a strong season with Texas. When he traded the Saints’ whole draft for the player, though, jaws dropped (via NBC Sports).

uspw_5825484 USA Today Sports is required credit.

The whole 1999 draft, as well as the first handful of choices for the next season, were featured. This was a huge risk that did not pay off. They didn’t have the superstar they believed they had in Williams. Meanwhile, he transformed the franchise’s fortunes because the overhaul took years. It’s still one of the most perplexing corporate transactions ever.

drew-brees-start-cardinals-saints-1200x668 USA Today Sports is required credit.

Drew Brees (9)

Brees was one of the top passes in NFL history, according to statistics. In San Diego, the former Chargers quarterback had a rocky time. However, when he came in New Orleans in 2006, he completely transformed the Saints’ fortunes. Prior to his arrival, they were a middling team that grew into a consistent challenger. Brees lifted the bar and became known across the city.

drew-brees-saints USA Today Sports is required credit.

Many people forget that he began his career with the Chargers since he spent so much time in New Orleans. With the franchise and national prominence, Brees won a Super Bowl. Off the field, he was instrumental in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Because of his passion, the Big Easy has adopted Brees as one of their own (via 4WWL).

2d1db4de-1af4-41cb-a285-ec553a960403-ap19350022896388 USA Today Sports is required credit.

T.J. Watt (#8)

Watt is the most important player on the Pittsburgh Steelers right now. The club recognizes this since he has been named MVP for the last three years. He was also named the highest-paid defensive player in history. Watt, on the other hand, has had a huge impact on the franchise. When he isn’t on the field, Pittsburgh’s odds of winning plummet (via Sport Journal).

skysports-tj-watt-pittsburg-steelers_5641330 Sky Sports is required credit.

He equaled Michael Strahan for the most sacks in a season in 2022. Numbers sometimes exaggerate a player’s importance, but not in Watt’s case. Because he plays in the same age as Aaron Donald, the outside linebacker is unfortunate. In the Defensive Player of the Year voting, he continues to behind his Rams’ opponent. Watt, on the other hand, is a fantastic athlete that the Steelers really need.

manzielduhhh USA Today Sports is required credit.

Johnny Manziel, No. 7

When a club spends a first-round draft selection on a quarterback who fails to pan out, the ramifications may last for years. After drafting Manziel, Cleveland realized this. They were terrible enough before he came along and made them much worse. He had a bad attitude since he liked to party, never watched footage, and didn’t care whether he won or not. It was significant since he was the winner of the Heisman Trophy. However, this did not transfer into a career in the NFL.

johnnymanzielwalk USA Today Sports is required credit.

For the Browns, Manziel only started 14 games. With just seven touchdowns, he had a 57.0 percent completion percentage. He did, however, have a number of personal and legal concerns. In the end, the Browns released him in 2016, admitting defeat. They eventually had a good starter two years later when they selected Baker Mayfield. However, the harm had already been done (via The Spun).

esqzcyqu2rhdflqg6pr2ddgtbi USA Today Sports is required credit.

Tom Brady, No. 6

Brady made a difference in the lives of two franchises. To begin with, he aided in the development of the Patriots into the greatest powerhouse in NFL history. Then, with his departure, their legendary dynasty came to an end. They entered through a time of change right away after losing one of the best players in history. Their loss, on the other hand, was Tampa Bay’s gain. That’s because he took over for the erratic Jameis Winston (via Boston Herald).

ap21025004984694 USA Today Sports is required credit.

The Buccaneers were suddenly legitimate competitors. Brady defied expectations by proving that he was not too old. In 2020, he enjoyed a magnificent season, making a mockery of the years. Then he led the Buccaneers to a Super Bowl triumph against the Kansas City Chiefs, who were much favored. In addition, his performance overshadowed Patrick Mahomes’ amazing effort (via Boston Herald).

1273546210-scaled USA Today Sports is required credit.

Joe Burrow, No. 5

Teams compete for the finest quarterbacks in the draft every year. However, the majority of them fall short of expectations, prompting critics to question the efficacy of the hunt for a franchise quarterback. But every now and again, someone like Joe Burrow appears. After one of the finest collegiate seasons ever, the LSU standout earned the Heisman Trophy. However, this was a poisoned chalice since the Bengals picked him right away.

1286243921 USA Today Sports is required credit.

Burrow’s debut season was cut short due to an ACL rupture. He was on track to set a new record for sacks. His ability to return was questioned, yet he did it successfully. Burrow had a professional connection with wideout Ja’Marr Chase. He led the Bengals to their first Super Bowl participation since 1989 in his second season (via Clutchpoints).

ap21212715670620 USA Today Sports is required credit.

Josh Allen, No. 4

After Jim Kelly departed the Bills in 1997, his shadow lingered for a long time. In the years leading up to Josh Allen’s arrival, Buffalo used 19 different quarterbacks. In his first two seasons, he drew a lot of flak before blossoming into a really outstanding quarterback in 2020. The next season, Allen put on a show of brilliance as his club reached the playoffs for the second year in a row.

josh-allen-contract USA Today Sports is required credit.

Because he’s so explosive, one of his most prominent characteristics is his propensity to rush. Allen, on the other hand, is ice-cold in the clutch. In the 2021 Divisional Round, the Chiefs provided a clear example. Although the Bills lost the game, Allen was outstanding throughout. He also had a near-perfect game against the Patriots the week before. After two decades of struggle, Allen was able to turn around his franchise’s fortunes.

10-15-2012-ray-lewis-16_9 USA Today Sports is required credit.

Ray Lewis is number three.

Although linebacker isn’t the most attractive position on the field, it is very important. During his 17-year tenure with the Baltimore Ravens, Lewis demonstrated the importance of it. That’s because he was one of the greatest in the industry and was instrumental in the team’s two Super Bowl victories. He was also a two-time Defensive Player of the Year nominee (via First Post).

ray-lewis-injury-ravens-10-15-12-16_9 USA Today Sports is required credit.

Some athletes are laying the foundation for their team’s advancement. Many teams have strong attacking units but struggle when the ball is thrown back to them. Just ask Dan Marino, who never won a Super Bowl because of it. Lewis, on the other hand, altered the franchise’s fortunes with his passion and skill.

merlin_146718240_649fe19e-2df0-46e8-991e-5ca1b1e7e038-superjumbo USA Sports is required to be credited.

Aaron Donald, No. 2

Donald, a three-time NFL Defensive Player of the Year, is a force to be reckoned with. He’s regarded as one of the finest defensive tackles in NFL history. Meanwhile, he has a winning attitude to go along with his talent. His colleagues thanked him for giving a motivating speech that helped the Rams win the NFC Championship game (via L.A. Times).

i-2 Bleacher Report is required credit.

By raising the defensive standards of the team, he transformed the franchise’s fortunes. Donald’s numbers are astounding, as he continues to rack up tackles and sacks like they’re out of style. Furthermore, as soon as he walks onto the pitch, he boosts this squad. He has the same impact on the Rams that Derrick Henry has on the Titans, but in a different way. 

download-4 USA Today Sports is required credit.

Patrick Mahomes, No. 1

The Chiefs’ fortunes have been entirely turned around thanks to Mahomes. They’ve been Super Bowl contenders every season since he became the franchise’s starting quarterback. So far, the former Texas Tech standout has only won one ring. But his impact in Missouri extends beyond the team’s first victory in 50 years.

mahomes USA Today Sports is required credit.

Because of his celebrity, he became the highest-paid player in NFL history. Meanwhile, when he tweeted about it, Whataburger agreed to create a franchise in the city, demonstrating his power. Mahomes is more than simply a product of his generation. He’s also a cultural figure who goes beyond the confines of his sport (via Kansas City Magazine).

The “biggest what ifs in sports history” is a list of 30 NFL players who changed the fortunes of their franchises. The list includes players like Michael Vick, Joe Montana, and Tom Brady.

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