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52-Year-Old Ken Griffey Jr. is Still No. 6 on the Penny-Pinching Cincinnati Reds Payroll

The Cincinnati Reds are still paying Ken Griffey Jr. $5 million to be a part of their team for the 2018 season, making him one of baseball’s highest-paid players at age 52. The power hitter is also living up to his contract with some impressive numbers this year in terms of home runs and RBIs, leading many people to believe he deserves an even bigger paycheck from the organization next year.

The “what numbers did ken griffey jr wear” is a question that has been asked for years. Ken Griffey Jr. played for the Cincinnati Reds from 1989-2007, and during his career he wore many different numbers.

Ken Griffey Jr. will be 53 years old just after the 2022 MLB season ends, and he hasn’t played in a game for the Cincinnati Reds since halfway through the 2008 season. That year, he was dealt to the Chicago White Sox in exchange for Nick Masset and Danny Richard, and he later played for the Seattle Mariners until retiring in 2010.

But, channeling his inner Bobby Bonilla, he’s still on the Reds’ books, with a delayed paycheck boosting his net worth.

And it’s not simply because he’s in the books. As the penny-pinching organization continues to slash expenditures and fail to obtain high-priced players of any consequence, he’s one of the top earners.

The Cincinnati Reds’ wheeling and trading continues… just to avoid being competitive

“Definitely disappointed, for sure,” Jonathan India said of the Reds’ decision to trade Jesse Winker and Eugenio Suárez. I believe the majority of the men in this room are dissatisfied, but hey, it’s a business.”

India’s and Joey Votto’s reactions: https://t.co/erCmVkI6MR

— Bobby Nightengale (@nightengalejr) March 15, 2022

Despite the fact that the Reds ended 83-79 last season, behind just the Milwaukee Brewers and St. Louis Cardinals in the National League Central standings and falling seven games short of their second straight wild-card trip, they have no illusions about being competitive in 2022.

They sold catcher Tucker Barnhart, one of baseball’s finest defensive backstops, to the Detroit Tigers before the lockout started, and they quickly took up his $7.5 million club option. They released Wade Miley, who had a 3.37 ERA in 163 innings last season, clearing the door for him to join the Chicago Cubs.

According to Bob Nightengale of the Cincinnati Enquirer, general manager Nick Krall remarked after the Miley decision, “We’re matching our compensation with our resources.” “That’s why we decided to make this move today.”

He wasn’t finished adjusting the alignment.

The Reds dealt Sonny Gray to the Minnesota Twins after the league and MLBPA reached an agreement to end the lockout, and then dealt All-Star outfielder Jesse Winker to the Seattle Mariners, who also agreed to take on the full contract owed to third baseman Eugenio Suarez ($11 million in base salary over the next three years).

They got minor league pitcher Chase Petty, outfielder Jake Fraley, right-handed pitcher Justin Dunn, minor league pitcher Brandon Williamson, minor league third baseman Nick Quintana, and a player to be named later in exchange for the three deals (via the Mariners).

Notably, none of the players has a significant salary.

Ken Griffey Jr.’s salary with the Cincinnati Reds

Ken Griffey Jr. swings for the Cincinnati Reds.

Ken Griffey Jr. swings for the Cincinnati Reds. In a 2004 game against the New York Mets, Ken Griffey Jr. finishes his swing for the Cincinnati Reds | Al Pereira/Getty Images

Ken Griffey Jr. hasn’t played in Major League Baseball since 2010, and he spent the final two years of his career with teams other than Cincinnati. Meanwhile, the Reds are, at least theoretically, an MLB team dedicated to winning games… or at the very least competing in them in order to get a high draft pick the next year.

The year is 2022, yet Griffey is now one of the team’s six highest-paid players, due to choices to release productive players (while allowing others, like as Nick Castellanos, who chose free agency over a $16 million contract):

  1. First baseman, 38 years old Joey Votto has a net worth of $25 million.
  2. Third baseman, 33 years old Mike Moustakas is worth $16 million.
  3. Shogo Akiyama, a 34-year-old outfielder, will be paid $8 million.
  4. Luis Castillo, a 29-year-old starting pitcher, was awarded $7,500,000.
  5. Tyler Mahle, a 27-year-old starting pitcher, was awarded $5,500,000.
  6. Ken Griffey Jr., a 52-year-old former outfielder, was awarded $3,593,750.
  7. Tyler Naquin, a 31-year-old outfielder, was awarded $3,500,000.
  8. Justin Wilson, a 34-year-old bullpen pitcher, is worth $2,300,000.
  9. 31-year-old pawnbroker Kyle Farmer is worth $2,250,000.
  10. Amir Garrett, a 30-year-old bullpen pitcher, was awarded $2,000,000.

Cincinnati still has time to make a difference. There are still plenty of free agents available.

But why would it do that?

Griffey’s significant place on the earnings leaderboard, even though he doesn’t officially figure on the current payroll, has offered no indication that the Reds are prioritizing the acquisition of talent over the reduction of spending this summer.

At the very least, Joe Burrow and the Bengals are still available to Bengals supporters.

Spotrac.com provided the contract data.

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The “ken griffey jr number 30” is a 52-year-old baseball player for the Cincinnati Reds. He has been in the MLB for over 20 years and is still on the Reds payroll.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much are the Reds paying Ken Griffey Jr?

A: Cops are paying Ken Griffey Jr 15 million dollars for stopping the game and not losing.

Are the Reds still paying Ken Griffey Jr?

A: No, the Mariners released Ken Griffey Jr. in 2007 and he is not receiving a salary from them anymore.

When was Ken Griffey Juniors last game?

A: Ken Griffey Jr. last played on September 15, 1999 for the New York Yankees

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