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Amari Cooper Continues to Catch Strays From Dallas Front Office

The Dallas Cowboys have found a way to find value in the NFL’s most disappointing team. With Dez Bryant and Tony Romo both out of the picture, they are left with Amari Cooper at wide receiver

Amari Cooper is a wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys, who have been struggling to find success since their Super Bowl victory. Despite this, he has continued to catch stray passes from the front office and be successful in fantasy football.

The offseason for the Dallas Cowboys has been eventful. This should go without saying. They released important veteran Amari Cooper to save money and lost primary edge rusher Randy Gregory to the Denver Broncos at the final minute. Connor Williams and La’el Collins, both starters on the offensive line, signed with AFC clubs.

Starting wide receiver Michael Gallup and experienced defensive end Demarcus Lawrence were both able to stay with the Cowboys. This is, however, a Dallas club that will be quite different from prior seasons. For many seasons, Amari Cooper has been the Cowboys’ premier wide receiver, and their offensive line has long been regarded as a significant strength.

That is no longer the case.

Amari Cooper is still a topic of conversation for the Cowboys.

Former Cowboys WR Amari Cooper.

Former Cowboys WR Amari Cooper. Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images/Amari Cooper

For a few weeks now, the Amari Cooper deal has been completed. The Cowboys traded him to the Cleveland Browns for little more than a third-round selection. Cooper’s presence was used as a selling factor by the Browns in order to get Deshaun Watson.

Despite the fact that the Cooper deal is complete, the Cowboys’ front management will not stop talking about the veteran receiver. Jerry Jones, the owner of the Dallas Cowboys, said publicly at the NFL owners conference in Florida this past weekend that Cooper isn’t worth the $20 million he’ll be paid in 2022.

Jerry Jones said, “We made a conclusion that the allotment could be better utilized.” “We tried our hardest to do the best we could with the transaction…”

“…We have to make sure that any of those guys is lifting as much weight as they possibly can,” Jones said. “No. 2, you have to be cautious about adding a top-ten-paid player.”

Dallas Morning News’ Michael Gehlken

Jerry Jones is attempting to rationalize the trade of Amari Cooper.

When asked about dealing Cooper, Jerry Jones could have simply said something along the lines of “it was best for all sides” or “this was a very difficult choice for us to make, but we believed it was the best for the organization going forward.”

Jones, on the other hand, took the opportunity to label Cooper undeserving of a $20 million per season salary. This screams of a business owner attempting to excuse something for which others have chastised him.

With the wide receiver market booming these days, paying Cooper — one of the finest route runners in the NFL — $20 million per season doesn’t seem like a terrible deal. The Browns thought it was a fair price to pay for a guy who would instantly go to the top of their wide receiver depth chart.

Cooper had to be cut because of the Cowboys’ cap situation. The bad cap issue, on the other hand, was wholly self-inflicted. Jones is well aware of this.

CeeDee Lamb and Michael Gallup must have huge years for the Cowboys.

CeeDee Lamb, a third-year Cowboys wide receiver, is facing his first season in Dallas without Amari Cooper. “I believe it alters his environment both on and off the field,” McCarthy says. Cooper was named as the starting flanker. Lamb’s turn now. “You have more main receiving possibilities at that position.”

— Michael Gehlken (@GehlkenNFL) March 29, 2022

The Cowboys’ decision to trade Cooper for a third-round selection will always be questioned, particularly given how much Ezekiel Elliott is paid these days.

The easiest way for Dallas to put this drama behind them is for CeeDee Lamb and Michael Gallup to have huge years. No one will remember Cooper if they both do well.

Oh, and don’t bring up Cooper every time you have a chance. That would also be a reasonable move for Jerry Jones and his team to take.

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Trevon Diggs wants his brother, Stefon Diggs, to be traded to the Cowboys.

The “dallas cowboys players” is a team that has been struggling for the last few years. They have had to rely on free agents and trades, which has led to them signing Amari Cooper.

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