The Lakers have been on a roll, and they’re showing no signs of slowing down. Their most recent win came against the Houston Rockets and their new acquisition, Anthony Davis.

Anthony Davis and Dwight Howard sound juiced about the Lakers’ most undervalued signing in recent history. The two superstars are excited to play with LeBron James, who they see as a player that can elevate their game. Read more in detail here: what team is dwight howard on.

The public’s supply of memes and jokes mocking the Los Angeles Lakers’ aging team is almost depleted. Throughout the summer, experienced acquisitions like Russell Westbrook, Rajon Rondo, Carmelo Anthony, Dwight Howard, and DeAndre Jordan appeared to dominate the headlines. Howard and Anthony Davis, on the other hand, are ecstatic about Lakers recruit Malik Monk.

Monk starred in the Lakers’ preseason opening on Sunday, scoring 15 points to lead all scorers. After the game, The Brow heaped praise on him, just one day after Howard gushed about his skill and ability to make an impact for the Purple and Gold.

Anthony Davis claimed he “can’t believe” Malik Monk was acquired for such a low price by the Lakers.

“To be honest, we’re still shocked we got him,” Anthony Davis says of Malik Monk.

— Dave McMenamin (@mcten) on the 3rd of October, 2021

Coming into free agency this summer, Malik Monk was coming off his best season of his career. He eventually agreed to join the Lakers for a pittance.

Monk signed a one-year contract with a value of little under $1.8 million. That’s not a lot for the No. 11 selection in the 2017 NBA Draft, particularly given his rookie contract earned him an average of nearly $3.9 million.

The Lakers couldn’t afford to spend much in free agency after taking on Westbrook’s deal. Monk arrived for pennies on the dollar, which was lucky for them. Anthony Davis can’t believe he wasn’t offered more money by another club. After Sunday’s preseason opener, the Brow praised Monk and expressed astonishment that he was on LA’s roster.

Davis told ESPN’s Dave McMenamin, “We’re still shocked we got him, to be honest.”

Maybe surprised, but not disappointed. The Lakers are becoming more enthused about Monk’s potential as a rotation player, as Dwight Howard said over the weekend.

Dwight Howard dubbed Monk “The Microwave” and expressed delight at seeing his old colleague again.

Since they were teammates in Charlotte when Malik Monk was a rookie, I asked Dwight Howard where he’s seen the greatest development from him.

He’s clearly a huge admirer of Monk’s game.

2 October 2021 — Harrison Faigen (@hmfaigen)

Although Malik Monk and Anthony Davis attended the same university, Dwight Howard had already worked with Monk.

For Monk’s first season, Howard was with the Charlotte Hornets. He stated on Saturday that the former Wildcat’s ability had always been obvious and that all he needed was the perfect chance to show it off. Monk’s skills are valued by this Lakers team, according to the three-time Defensive Player of the Year.

“We nickname him ‘The Microwave,’ because once he makes one shot, it’s over,” Howard said to Harrison Faigen of SB Nation. He’s already sweltering. As a result, we’ll make certain that his confidence remains high and that he continues to improve. I like what he adds to our team’s game, and I’m glad he’s here.”

Monk’s entrance in Los Angeles was not greeted with the same zeal as Westbrook, Anthony, Howard, or Rondo. Despite this, the 23-year-old is just as essential as the experienced core to the team’s success.

Monk’s skill set fits the Lakers well.

Lakers teammates Anthony Davis and Dwight Howard high-five, Malik Monk drives to the rim during the 2021 NBA preseason opener

Lakers teammates Anthony Davis and Dwight Howard high-five, Malik Monk drives to the rim during the 2021 NBA preseason opener From left: Harry How/Getty Images and Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images | Anthony Davis, Dwight Howard (L), and Malik Monk (R) |

Last season, the Lakers were 24th in three-point attempts and 21st in three-point percentage. This summer, they urgently needed to add shooting to the team, as well as bench guys who could score in bunches. Monk fulfills both requirements.

During the 2020-21 season, Monk shot a career-high 40.1 percent from outside the arc on 5.0 tries per game. His scoring average (11.7 points per 36 minutes) was equivalent to 20.1 points per minute. In the second unit, he and Carmelo both provide the scoring punch that LA needs. Monk’s reputation as a rhythm player, as Howard mentioned, might be crucial if the Lakers need baskets or need to fill in for Davis or LeBron James for a few minutes.

LA’s success will ultimately hinge on LBJ and AD being healthy and productive, as well as Westbrook’s ability to adjust to playing with those two and Rondo’s playmaking abilities.

Despite this, Monk has a role to play as the Lakers attempt to reclaim their title. Dwight Howard and Anthony Davis both seem enthused about how he could fit that position.

Basketball Reference provided the statistics. Spotrac provided contract details.

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