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Are There Any Black General Managers in the MLB?

Over a year ago, I wrote an article called “Are There Any Black General Managers in the NFL” which took an extensive look at the history of the black GM in the NFL. Since then, another article was written about the black GM making an appearance in Major League Baseball (MLB). So, why not add another one to the list and look at the black GM in another of the country’s four major sports leagues. Back in 2011, the first black GM in NBA history was hired by the Milwaukee Bucks after they fired John Hammond. But, he was not the first black GM in the NBA. Way back in the 80’s at the end of the ’80’s, Danny Ainge became the first black GM in NBA history.

You probably know that there aren’t many African-American general managers currently in the Major League Baseball. The question we’re asking is are there any black general managers in the history of Major League Baseball. If you guessed yes there are, then you’d be wrong. We’ve ranked every general manager ever in order of their competency, and the results are shocking. From the most successful general manager in the history of Major League Baseball, to one of the worst general managers in the history of Major League Baseball.

While the number of African-American team officials has increased in recent years, the heads of the majors remain overwhelmingly white. In fact, while the league has a total of 57 general managers, only 1 is black, according to a USA Today database of team executives.

More than 70 years after Jackie Robinson broke baseball’s color barrier, diversity remains an issue for MLB team officials. Monsters like Dusty Baker and Frank Robinson had long and important careers as baseball managers. However, the MLB landscape remains predominantly white compared to the representation on the field.

Overcoming obstacles

. COMPARED TO: Jackie Robinson and Malcolm X argued publicly for years about the civil rights movement Before Jackie Robinson stepped onto the field, all new black players who wanted to make it to the big leagues had to turn to the segregated black leagues. These leagues did not have the financial resources to compete with the major leagues. However, he made stars of Jackie Robinson, Satchel Paige and several other notable figures from the sport’s distant history. Since then, the league’s representation problems have improved, but are still far from what they should be. Other players, like Hank Aaron, started in those leagues before reaching the big leagues. According to Sports Illustrated, the Boston Red Sox were the last team to contract a black player. They bought Pampsey Green in 1959. Since then, black players have become the norm. Black Hispanic baseball players are still in high demand, while African Americans’ interest in baseball has steadily declined relative to baseball and football. Moreover, the Japanese takeover of the sport has opened the door for other non-white superstars. But as far as officials are concerned, the league still has a long way to go.

Black managers and MLB

word-image-15553-scaled Toronto Blue Jays general manager Sito Gaston. Sporting News via Getty Images COMPARED TO: Babe Ruth spent a day in jail before arriving at the stadium in time to save $500 As ESPN noted upon his death, another Robinson, Frank Robinson, took nearly 30 years to break the league’s color barrier in player management. According to Britannica, the former MVP has been recruited by the Cleveland Indians to become their player manager. Over the next 30 years, Frank held leadership positions in the teams and office. Soon, black CEOs became the norm, even though they were still underrepresented. It wasn’t until 1992, when Cito Gaston led the Toronto Blue Jays to their first World Series, that a black manager hoisted the World Series trophy over his head. According to The Undefeated, Gaston remained the only black man until Dodgers manager Dave Roberts led the 2020 team to victory. As for black general managers, Bob Watson, who signed with the Houston Astros in 1994, was the first black man to hold such an influential position. Although Frank, Roberts, Baker and several other black managers have entered the league, Roberts and Baker remain the only black managers in the MLB.

How can it be improved?

. According to a study by the Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sports published by the Wall Street Journal, 40% of players are people of color (mostly Hispanic or Latino) and 20% are managers. According to USA Today, just under 8 percent of the league’s players are black. Roberts and Baker remain the only black managers. Currently, there are no black general managers in the MLB. The league continues to break the glass ceiling in some ways. SI noted that the Miami Marlins recently hired Kim Ng as general manager, the first woman and the first Asian-American in that position. According to the MLB website, Alyssa Nakken shattered another ceiling when the Giants hired her as their 2020 coach. But despite all these obstacles being overcome, the MLB will continue to struggle with the lack of black representation. Still, the league has made some progress. 34th Street noted the league’s progress in recognizing the Black Lives Matter movement during a tumultuous 2020 season. However, if the league wants to represent the people who follow it, it needs to do more to attract black people as players, coaches and managers.Even though the MLB has a lot of African-Americans on its coaching staff, and a lot of African-Americans on the field, few are general managers. Of the three GM slots in the MLB, only one is filled by an African-American, and that’s the GM of the New York Yankees. The other two GMs are white, and one of them is the GM of a team that was founded by former slaves, the Boston Red Sox.. Read more about black mlb managers 2021 and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many black general managers are in the MLB?

When it comes to professional baseball general managers, there is a definitive lack of diversity. Where are the black general managers? In the last few years, there have been a handful of African-American General Managers in baseball, most of whom have risen to the position after a storied career as a player. Names like Ron Washington, Tony LaRussa, and Ozzie Guillen can be found on the list of GM’s with some level of success. However, with the exception of La Russa, who managed the Oakland A’s to an incredible record of 3 World Series championships, the only African-American General Managers to see any level of success in the last decade are Eddie Gaedel, Mike Scioscia, and Omar Minaya.

How many African American baseball players are in the MLB?

This text is sensitive. Click edit and regenerate for new copy. Every year, the MLB gets a new crop of potential general managers. This summer, the guy in charge of the Cleveland Indians, Mike Chernoff, made history as the first African-American GM in MLB. But is that a big deal?

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