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Atlanta Falcons Coach Claims He Traded Brett Favre to the Green Bay Packers to Sober Him Up

Atlanta Falcons coach Mike Smith claims he traded Brett Favre to the Green Bay Packers on draft day in 2008, so that Favre would not drink himself into a stupor.

The “brett favre trade to vikings” is a story that has been circulating for decades. The Atlanta Falcons Coach claims he traded Brett Favre to the Green Bay Packers in order to sober him up.

Beforw Brett Favre rose to prominence with the Green Bay Packers after a brief run with the Atlanta Falcons. The quarterback did not fit in well with the squad, in part because he spent a lot of time in bars and overindulged in drugs and drink.

Jerry Glanville, the Falcons’ head coach, had had enough of the rookie quarterback’s shenanigans and moved him to the Packers after only one season, stating it was to sober him up.

With the Atlanta Falcons, Brett Favre had a brief stint.

The Atlanta Falcons selected the 22-year-old quarterback from Southern Miss with the 33rd overall choice in the 1991 NFL Draft. Favre got a $350,000 signing bonus and a $1.4 million three-year contract with the Falcons.

In his debut season, Favre only appeared in two games and threw for a total of five plays. “During those five plays, he completed zero passes, threw two interceptions, and was sacked for an eleven-yard loss,” according to Blogging Dirty. The Falcons traded Favre to the Green Bay Packers for a first-round choice after just one season.

According to the New York Daily News, Favre admits to having several unhealthy habits during his tenure with the Falcons. “I simply screamed, ‘The heck with it,’” the Super Bowl-winning quarterback recounted. Every night, I went out, gained weight, and was out of shape. I didn’t bother studying. “I didn’t mind.”

Knowing he wouldn’t be playing on Sunday, Favre stated he would go on a “nonstop drinking and eating binge.” “He didn’t believe he’d ever have a shot that season, so he probably didn’t take it very seriously,” his brother, Scott, who liked partying with the NFL great, recalled. “Plus, you’re young and foolish, and you’re in a large, fascinating city,” Favre said. We took advantage of the situation.”

Glanville justified his choice to move the talented quarterback, telling Pro Football Talk, “I wanted to get him out of Atlanta… I couldn’t get him to wake up.” “I sent him to a community where the only thing open at 9:00 p.m. is Chili Joes,” Falcons head coach Dan Quinn stated. “If I had traded Brett Favre to New York, nobody would have remembered who Brett Favre was ever,” he remarked.

Is Jerry Glanville really concerned about Brett Favre’s sobriety?

Quarterback Brett Favre of the Green Bay Packers and Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Terance Mathis confer after a playoff game at Lambeau Field In 1995, Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Favre visits Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Terance Mathis | Staff/Brian Bahr

Wisconsin has the third highest rate of alcohol use and per capita bars in the country. According to local radio station Mix 108, the Badger State has 3,043 bars for its 5.7 million residents.

The facts do not support Glanville’s allegation that he traded the young quarterback for his own benefit. A trade to the Packers makes little sense since there is one bar for every 1,910 cheeseheads in Green Bay.

Glanville would have been better off dealing Favre to the Baltimore Ravens if he was really concerned about his sobriety. Nearby Lynchburg, Virginia, has just one bar per 84,724 people.

“People assume I didn’t like Brett Favre,” the head coach told Sports Illustrated, as he became tired of attempting to calm down his troubled player. Not at all. It wasn’t about like or disliking. I’ve seen him accomplish things with a football that no one else has.” “He could play,” Glanville said. But he refused to participate. He wanted to have fun.”

Brett Favre improved his game and went on to become a great quarterback.

Favre made his home at Lambeau Field, where he spent 16 seasons as the Green Bay Packers’ quarterback.

“During the mid-late 1990s, the Hall of Fame quarterback acquired an addiction to prescription drugs,” according to Sportskeeda. To overcome his Vicodin addiction, Favre went to multiple drug treatment institutions.

Favre, often known as the Gunslinger, cleaned up his act. From 1995 through 1997, he was named the NFL’s Most Valuable Player three times in a row. The 11-time Pro Bowler helped the Packers defeat the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl. Favre owned the NFL’s career touchdown record until quarterback Aaron Rodgers overtook him in 2021.

In his book, Favre: For the Record, Favre, who retired from football in 2010, “Opened up about his drug usage struggles throughout the years,” according to Us Weekly.

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The “brett favre draft” is a topic that has been circulating for quite some time. Atlanta Falcons Coach Mike Smith claims he traded Brett Favre to the Green Bay Packers to sober him up.

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