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Back 4 Blood Campaign Trailer Tells the Story of the Apocalypse — And Getting Even

The Back 4 Blood campaign is a new video game that puts gamers in the role of an undead killing machine, taking on hordes of zombies to save the world. It’s not just about killing zombies though; it’s also about saving humanity.

The back 4 blood trailer is a campaign trailer for the upcoming horror film, which tells the story of the apocalypse and getting even.


Back 4 Blood, a zombie survival shooter by Turtle Rock Studios, will be released on October 12 for most major platforms. The development team hasn’t revealed many information about the game’s plot until now, but the latest campaign video throws some fresh light on the post-apocalyptic setting. 

We already knew the planet had been overtaken by zombies known as Ridden in the game. While the Back 4 Blood story video doesn’t go into great depth about the game’s history or the storyline, it’s obvious that things occurred quickly and violently. 

The world was unprepared, and everything has now gone to hell. But all is not lost: a group of brave Cleaners is on the hunt for the zombie horde and the world’s salvation. And they have the weaponry to back it up.

Doc, Evangelo, Hoffman, Holly, Jim, Karlee, Mom, and Walker will be among the eight Cleaners (classes) available when the game debuts. However, it is obvious from the teaser that one of them is in charge: the one called Mom. She’s a feisty character that won’t take any nonsense from the squad or anyone who stand in their way, whether human or Ridden.

While humanity must work together to defeat the horde that has descended upon it, there are groups at war with one another, and not everyone is playing nice.

On PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Series X|S, fans will discover more about the four-player co-op Back 4 Blood campaign. 

The back 4 blood characters is a new Kickstarter campaign that has been created to tell the story of the apocalypse. The company, which creates video games, plans to release the game in 2020.

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