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Bill Belichick’s Underpaid Patriots Star Just Took to Twitter to Address the Big Elephant in the Room

Tom Brady has had the best, most consistent run of any quarterback in the history of the NFL; whether it’s his 16-year old brother, a 14-year old freshman, or a 34-year old franchise player with a Hall of Fame resume, Brady has yet to lose. He’s not just winning games, he’s garnering the respect of the entire league. Too bad Belichick has employed a lockout of the media which has forced him into the shadows to avoid questions about his third-stringer.

Bill Belichick’s Underpaid Patriots Star Just Took to Twitter to Address the Big Elephant in the Room When we were kids, we were all told that it’s wrong to lie. We were told that “treating people right” is the only way to get anyone to trust you. But when you’re a coach in the NFL and you’re dealing with multimillion-dollar contracts, you can’t afford to be the honest one. That’s a lesson Tom Brady has learned the hard way.

On Wednesday, New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski said that the team’s Super Bowl-winning coach Bill Belichick has a tendency to take a lot of credit for his success. And it turns out that’s not far from the truth.

Last season, Bill Belichick had to watch Tom Brady leave the New England Patriots team. Now he has to worry that his best defender won’t be playing for his team anymore, as Stephon Gilmore is apparently in a contract dispute with the Pats.

Gilmore is one of the best cornerbacks in the NFL, and he deserves an appropriate salary. He seems to have figured it out too, as he recently addressed the elephant in the room on Twitter.

Stephon Gilmore got a new contract from Bill Belichick and the Patriots


During his time in New England, Gilmore became one of the best defensive players in the league. He is a three-time Pro Bowl selection, was a first-team All-Pro in 2018 and 2019, and was named NFL Defensive Player of the Year in 2019.

However, Gilmore is entering the fifth year of a five-year, $65 million contract he signed with the Patriots in 2017. His base salary will be just $7 million in 2021, after the Patriots put him at $4.5 million last season.

For that reason – and because the market for cornerbacks has grown exponentially in recent seasons – Gilmore seems to want a new contract.

He did not attend the team’s mandatory minicamp in June, and Belichick said only that he did not expect to be there, according to CBS Sports. The coach also added that the Pats will only target guys who have been there.

Today Gilmore is speaking out publicly about his contract dispute.

Stephon Gilmore posted on Twitter

New England Patriots’ Kyle Van Noy, right, celebrates with teammates Terrance Brooks, Stephon Gilmore and Matthew Slater during the game against the New York Giants on the 10th. October 2019. | Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

The 29th. June Gilmore quoted on Twitter a post now removed from CBS Sports HQ. Thanks to a report from ESPN, we know that the tweet from CBS Sports HQ was a list of the 10 highest paid defenders in the league, based on their average annual salary. Gilmore, who makes an average of $13 million a year, is not on the list.

So, which defenders made the top 10 according to CBS Sports?

  • Jalen Ramsey ($20 million per year).
  • Marlon Humphrey ($19.5 million).
  • Tre’Davius White ($17.25 million).
  • Darius Slay ($16.68 million).
  • Byron Jones ($16.5 million).
  • Xavien Howard ($15M).
  • James Bradberry ($14.5 million).
  • Marcus Peters ($14 million).
  • Trae Waynes ($14 million).
  • William Jackson ($13.5 million).

Gilmore just posted a tweet with two words: Oh, good.

ESPN reports that this is the last time Gilmore has spoken publicly about his contract. Belichick seems like the kind of person who wants to keep all this stuff behind closed doors, though, so he’s probably not too happy about it.

But what’s next for Gilmore?

How much should Bill Belichick and the Pats (or any other team) pay the cornerback?


Per. Spotrac, CBS Sports HQ may have overlooked a few guys who should have been in the top 10, but the main point remains the same: Gilmore is not one of them.

In fact, he ranks 18th among defensive linemen and 12th among cornerbacks in terms of average annual salary.

Gilmore deserves to be in the top five.

None of the top five sophomores were named Defensive Player of the Year, and only one player (Jalen Ramsey) has received as many Pro Bowls (four) and All-Pro’s (two) as Gilmore.

The only thing that hurts Gilmore is… : 1. He played just 11 games last season and two this season. He turns 31 in September. However, the Pats’ star still earns between $16 million and $20 million a year, not the $7 million he will earn in 2021.

So for Belichick and the Patriots, the above range is what to expect from him in his next contract. Toutefois, s’ils ne veulent pas dépenser autant d’argent, ils devront peut-être l’échanger pour ne pas le perdre pour rien.

Either way, New England is in a tough spot. The departure of a guy like Gilmore could be a blow to a franchise that wants to get back to the playoffs. On the other hand, giving Gilmore a lot of money could hurt their future lineup options.

It could be a matter of whether the Patriots believe he can get the huge contract he wants, or whether they think the risk of contracting an aging star far outweighs the reward. It could get interesting.

Pro Football Reference statistics; Spotraccontract numbers

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