The Mounts in Biomutant are a series of collectable items that are obtainable in-game by finding them all throughout the world. The most common of these are the “Golden Mounts”, but there are also other types of Mounts with different appearances and capabilities. Some of these can only be found in specific areas, while others can be found in any area at all.

After the release of Biomutant last week, we got a lot of questions about where to find all the mounts in the game. You can find the answer below, but to help you out here is a list of all the Mounts in Biomutant and where to find them.

As you can imagine, there are hundreds of weapons in Biomutant, and you’ll find many of them in a wide variety of locations (including dungeons, towns, and even sports stadiums!), but it’s important to know where they come from, in case you find yourself in a situation where you’re struggling to find a weapon suitable for a particular mission. Hopefully this guide will help you locate all the mounts in Biomutant!

Biomutants and riding animals allow players to move faster through the New World by land, air and sea. This open-world role-playing game from Experiment 101 contains a wide variety of maunts, so there’s something for everyone. Some of these Biomutant aunts are essential and are obtained through the natural progression of the story, while others can be obtained by completing side missions. Some can be purchased from merchants in the outposts, others must be found and tamed. This guide to Maunts Biomutant describes all Maunts locations so you can quickly find them and continue exploring the New World.

All sites Biomutant plants

word-image-3396 Biomutanthas 19 frames available. Buying these brackets is a must for any completionist or for a player looking to change their style with a new vehicle. Most can be found in many areas, but the places listed below are the easiest to find.

Puki Azure Gnoat

Azure Gnoth Pookie is the first aunt of Biomutant, found in Biom where she is, south of the outpost Murkadorpus in an open field. Follow the path to the southeast below the outpost and you will cross a field. In the same field as the Gnoat, you will find the Phytoplankton. Run through the bush to get the whistle, then give it the turn to tame your first racehorse.

Puti Gnoat

Gnothic paths can be obtained by defeating Lupa Lipin, an enemy that attacks gnothic paths, during the quest Meat Eater. This quest begins during a conversation with Out-of-Date after defeating the first Eater of Worlds. Gnoat lies just northwest of the outpost of Murkadorpus.

Mature mangetout

The third Gnout in the game is , found at the Murkadorpusoutpost, and is the first Mounter you get. Talk to Livingthing Broker in blue shirt next to the assembly shop to buy it. You should buy an old amber gnoat certificate for 1,069 green, although this will give you an old pea gnoat.


Mecton is a mechanical suit that is an integral part of the story. You’ll open it relatively early, as is a gift from Gizmo when you enter the dead zone of.


Snickers is a riding animal that you can buy in the fort of Ankati. You must first conquer the three outposts of the Ankati tribe in the area to gain access to the shops, and then you can buy a riding animal from the broker in the orange shirt and green vest. This will cost you 1,069 green.


This mountain is located east of Bricktown, across the river from the north bank. Collect coins from the bushes, then walk a little further along the shoreline to find the Surfipelagos campers. Use a Pipsqueak to tame one of them.

Old Amber Prairie

South of where you found Serfipelagos is the outpostVespiduta . You can buy an old amber gnout from a broker in jeans and a green long-sleeved shirt. This will cost you, as usual, 1,069 green.


Googlide is another indispensable medium for stories. You get it during the quest Fixer-Upper. Talk to Goop on the bridge of Station Subnautica to complete the task and get the riding animal.

Pee-wee Gargantua

This biomutant coin can be earned by completing the-Gill side quest, which is obtained by talking to Gill in Berblebottom. Meet initially at Brug Camp , southeast of Manufaktura on a small island. Here you have to defeat Bridge, then free Pee-Wee Gargantua by releasing the rope. Finally, deal with the creature to tame it.

Old scarlet dwarf

The old scarlet Gnoat can be bought at the Quirquarp outpost. Find a broker in yellow shorts and a red vest and buy a certificate of attachment 1,069 green.


The Mubi attachment is another quick and easy purchase. Find broker in white shirt and black pants at fort Netra, buy Mubi for 1,069 green.


This mountain is another story-related mountain, so don’t worry about missing it. Finally, meets Noko in of Yerpfield and must save her from Mewt. Completing them will unlock three missions. With one of them, quest Sit tight, you can get a mountain. Go to Smilo Shopperia and find the riding animal (it’s a mechanical horse), then solve the spider puzzle to unlock it.


Muyut is also connected to history and to Noco. When you return to Noko and perform the special task-Mewt, she allows you to saddle her Mewt to defeat Puff’s spear.


Batnamnam is one of the hardest maunts to unlock and requires side quests Pebble. Go to Knack Hill and talk to Pebble, after which you’ll be asked to find three climbing and skydiving spots, all marked on your map. You will first experience the climbs, then the zip lines. Each of the following items is highlighted on your HUD so you can easily find it. Try three climbing points and three rappelling points, then return to Pebble. Climb the yellow wall behind pebble, then follow the path to the nest. When you reach it, you will unlock Batnam.

Miff Gnoat

Go to the small island , which lies southwest of Snodsburg. You can find a few seed bushes here, and also Miff Gnoat across the river to tame.

Abo Gnoat

Abo Gnoat can be found , wading along the river east of the outpost Molihole. Find a piping bush in a small patch of land, then walk a little further up the slope to see Abo Gnoat. Feed it to tame it.


Mecafingro is located at Mecastadium, on the westernmost part of the map, within the property. During the Mecafingro quest in theWiz quest, you will find yourself in the Mecastadium here. Follow path through building to the waypoint until you reach the control box, which contains a spinning puzzle. Solve this riddle and then continue your search for Mecafingro. Solve the rotation puzzle to unlock it.

Pumb Gnoat

The last gnoat in the game, Gnoat Pump, is located north of Deoderizum Silt, at the very top of the map, near the split above Sanctuary 11. Pick up a blowgun at the intersection, then follow the road east to find the Pumb Gnoats. Enter one to tame it.


The Gullblimp assembly is another rather complicated assembly. Talk to Lobo at airship station to begin their second mission. You must complete a series of tasks for Lobo, starting with finding Frankendog in the spark room, for which you must solve the puzzle of the XXXXXX cable. Bring back Frankendog Lobothen she will send you on a search for the Floatboat Leftover, a wreck in the lake south of Stunk’s Fort. Solve the riddle of the rotation on the ship, then return to Lobo to unlock the final mount of the game. — How to find all Biomutant mounts ! Now you can travel around the world map and explore the New World in style. For more tips and tricks, see the Biomutant manual page.Biomutant is an upcoming open world action-adventure title from by THQ Nordic, the same people who brought you the Saints Row franchise. It offers a third-person perspective in a post-post-apocalyptic future where life has evolved into a martially-focused “mutant” species that has become completely dependent on a substance called “BioFuel” to sustain them. Biomutant tells the story of an intrepid young female mutant who seeks to protect her people.. Read more about biomutant how to change mounts and let us know what you think.

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