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Brooks Koepka Reluctantly Admits He’ll Pause His Nasty Feud With Bryson DeChambeau for 1 Week and 1 Week Only

Pro golfer Brooks Koepka was having a nice little summer of golf, winning tournaments and setting up a U.S. Open showdown with Tiger Woods. So what would normally be an eternal feud with fellow pro golfer Bryson DeChambeau suddenly transformed into a temporary truce, as Koepka will not play DeChambeau in the U.S. Open this week and won’t play him again for a week.

It’s been a nasty feud between Brooks Koepka and Bryson DeChambeau, and now the pair will set aside their differences and put their egos aside for a week at the U.S. Open. After Friday’s third round, Koepka walked away from the course, and didn’t come back until Monday. DeChambeau wasn’t in Koepka’s line of sight on Monday, and the pair was not spotted together until Tuesday when they met at the range for a few holes.

Latest news: Brooks Koepka still can’t stand Bryson Deschambault.

These two PGA Tour scorers are still embroiled in a nasty feud that has gripped the golf world, and it doesn’t look like they’ll be putting an end to their feud anytime soon. But speaking about his hated rival ahead of this weekend’s British Open, Koepka admitted he might put the feud aside for a week at this year’s Ryder Cup.

But after that, we’re gonna hate each other again.

Brooks Koepka explains the origin of his grudge against Bryson Deschambault

Brooks Koepka speaks at a press conference prior to the British Open at Royal St George’s | R&A – Handout/R&A via Getty Images

Today, Koepka can’t go near the microphone without being asked about his conflict with Deschambault. Journalists and fans are more interested in the feud between the two stars than their play on the golf course.

Ahead of the Open Championship at Royal St George’s this weekend, Koepka answered more questions about his nemesis. This time it was a return to the roots of the feud that began at the 2019 Northern Trust tournament.

He said Deschambault was upset that Koepka mentioned his name when he complained about the slow pace of play, and that they discussed it in the locker room. Koepka taunted Deschambault again during the press conference without mentioning him by name, and Deschambault then turned to Ricky Elliott, Koepka’s caddie coach, and asked him to tell his man to stop talking behind his back.

I found it ironic because it went straight to Ricky, Koepka of Royal St. John’s, who was the only one who had a chance to win. St. George’s said this week. Ricky told me as I walked out, petted him a little and walked over to him. We talked. We both agreed not to interfere or talk about each other, but to let things happen. Then he decided that while playing video games on the internet or something, he had mentioned my name and said some things, so it’s fair game now.

The battle began two years ago, and now it has become one of the biggest sports rivalries of 2021.

Koepka has admitted he will not get involved in this feud for the duration of the Ryder Cup


Neither Koepka nor Deschambault seem to want to settle their differences. Both golfers seem content to continue their careers by hating each other to the end.

On the PGA Tour, they can usually outplay each other unless they’re paired up, but that’s not true of the Ryder Cup. Koepka and DeChambeau will have to play on the same team in September when Team USA meets Team Europe.

Fans may think the feud will affect the team’s chemistry, but Koepka says there’s nothing to worry about.

You realize it’s only a week, right? Look, I can keep it for business. If we’re on the same team, I can communicate with anyone in the world for a week. I’m not playing with him. I’m sure we won’t be a couple, if I may say so. We won’t spill the beans about congratulations or make late night calls. I do my thing, he does his.

Deschambault takes part in the Ryder Cup


In his comments this week, Koepka made it clear that he could qualify for the Ryder Cup if he is not paired with Deschambault during the tournament. But Deschambault is curiously interested in playing alongside his opponent in September.

I think that would be pretty funny. With pleasure, he said from King’s St George. I think we can do it, honestly. It will create an interesting atmosphere for the team or guys we are playing against.

Let’s hope team captain Steve Stricker gives us all the pairs we want – no, the pairs we need – at this year’s Ryder Cup.

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