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Bryson DeChambeau Continues to Embarrass Himself With Latest Ploy to Flaunt His Historic Driving Distance

The PGA Tour’s Bryson DeChambeau is known for his unorthodox driving distance, but he may have taken it too far with a recent ploy.

Bryson DeChambeau has been known to be a brash golfer. He is also known for his long drives, which have led him to the top of the golfing world. It’s not clear what he was trying to accomplish with this latest ploy to flaunt his historic driving distance. Read more in detail here: who won pga last week.

Bryson DeChambeau enjoys nothing more than hammering long drives on the golf course.

Take a look at it.

The only thing DeChambeau enjoys more than hitting bombs is seeing people stare in amazement at them.

As a result, the long-hitting American is taking a break from the PGA Tour to compete in a tournament where he just has to bring his favorite club. DeChambeau will compete in the Professional Long Drivers Association World Championship next month, when he will either discover much-needed self-fulfillment or eat a large piece of humble pie.

Bryson DeChambeau’s relationship with the PGA Tour and its fans is deteriorating.

Bryson DeChambeau to enter in a world long drive championship. Bryson DeChambeau plays a drive at Liberty National Golf Club during the third round of THE NORTHERN TRUST | Sarah Stier/Getty Images

DeChambeau was never the most popular player on the PGA Tour, but his public image has plummeted to new lows in 2021. The 27-year-never-ending old’s spat with Brooks Koepka, targeted attacks of his own sponsors, and obnoxious on-course antics have made him one of the most despised players on Tour.

On top of that, his caddy recently resigned the night before a tournament to end their “very intense connection.”

Since deciding to go all-in on being the longest driver on the PGA Tour, it seems as though that’s all DeChambeau cares about. We all know he wants to win tournaments above all else, which is why he began bulking up and speed training in the first place — but his preoccupation with distance has taken a toll on other aspects of his game and lost him some important Tour allies.

DeChambeau seems to be losing fans by the day, and his latest endeavor isn’t going to help him regain them.

DeChambeau will participate in the world long drive championship this year.

DeChambeau has been the PGA Tour’s longest driver for the last two years, but he’s always wanted to pit himself against the world’s best bombers.

Now he has the opportunity to do exactly that.

DeChambeau revealed on Monday that he will compete in the Professional Long Drivers Association World Championship next month in Mesquite, Nevada.

DeChambeau said on Instagram, “This is a great chance to develop the game and the sport in general.” “I want to demonstrate to the rest of the world how talented and dedicated these guys are. I’ve been working hard to bring my game up to their pace, so I’m in with a chance, but I’ll keep playing my best golf while doing my normal day job.”

DeChambeau has a little chance of defeating this field, given that professional long drivers can hit golf balls over 450 yards. But, in any case, it should be a fun watch.

The inconvenient timing creates concerns.

Normally, golf fans wouldn’t mind if DeChambeau used his time off to be humiliated by the world’s longest drives, but the competition’s schedule is already generating concerns. The championship tournament will begin on September 27, only two days after the 2021 Ryder Cup final session.

Will DeChambeau be able to concentrate on his responsibilities to the United States squad with his dream tournament less than 48 hours away?

He told Golf.com last week, “It will not take any of my focus away from the Ryder Cup.” “I’m completely committed to the Ryder Cup, and it’s something I’m really passionate about. Being a member of Team USA is something I’ve wanted to do since I was a child. It’s something that gets me very excited when I think about it. I want to help bring home the championship this year, and as I previously said, I wouldn’t be doing any of this unless I genuinely think it would improve my game.”

We’ll have to wait and see how this all plays out, but if DeChambeau fails at the Ryder Cup next month before putting on a display in the long drive competition, fans may begin to question his priorities.

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