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Chad Johnson Made More Money For His 8-Minute Fight Than He Did During 1 of His Pro Bowl Seasons With the Bengals

The NFL is a professional sport, but it’s also a business. Part of that business is players’ salaries, and it turns out that football players aren’t as reluctant to get into the ring as their TV ratings would suggest.

When it comes to making a living in the NFL, there are only a few careers that generate a consistent amount of cash. One of those careers is the one that Chad Johnson had after he was cut by the Bengals. Johnson did a few movies, made some money playing poker, and had a fairly successful career as a football analyst. But the craziest career he attempted was the one that paid him the most.

For those unaware, Chad Johnson saw a reported income of $25,000 per game, per week in the National Football League in addition to his $2 million per year salary from the Miami Dolphins. In his tenure with the Dolphins, Johnson had only played in eight games due to suspensions. He also did not participate in the Pro Bowl because he was suspended for a game. So let’s say Johnson was paid $25,000 for his 8-minute mini-fight. That’s $1,000 per minute, or $10,000 for his short stint.

Former Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad Johnson made his long-awaited (for some, anyway) boxing debut Sunday night against MMA and bare-knuckle fighter Brian Maxwell, and he looked impressive for a 43-year-old with no fighting experience. The special demonstration match, which took place as part of the fight between Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul, consisted of four two-minute rounds and went the distance. But with no official referee, no winner was announced, although the decision clearly should have been in Maxwell’s favor, as he delivered a powerful right kick against Johnson in the final round that could have turned the scoreboard in his favor. But even though Johnson lost the battle, he still prevailed and received a decent amount for his efforts, which is even more than the total amount he earned in any of his Pro Bowl seasons with the Bengals.

Despite the KO, Chad Johnson looked good in his boxing debut

No one knew what to expect from Johnson in what would likely be the only boxing fight of his career. But for a 43-year-old man with no combat experience, the six-time Pro Bowler didn’t look bad and was in good shape. He trained with twin brothers Jermall and Jermell Charlo, who have a combined record of 65-1 and have won multiple world titles at middleweight and welterweight, and showed good footwork early in the fight. Johnson was able to land some decent punches on Maxwell early in the fight, which was a friendly affair, but in the final round he landed a powerful right hook that sent him to the mat, which was the only knockdown of the fight. To his credit, Johnson immediately stood up and stayed put until the final bell, which certainly made him feel like he was fighting a true professional fighter.

He won a million dollars for the fight

word-image-3546 Chad Johnson weighs in for his boxing match against Brian Maxwell. After the fight, Johnson joked that he was ready to fight Conor McGregor, but then got serious for a moment and said that what he did Sunday night was something he’s wanted to do for a long time (h/t ESPN). My life has always been about taking risks and doing crazy things – it’s always been on my wish list. It was a message to everyone: Don’t be afraid to take risks. Don’t be afraid to fail. It’s all right, it’s all right. Chad Johnson And we give Johnson all the credit for that jump. Exposure or not, it takes courage to step into a boxing ring knowing what can happen in a split second. But perhaps it was a little easier for Johnson to make that decision, given the amount of money he was getting and the fact that he had no problem reporting on Twitter. One million dollars in 8 minutes, can’t wait to celebrate tomorrow at McDonald’s #JeanUp – Chad Johnson (@ochocinco) June 7, 2021 A million dollars for eight minutes of work? Yeah, it’ll work. It’s not yet known exactly how much Maxwell earned for his efforts, but we can be sure he earned no more than seven figures, maybe even six. But regardless of what Maxwell brought to the game, Johnson won more in those eight minutes than he did in all his seasons with the Bengals.

Johnson made more money in an eight-minute fight than in any of his seasons with the Bengals

. During his NFL career, Johnson made six Pro Bowl appearances for the Bengals, for whom he played 10 of 11 seasons. And in one of those Pro Bowl seasons, in 2004, Johnson made less money than he did in his eight minutes of work on Sunday night. In the 2004 season, his fourth at Cincinnati, Johnson caught 95 passes (second best total in his career) for 1,274 yards (fifth best total in his career) and nine touchdowns (second best total in his career). This was one of the most productive years of his career. And for all that, Johnson earned $826,750 this season. In November 2003, he signed a six-year, $35.5 million contract extension with the Bengals, the most of the nearly $49 million he earned during his NFL career. stats are from Pro Football Reference, contract information is from Spotrac. COMPARED TO: How Floyd Mayweather made $450 million in less than a quarter of the time it would have taken Patrick MahomesChad Johnson has been around the block, and he knows his way around a football field. In fact, it’s hard to believe that the former NFL star is only 38 years old. After all, he’s played in the NFL for 14 years and has had a lot of success on the field, as the former subject of Tony Romo’s infamous “texting” comment last season. Johnson signed with the New York Giants in the offseason, and it appears as if he will be making his return to the gridiron soon enough.. Read more about chad johnson hall of fame and let us know what you think.

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