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Counter:Side Global ReRoll Tier List Guide

The most competitive online game of 2018 is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. This guide will help you rank up and improve your skill level in order to become a top tier player.

The “counter side global tier list” is a guide to the top tier players in the world of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The list was created by professional player and content creator, Kresnik.


With a limited cast of characters known as “workers,” Counter:international Side’s edition is now accessible on iOS and Android devices. The top personnel must be chosen for a team of monster hunters by the CEO.

You may start your “commercial endeavor on the right foot” by using the worldwide reroll tier list we’ll provide you for Counter:Side.

S-Tier Personnel

Harim Yang

  • Supporter/counter role
  • Sort: Ground

Harim Yang is an all-round supporter that not only heals her allies, but also shields and buffs them. On top of that, her own attacks apply debuffs on the enemies.

She has the ability to create several shields and barriers that may successfully defend all of her companions while being challenging for opponents to breach.

But a fully charged Bear Up! is her greatest appeal. It provides allies with a 40% damage increase. For the most impact in both PvE and PvP, use this ability with a Cooldown Reduction set.

Adam Keller

  • Supporter/counter role
  • Air type

Evelyn has a substantial edge in PvE since she is the only air mobility healer in Counter:Side.

The greatest healing brews in the game come from her, such Heka’s Tonic and Hermes Trismegistus, which not only heal friends but also do AoE damage to all opponents.

She is one of the most sought-after workers in the game since she can toss her potions from the air, making her exceedingly difficult to kill.

Her air ability only becomes useless during certain anti-air PvP scenarios.

Chifuyu Nanahara

  • Position: Striker/Counter
  • Sort: Ground

The two finest adjectives to use to define Nanahara as a worker are tanky and adaptable.

Players may perform a variety of actions using her arsenal of talents, including doing damage, boosting teammates, debuffing foes, and stunning adversaries. Despite the fact that she is a pure tank, she may easily absorb a lot of damage while defending her comrades.

Watch her destroy even the toughest ground adversaries if you give her Hummingbird Weapon and Maze Armor.

She can still target air units, but there are other ways to accomplish this. That is the one thing she cannot do.

A-Tier Personnel

Government Rifleman

  • role: soldier or ranger
  • Sort: Ground

Due to his astounding damage output and relatively cheap deployment cost, Rifleman is undoubtedly the greatest Ranger employee in the game (2,800 points of damage with 650 critical damage).

He uses a variety of weaponry, including the powerful ADPR-15 Gauss rifle and a basic rifle with a titanium barrel adapter to boost durability.

However, all this firepower needs to be protected by his allies, as Government Rifleman doesn’t have any solid defenses of his own.

You may use him in both PvE and PvP modes if you pair him up with one of your Counters.


  • Position: Ranger/Counter
  • Sort: Ground

In case Government Rifleman seems too extreme or unbalanced for you, and you are willing to sacrifice all that damage for higher defense stats and skill diversity, then Gaeun would be an excellent alternative.

Her HP pool enables her to remain longer on her own without the need for the assistance of the ally tank or healer, despite the fact that her deployment cost is larger than that of the Rifleman’s. She does enough damage at the same time to deal with a variety of foes.

For PvE, outfit her with the Full Maze set and a few attack speed boosters, while for PvP, choose the Cooldown Reduction set.

B-Tier Personnel

One and Two

  • Position: Striker/Counter
  • Sort: Ground

The fact that gamers get two copies for the price of one is this employee’s most amazing feature. This is extremely helpful in PvP, and many people believe that this duo is the most formidable opponent in the game mode.

Their best ability is Starke Schwestern, which is an AoE that keeps Eins & Zwei immune to all damage while it lasts. Although it has a significant cooldown of 46 seconds, if you keep both Eins & Zwei on the field, this timer reduces by 20 seconds.

Although they do well in PvE, their skill set has been particularly developed for PvP warfare.

Hilde was roused

  • Defender and counter
  • Sort: Ground

Hilde is what you would refer to as a “wall employee,” which basically means that she is a tank that can withstand any type of invading assault.

Her Fafnir’s Descent talent, which knocks back any target attempting to move forward, can be quite unpleasant in PvP, particularly at lower levels when players have no real way of getting around it.

Hilde, sadly, has no further functions and would be very costly to use. She is, however, the only option if you want an immovable defensive wall.

Those are the ideal personnel for Counter:international Side’s launch. Please share this post on social media if you liked it.

The “Counter:Side Global ReRoll Tier List Guide” is a list of the best summoners in the game. The list includes both global and selective summons. Reference: counter side selective summon tier list.

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