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Dallas Cowboys QB Dak Prescott Is Putting Ultimate Faith in CeeDee Lamb

CeeDee Lamb, a four-year old Australian cattle dog with an unusual talent, has made Dak Prescott the first Cowboys quarterback to throw and complete a touchdown pass in his NFL career. Cowboy Nation is throwing its support behind the pup who seems to have found her calling as America’s #1 superfan.

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott is putting ultimate faith in CeeDee Lamb. He has been the backup for two years and will now be the starter. This means that he will have to step up his game even more. Read more in detail here: dak prescott news injury.

This offseason, the Dallas Cowboys are going all-in on CeeDee Lamb, and quarterback Dak Prescott sees no issue with it.

Prescott is so confident in Lamb’s ability to break out in his third season that he says there’s “no question” the former Oklahoma Sooner can be Dallas’ No. 1 wide receiver this year and in the future.

CeeDee Lamb must become the uncontested No. 1 receiver for the Dallas Cowboys.

CeeDee Lamb, Dallas Cowboys

CeeDee Lamb, Dallas Cowboys CeeDee Lamb #88 of the Dallas Cowboys during the first half of the NFL preseason game at State Farm Stadium versus the Arizona Cardinals. Lamb, according to Dak Prescott, can take another step forward in 2022. Getty Images/Christian Petersen

Even if Lamb wasn’t ready, the Cowboys put all of their bets on him this summer, and they’ll almost certainly expect him to shoulder a huge burden in 2022 and beyond.

That became clear when the Dallas Cowboys chose to move Amari Cooper to the Cleveland Browns, taking advantage of a clause in his contract that allowed them to do so. The Cowboys lost the trade, receiving just a fifth-round selection and two sixth-round choices in exchange for their rumored No. 1 wideout, but they saved $16 million in salary space.

Cooper, who threw for 865 yards and eight touchdowns in just 15 games last season, was effectively a payroll dump. Even with the Cowboys’ salary cap difficulties, the move would only have made sense if Jerry Jones and company believed Lamb was ready to take on the increased burden of being “the man” in Dallas.

Whether he’s ready or not, the Cowboys will need him to be that in 2022. 

Cooper is with the Browns, while Cedrick Wilson, who ran for Dallas last season for 602 yards and six touchdowns, is with Tyreek Hill and the Miami Dolphins.

Michael Gallup was re-signed to a five-year, $57.5 million contract deal by the Cowboys, but he’s coming off a season-ending ACL injury and hasn’t been much more than an excellent No. 2 or No. 3 in his career.

Dak Prescott has complete faith in Lamb.

Dak Prescott and CeeDee Lamb

Dak Prescott and CeeDee Lamb The Dallas Cowboys’ Dak Prescott #4 and CeeDee Lamb #88 warm up before a game against the San Francisco 49ers | Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

There is no denying it. The Cowboys need Lamb to be their No. 1 receiver, and Prescott is convinced that the 6-foot-2, 189-pound wideout will be just that.

He told John Machota of The Athletic that there’s “no doubt” that Lamb can be Dallas’ top dog moving forward.

Prescott said, “He hasn’t even touched the surface.” “I know he’s ready to take on the role of the major character.”

That’s high praise from Dallas’ quarterback, but it’s worth remembering that this isn’t the first time he’s praised Lamb, and it’s unlikely to be the last.

Lamb said in mid-December 2021, after the Cowboys’ 56-14 victory against Washington, that he and Prescott established a relationship from the start.

“I felt like he trusted me right away when I came in as a rookie, and I trusted him right back.” Building that foundation early and getting to know each other, recognizing what he does well and what I don’t do well, is all that matters. It’s something I’m working on. I mean, I wish I could identify exactly what it is, but I can’t. “It’s getting there,” Lamb remarked, according to ESPN.

Prescott, for one, returned the credit to Lamb.

“He’s a playmaker,” Prescott said of Lamb, “and when you’re really skilled and have tremendous awareness, it’s simple to be on the same page.” “That’s a testament to him for simply being a young player and communicating through everything, whether it’s option routes or whatever it is,” says the narrator.

Can Lamb make a difference for the Cowboys?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ynKR atO1Qg

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Prescott and Lamb built a relationship, and whatever they arrived at that point, it was obvious in 2021.

The Cowboys’ season came to a close with a surprising Super Wild Card Weekend home defeat to the San Francisco 49ers, marring an otherwise fantastic season for Dallas. For the first time since 2018, the Cowboys finished 12-5 and won the NFC East.

They also boasted the league’s most opportunistic defense, a team that led the NFL in takeaways with 34, and the league’s top-ranked offense. With 407 yards per game and 31.2 points per game, the Cowboys lead the league in both categories. They also possessed the NFL’s second-best passing attack, averaging 307.6 yards per game via the air, with Lamb playing a key role.

He had 79 catches for 1,102 yards and six touchdowns, which topped all Dallas receivers. Cooper and tight end Dalton Schultz each scored eight touchdowns, but Lamb, a second-year wide receiver out of Oklahoma, was definitely Prescott’s favorite target.

He also had the most targets on the squad, with 120. Cooper and Schultz were a distant second and third, respectively, with 104 points.

Lamb has Prescott’s trust, but can he step up and be Dallas’ No. 1 target when every defense he faces knows the ball will be thrown his way more frequently than not?

For Dallas, he’ll have to prove that soon, but if his quarterback’s faith in him is any indicator, he’ll pass with flying colors.

ESPN and Pro Football Reference provided the statistics. Spotrac provides contract information.

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“Dallas Cowboys QB Dak Prescott Is Putting Ultimate Faith in CeeDee Lamb” is a story about the Dallas Cowboys quarterback, Dak Prescott. He has put his faith in CeeDee Lamb to help him win games this season. Reference: cee dee lamb.

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