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Dan Campbell Starts His Day Coaching the Detroit Lions With an Ungodly Amount of Caffeine

The running joke in the NFL is that Lions head coach Joe Lombardi is a caffeine addict, and that his team has a similar problem. The Lions have been seen drinking large amounts of coffee during games, and according to ESPN analyst Matt Millen, the entire team drinks a whopping 120 cups a day. Lions owner William Clay Ford wants to solve this problem, so he’s hired Dan Campbell, the former assistant coach who was the Dolphins’ offensive coordinator when they won the Super Bowl, to help Lombardi with his team’s caffeine problem.

The Detroit Lions will be moving to their new home of Ford Field in the 2016 season, and some Detroit sports fans have mixed feelings about it. Here at Flipsidesports, we’re excited for some reasons, but we have some mixed emotions about the move. We’ll get to that in a minute, though. First, let’s talk about the coaching staff. Last season saw the removal of offensive coordinator Scott Linehan from the Lions after just one season, and the hiring of new offensive coordinator Joe Lombardi, an offensive whiz.

Dan Campbell is the new Detroit Lions head coach. After taking over the role from Jim Schwartz, Campbell will be the Lions’ first head coach since the retirement of Jim Mora. As a member of the Seahawks, Campbell brought the team their first Lombardi Trophy in Super Bowl XLVIII. But even before that, he had shown a willingness to share his feelings with the media, even when he was an undrafted free agent. In his first press conference he stated “I’m here because I’m a firm believer in my ability.”

Dan Campbell, the new head coach of the Detroit Lions, adds a toughness and intensity to the club that the previous Matt Patricia administration lacked. Campbell was a tough player, and it seems like he’ll carry same attitude to his new position as head coach. Campbell revealed the key to his energized attitude to reporters at Lions training camp: a lot of coffee.

Dan Campbell, the head coach of the Detroit Lions, is all about the enthusiasm.

“We’re going to kick you in the mouth, and when you punch us back, we’ll grin back. And even if you knock us down, we’ll get back up. And we’re going to bite a kneecap off on the way up.”

@Lions HC @Lions HC @Lions HC @Lions Dan Campbell’s press conference was very impressive. pic.twitter.com/cWJTSFtJAQ

21 January 2021 — SportsCenter (@SportsCenter)

Campbell was a tight end in the NFL for ten years until becoming the Lions’ head coach in 2021. At 6-foot-5 and 265 pounds, he was physically intimidating, but he was never the largest, strongest, or quickest player on the field.

Campbell’s enthusiasm was the reason he was able to stay for as long as he did. He was a tough blocker who had his finest seasons in the early 2000s with the New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys. Campbell performed the grunt work on these teams to free up more elegant pass-catching tight ends Jeremy Shockey and Jason Witten.

The former Texas A&M Aggie showed this energy in his coaching career as well. He’s been the tight ends coach and interim head coach of the Miami Dolphins. He was also the assistant head coach in New Orleans prior to his Lions gig.

Campbell has yet to coach a game for the Lions, but he began his career with a rousing news conference. Campbell famously stated, “We’re going to kick you in the teeth, and when you hit us back, we’re going to grin at you.” “And even if you knock us down, we’ll get back up. And we’re going to bite a kneecap off on the way up.”

Campbell boosts his energy by drinking a lot of strong coffee.

With all due respect to Vrabel, Flores, and Saleh, I’m ready to call it: The NFL coach battle royale is won by Dan Campbell. This guy is unstoppable. https://t.co/nBgiEY84HN

August 4, 2021 — Mina Kimes (@minakimes)

Campbell recently revealed his morning beverage ritual to get his engine going in the morning and bring the enthusiasm to Detroit Lions practice:

Normally, I get two Ventis – I go to Starbucks, you know – and order two Ventis of the Pike, each with two shots. So, blackeye in both [sounds of pouring bullets]. That’s what I’m bringing in. That’s how I begin my day.

Dan Campbell discusses his coffee preferences.

A Starbucks Venti Hot is 20 ounces, so Campbell has a 40-ounce start to the day. ESPN’s Mina Kimes calculated on Twitter that the two drinks have 1,200 mg of caffeine apiece, based on the two shots of espresso in each.

Caffeine content in a typical cup of coffee is approximately 95 mg. This means Campbell starts every day at Lions camp with the equivalent of around 12 cups of coffee.

A number of other NFL head coaches have also played in the league.

Detroit Lions head football coach Dan Campbell speaks with the media before the Detroit Lions Training Camp on July 28, 2021 in Allen Park, Michigan. Dan Campbell | Photo courtesy of Getty Images/Nic Antaya

Campbell isn’t the only head coach in the NFL who used to play.

Ron Rivera of the Washington Redskins spent nine seasons with the Chicago Bears, where he was a member of the famous 1985 squad that won the Super Bowl. Frank Reich was a backup quarterback in the NFL for 13 years, mostly with the Buffalo Bills.

As a player, he is most known for leading the greatest comeback in NFL history (32 points). When the Buffalo Bills defeated the Houston Oilers in the 1992 AFC Wild Card game, this occurred. Kliff Kingsbury, a sixth-round selection out of Arizona, only appeared in one game with the New York Jets.

Mike Vrabel of Tennessee is perhaps the most successful player-turned-current-head-coach. The pass-rushing linebacker was a Pro Bowler and a First-Team All-Pro in 14 seasons. With the New England Patriots, he also appeared in four Super Bowls and won three of them.

Matt Nagy of the Chicago Bears and Zac Taylor of the Cincinnati Bengals both never played in the NFL but were successful quarterbacks in the Arena League and the Canadian Football League, respectively. 

According to nola.com, Saints coach Sean Payton was a quarterback in both leagues and briefly played in the NFL as a substitute player during the 1987 player’s strike.   

Pro Football Reference provided all stats.

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When you think of coaches visiting NFL teams, you might imagine guys like Nick Saban or Bill Belichick. But who would have guessed that a first-year Head Coach would be the one making the moves and getting the show on the road? That’s right, Dan Campbell, new Head Coach of the Detroit Lions, is taking the road less traveled, and it’s coming with him in a big way.. Read more about dan campbell wife and let us know what you think.

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