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Daniel Jeremiah Reveals the New York Giants ‘Would Love to Get out of the 5th Pick’ But There’s 1 Major Obstacle

This is a significant move by the Giants as they become one of just two teams to hold multiple first-round picks in both rounds. However, there’s one major hurdle preventing them from moving down: their current kicker.

Moving back is more desirable than trading up in today’s NFL draft perspective. The concept is that the more apple bites you take, the more likely you are to land on a starter or perhaps a star. The New York Giants, who have two selections in the top ten in the 2022 draft, would want to move back to acquire additional picks under the new management of general manager Joe Schoen and head coach Brian Daboll. However, NFL Network draft expert Daniel Jerimiah believes there is one key issue with that strategy.

In the 2022 NFL Draft, the New York Giants aim to trade back.

The NFL Draft in 2022 will be an intriguing event. Future NFL stars will be drafted, but they may not come from the top of the first round this year, as they have in prior selections.

As NFL Network draft expert Daniel Jeremiah stated during his interview on the Pat McAfee Show, this makes finding a trade partner willing to come up for a particular player tough for the New York Giants.  

When you speak about trade-ups, you’re usually talking about quarterbacks, and it all boils down to how everyone thinks about these guys. … So, if you want one and believe Carolina will take one at six, you’ll have to get to five, and everyone I’ve spoken to thinks the Giants would love to avoid the fifth selection. So it would be a potential opportunity right there. I’m not sure if there’s a quarterback in this draft who is really worth it.

The New York Giants traded back in the NFL draft, according to Daniel Jeremiah.

That’s why, at No. 5, the Giants are stuck between a rock and a hard place. There isn’t necessarily a guy they like at that point, but neither is there a quarterback that a club will feel forced to choose ahead of the Panthers at No. 6.

The quarterback dilemma in the NFL Draft of 2022

New York Giants logo on the video board during the 2018 NFL Draft.

New York Giants logo on the video board during the 2018 NFL Draft. During the 2018 NFL Draft, the video board displayed the New York Giants logo | Photo by Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images )

Because of the paucity of high-end quarterback potential in this year’s selection, the New York Giants are unlikely to be able to move down. Surprisingly, if top-five quarterbacks were available, the Giants would likely choose one with the fifth pick or maybe package five and seven to move up.

Instead, the organization seems to be sticking with Daniel Jones, the No. 6 overall selection in the 2019 draft.

While none of the quarterbacks in this draft are particularly impressive, at least one of them will develop into a capable starting quarterback in the league. The last time there wasn’t a playoff-caliber starter in the entire draft was the 2015 class of Jameis Winston, Marcus Mariota, and Trevor Siemian. And you have to go back to 2013 to find a first-round draft with less than two quarterbacks (EJ Manuel).

This season, quarterback attractiveness is in the eye of the beholder, and there are five quarterbacks who will surely win clubs over. Kenny Pickett of Pittsburgh, Malik Willis of Liberty, Desmond Ridder of Cincinnati, Matt Corral of Ole Miss, and Sam Howell of North Carolina are among these guys.

After that, there are a few quarterbacks like Dak Prescott, Russell Wilson, and even Tom Brady who may emerge into late-round gems. Carson Strong of Nevada, Bailey Zappe of Western Kentucky, Kaleb Eleby of Western Michigan, and Brock Purdy of Iowa State are all candidates for this position.

The New York Giants are on the market for a quarterback. 

QB rankings for 2022 Week 1 would be a good place to start for me.

1.Sam Howell 2.Desmond Ridder 3.Kenny Pickett 4.Matt Corral 5.Malik Willis pic.twitter.com/93KNhRCm2a

— John Supowitz (@ImThatSupi) April 18, 2022

The New York Giants may grab their next franchise quarterback as early as No. 36 in the second round, despite not selecting a quarterback at No. 5 or No. 7.

After sending four coaches to Sam Howell’s pro day, rumors are circulating that the Giants are interested in the Baker Mayfield-like quarterback. He possesses average (not excellent) athleticism and arm strength, and he has a confidence about him that might pay dividends at the next level.

While Howell seemed to be a Day 3 choice at first, the North Carolina native is gaining traction. He won’t make the Giants’ first-round pick, but if they wait until No. 67 in the third round, he might be gone.

The most intriguing aspect of Big Blue’s decision to choose Howell — or any quarterback for that matter — is what it will mean for Daniel Jones. Will he improve his game as a result of the competition? Or will it sabotage the trust that the Giants’ whole power structure has worked so hard to build up over the previous several months?

When the Giants begin their draft choices early in the evening on April 28, we’ll receive our first response to these queries.

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