The Tennessee Titans running back Derrick Henry is known for his work ethic and charitable contributions, but his most recent act of kindness was to help a local organization that has been in the community for decades.

Derrick Henry is a tight-knit bond with the Nashville community that led him to give back to an organization that hit close to home. Read more in detail here: how old is derrick henry.

Derrick Henry of the Tennessee Titans is probably the best running back in the league. Every time he touches the football, he ensures that his opponents feel his presence. But he doesn’t stop there. Henry is also having an effect on the Nashville community, which has backed him during his six years in the city.

Derrick Henry established his own non-profit organization.

Every season, the NFL conducts a fundraising drive called “My Cause, My Cleats,” in which players may choose a cause that is meaningful to them. The athletes wear custom-designed cleats to represent those organizations.

The Two All Foundation, which Derrick Henry founded, is his cause. The non-profit organization, founded by the two-time Pro Bowler, was established to offer chances for young people.

“My foundation exists to level the playing field for today’s children so that their future achievement is not hampered by their upbringing, background, handicap, or influence,” Henry said.

“By establishing strong core values in their lives and giving assistance to all adolescents in need, the foundation is committed to being a resource that affects communities and enables young people to achieve their greatest potential.”

In the year 2020, a tornado hit Nashville, and Henry wanted to assist. He and other Titans members went into action, gathering blankets, toiletries, and other essentials to distribute to people in need.

In an interview with Nike, he stated, “I’ve been blessed with a lot, and I want to be able to help someone else.”

Henry’s background fueled his desire to help others.

Titans running back Henry reacts during NFL game

Titans running back Henry reacts during NFL game Derrick Henry of the Tennessee Titans on the field before a game against the Seattle Seahawks | Abbie Parr/Getty Images

In memory of his grandmother, Gladys, Derrick Henry founded the Two All Foundation. He was born and reared in the Florida town of Yulee. His grandma was an important part of his childhood.

Henry saw his grandma as a “superhero.” According to ESPN, she worked hard every day to support her family. The two-time NFL running leader was motivated by his grandmother’s unwavering work ethic, which he tries to emulate in all he does.

The Titans’ player and his charity recently bought 1,500 bags, which were packed with school supplies. He gave them to the Middle Tennessee Boys & Girls Clubs. Henry also gave $100 gift cards to a few kids.

The 27-year-old recognizes the Boys & Girls Club’s significance in the neighborhood. The group was a big part of his life when he was younger.

“When we finished our homework, the first thing we did was grab a football and walk outside to play football,” Henry said. “Having something structured to do after school instead of being at home doing something we shouldn’t be doing.”

Derrick is treated well in Nashville. Henry is a fan of Eddie George.

Many people were fascinated by another running back in town even before the Tennessee Titans selected Derrick Henry in the second round in 2016.

Eddie George was selected by the Houston Oilers in 1996. When the team relocated to Tennessee, the Ohio State alum became a Nashville legend.

There are a few things that Henry and George share in common. Both athletes have previously won the Heisman Trophy. Henry, like his predecessor, is a formidable runner. Throughout his NFL career, George has even acted as a mentor to the Alabama product.

Another resemblance is the city of Nashville’s affection for them. King Henry has become a popular character among fans. His name is often chanted by his fans. He responded, “It’s cool.” “They used to do it for Eddie George,” says the narrator. It’s incredible to have such an influence on a company and its fan base, and for them to appreciate you and what you do.”

Derrick Henry is paying it forward after Nashville has done so much for his career.

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