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Diablo Immortal Essence Transfer: How to Extract and Inherit Powers

After Diablo Immortal went down, players were left out of luck. What do you need to know about how the game will work if it comes back? Is there any way for them to get a refund? This guide will tell you everything!

The “diablo immortal inherit essence” is a problem that many Diablo players have faced. This article will provide you with instructions on how to extract and inherit powers from your old account.


The ability to pass on or inherit essence from one legendary item of gear to another is a truly fascinating element of Diablo Immortal. While you could like the upgraded numbers on one weapon, you might discover that you truly prefer another capability on your existing gear, such as the demon hunter’s ability to fire homing rockets as you strafe.

Activating Essence Transfer

You must first acquire two pieces of legendary gear of the same kind in order to enable essence transfer. It’s probable that you’ll do this as you go through the main game, but it’s not a given. There are extremely few opportunities for legendary artifacts of any kind to appear.

Legendaries may be obtained via battle pass prizes, log-in awards, and potentially more in the future (but for now, that’s all we have), as well as grinding monsters, running dungeons, rifts, etc. Don’t give up if it takes some time to get legendaries; just keep playing, and they will eventually appear. That’s just how things are. 

You may employ the extract and inherit services of Zamina, an NPC in Westmarch, after you have two pieces of the same kind. She is beside the other shopkeepers at Rakkis Plaza.

How to Acquire and Pass Down Powers

Any legendary piece of armor or weapon that you desire to harness the power from must be used. No matter what level it is at. Bring the object to Zamina, and in exchange for a gold charge, she will extract the essence.

It’s crucial to understand that stealing a legendary’s power would utterly destroy it; poof, the legendary is gone. However, if you choose the inherited legendary, you will be allowed to utilize its strength, name, and look.

You may employ Zamina’s inherit service to get the abilities of a legendary item that has already been destroyed. This doesn’t cost any gold and may be repeated a number of times, unlike extraction. The look, name, and strength of the inherited weapon will be replaced by this service.

Reset a Legacy Item

You may quickly reset an item whose power has been inherited by another by speaking with Zamina again and selecting to reset if you make a mistake when changing powers on your legendaries or if you just wish to swap essences. It will then be able to inherit a new power and will return to having its original name, look, and power. This has no drawbacks or expenses, so you may practice it as often as you choose.

This concludes our overview of obtaining and passing down abilities in Diablo Immortal. Visit our Diablo Immortal advice portal for more guides.

The “diablo immortal zamina location” is a quest in Diablo Immortal. In order to complete the quest, players need to extract and inherit powers from a zamana.

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