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‘Don’t Know If I Ever Walked Into a Game to Have Fun’

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Few people give the Pittsburgh Steelers a chance against the Kansas City Chiefs, according to quarterback Roethlisberger, Ben. He implied that the Steelers are gambling with their own money. Former Baltimore Ravens defender Ray Lewis believes the experienced quarterback should approach this high-stakes showdown with a different perspective.

Hall of Famer Ray Lewis attends a Ravens game; Steelers QB Roethlisberger, Ben reacts before a game

Hall of Famer Ray Lewis attends a Ravens game; Steelers QB Roethlisberger, Ben reacts before a game Former Baltimore Ravens linebacker Scott Taetsch/Getty Images watches the game against the Patriots. ; Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Roethlisberger, Ben before a game against the Ravens | Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Ray Lewis was one of the most ferocious football players ever to take the field. The Baltimore Ravens Hall of Famer, known for his fiery before speeches and tough playing style, only knew one way to play the game. Every snap he played, he gave it his best.

It’s understandable that Lewis was offended by Roethlisberger, Ben’s recent statements before of the wild-card game against the Kansas City Chiefs.

In a recent press conference, the Steelers quarterback mentioned how Pittsburgh is a massive underdog to win the game.

In the playoffs, we’re a double-digit underdog. So let’s go play, have a good time, and see what happens. We’ll most likely be 20-point underdogs. The [Chiefs] are perhaps the finest football team in the world. We’re not going to stand a chance. So let’s go play and have a good time.

Roethlisberger, Ben

Roethlisberger’s remarks were undoubtedly sarcastic, but they were very true. Still, Lewis didn’t like it when his old opponent said it out.

On CBS Sports HQ, the 12-time Pro Bowl linebacker shared his opinions.

“I’m not sure if you ever stated you wanted to have some fun playing against me, Ben,” Lewis remarked. Instead of being so serious, I wish you had come out and had some fun.”

Lewis believes Roethlisberger, Ben should have a different mindset for the upcoming playoff game.

“I don’t think I’ve ever entered into a game with the intention of having fun,” he continued. “That was the most serious thing I had going on in my life when I took that journey.” Ben must grasp the gravity of the situation. Despite the fact that his legacy is coming to an end, there are some hungry young lions.”

Pittsburgh might be in danger against the Chiefs, according to the Ravens Hall of Famer.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5w P0AkGg5A

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The Pittsburgh Steelers made the NFL playoffs by a hair’s breadth. Mike Tomlin’s team concluded with a 9-7 record during the regular season. The Pittsburgh Steelers, the No. 7 seed, don’t have a good matchup with the Kansas City Chiefs.

Any team, let alone Pittsburgh, would find it difficult to beat the Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium. If the Steelers aren’t prepared, Ray Lewis believes it will be a long day.

“It may be frightening,” Lewis remarked. “They have the league’s weakest run defense.” Kansas City is suddenly adjusting to the fact that it must run the ball. This may be very dangerous for the Pittsburgh Steelers. I believe they [the Chiefs] can reclaim their complete swagger in this game. They have a great opportunity to punish the Steelers and prepare for the next round.”

Even though Roethlisberger, Ben didn’t seem to be 100% serious, the Hall of Fame linebacker warned Pittsburgh’s signal-caller against taking the game lightly.

“Listen, brother, I love you,” Lewis remarked. “However, this is not a game to be played with. This is a game that should be taken seriously. Patrick Mahomes is attempting to humiliate you. He’s definitely attempting to send Big Ben off on a poor note.”

The last time these two teams played was in Week 16, when Kansas City dominated the Steelers. It’s possible that the wild-card meeting will be more of the same.

How the Steelers, the underdogs, can drive Kansas City to the verge of elimination

The Pittsburgh Steelers are lucky to be in the playoffs at all. Mike Tomlin’s team has had a roller-coaster season.

Roethlisberger, Ben’s decline has been evident throughout the season. He’s no longer the player he used to be, which has sometimes hindered the offense. The offensive line is not up to par. As a result, it’s been tough sledding trying to run the ball like Steelers teams usually do.

Given the offense’s difficulties, the defense is under additional pressure to keep this club in games. It’s easier said than done, particularly if the offense can’t keep drives going for lengthy periods of time.

To beat the Kansas City Chiefs on the road, Pittsburgh must play flawlessly. The Steelers went to Arrowhead a few weeks back and were thrashed 36-10.

Kansas City possesses a top-10 defense, but it has recently been vulnerable to the run. Even if they fall behind early, Pittsburgh must commit to the run and feed Najee Harris as much as possible. Putting too much pressure on Roethlisberger might lead to tragedy.

T.J. Watt and the defense, if they can create mayhem and pressure on Patrick Mahomes, they might be able to force a few errors. The Steelers would only have a puncher’s chance if they did it that way.

Otherwise, as Ray Lewis said, things may become ugly for Big Ben and his crew.

Pro Football Reference provided all stats.

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