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Dustin Johnson Reveals the 1 Unique Superstition He Never Strays From on the Golf Course

Professional golfer, Dustin Johnson has revealed the one superstition he never strays from on the golf course. The 25-year-old from Florida, who is recovering from a wrist injury, told US-based website Golf Digest: “I always have my phone on. I hate when I don’t have it with me.”

Most athletes have a few superstitions they follow during games. For example, many golfers like to wipe the green of their putter after each stroke. But when it comes to superstitions, Dustin Johnson is unlike any other athlete. During a recent interview with E:60, Johnson revealed that he has a very specific superstition that he never strays from.

Dustin Johnson is the world’s highest-ranked golfer, and if you had to choose between him and Serena Williams, he’d be your pick. Not only does Johnson rack up well over $20 million a year at the PGA Tour, he’s also one of the most nicely behaved golfers in the game. Except for that one thing…

Golfers are among the most superstitious athletes in the world. Whether it’s a lucky ball or a unique routine for each shot, every PGA Tour player has their own superstition on the golf course that they believe will help them play better. Dustin Johnson is no different. Although Johnson is the most relaxed and easy-going player on the tour today, even he has one or two superstitions without which he can’t play a round of golf. Every time he plays a round of golf, DJ uses a quarter to mark his ball on the green, but it can’t be just any quarter.

Dustin Johnson’s PGA Tour career

Dustin Johnson celebrates his ball at 15. Green during the second round of the 2016 AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am | Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images Since his appearance on the PGA Tour, Johnson has made a difficult game of golf incredibly easy. He won his first Tour event in 2008, when he was just 24, and has won at least one tournament in each of the next 13 seasons. In 36 years, Johnson has 24 PGA Tour victories and two major championships to his name. Last year, Johnson reached the top of the Official World Golf Ranking for the second time in his storied career. He finished the season with one of the most dominant golf performances in recent years, with three wins and two runner-up finishes in his last eight starts. A few months later, he won at Augusta National and got his first green jacket of his career. Johnson remains No. 1 in the world five months into the 2021 PGA Tour season.

Johnson reveals his unique superstitions on the golf course

Because of the nonchalant way Johnson parades around the golf course, fans might think he’s on the course every weekend and doesn’t care about anything. But deep down, D.J. is just as superstitious as the average golfer. For as long as he can remember, Johnson has used the quarter-head as a ball marker on the green. But not just one block. A quarter of the 1960s, to be exact. Johnson appeared on the latest episode of Barstool Sports’ Fore Play podcast and explained his unique superstitions. I use a quarter, always upside down. It must be the 1960s. That’s why I only use the 1960s neighborhoods, Johnson says. But why? Don’t you want to shoot in the 60s? That’s not necessarily the goal. Just good grades. I like those numbers, you like running those numbers. I never had a goal: Okay, I want to shoot at 65 or 66. I try to shoot as low as possible every day. Whatever the song is, that’s how it is. I think I’ve always used 1960 coins since college. You’d think it would be hard for Johnson to keep every block from 1960, but don’t worry, he has his own man for that. DJ says he has about 100 pieces from the 60s on hand, just in case. I have enough to last me, he said.

DJ confirms his superstition on Twitter

After Johnson’s podcast interview aired, he decided to have a little fun with the folks at Fore Play and golf fans around the world. On Thursday, the world number one tweeted a photo of a friend’s 1965 game he was enjoying on his day off. So he shot 65? We all need to know, Dustin. COMPARED TO: Brooks Koepka missed the interview twice because he doesn’t like Bryson Deschambault

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