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DX Racer Air Mesh Gaming Chair Review: Air Apparent

The “dxracer mesh gaming chair” is a high-quality, affordable, and comfortable gaming chair. It features an ergonomic design that helps to relieve pressure on the spine, arms, and shoulders. The chair also has built-in speakers for audio enjoyment.

The DX Racer gaming chair is the only one of its kind on the market. It’s designed to provide a comfortable, yet professional-grade experience whether you’re playing games or working at your desk. This guide will help you decide if this $499 chair is right for you.,

Gaming seats aren’t easy to come by. Some are unquestionably more ergonomic and comfy than others. When you spend 30 percent or more of your day sitting in front of a computer or console, a poorly constructed gaming chair may wreck havoc on your back and arms. That isn’t the case with the DX Racer Air Mesh gaming chair.

The Air Mesh gaming chair from DX Racer is without a doubt the greatest gaming chair I’ve ever used. I want one for every room in my home since it’s so comfy. 

Maybe it’s because I’ve been sitting in the same chair at my home office since 2005 (where I’ve been working for over two years). Others I’ve reviewed haven’t left me very pleased. It’s more probable, however, since DX Racer’s $499 Air Mesh is just fantastic – in more ways than one. 

Review of the DX Racer Air Mesh Gaming Chair: Air Apparent

Unpacking and putting together

Though it may seem insignificant at first glance, effective packaging has a significant impact. It’s something I’ve discussed previously with gaming mice, and it’s worth repeating again. The Air Mesh is properly packed to prevent damage during delivery, with each component individually wrapped in plastic wrap and protected with foam. There are few things more frustrating than spending money on furniture and having it come broken. 

There’s also a strong, compartmented box with some of the most susceptible bits within, as well as a handled, two-ended Allen wrench (thank you, thank you for providing a tool with a handle). 

Assembly is simple and fast once everything is out of the box and unwrapped. It’s a bit unusual that the handbook provides directions for two chair types, but once you grasp what’s going on, it’s obvious and simple to follow.

In addition to deleting the reference to another chair, future revisions should emphasize that some of the required nuts and bolts are already attached to the chair. I prefer shipping the Air Mesh with its arms already connected to the back versus separate packages or bags for components, although I did take a few minutes to go through the packing to make sure I didn’t miss anything.

Aside than that, the complete chair took me around 15 minutes to put together. You’ll most likely need a second person to assist you connect the back to the seat, but it’s a one-person project otherwise. 



The Air Mesh has a simple design that, with the exception of the headrest and a few small embellishments, seems more like an office chair than a gaming chair. Depending on your preferences, this might be a good or negative thing, but I think it’s a fine design option, particularly for a home office since it doesn’t stick out too much. It’s not as flamboyant as, say, DX Racer’s Gladiator series.

The headrest is fully adjustable from the top down, with four distinct height options. The device is secured to the chair’s back with four threaded knobs. The “Air” memory foam head pillow connects to the headrest on a plastic, adjustable track and is held in position by a plastic stop. 

The chair’s whole back is made of a pliable yet durable mesh that enables air to circulate behind and under it. An adjustable lumbar support glides on a plastic track and adjusts to a variety of settings throughout a 15-centimeter range. The strong plastic borders finish off the rear, which don’t scuff or scratch easily and can be wiped in a flash.

The seat is well-made as well, with the same breathable mesh as the back and the same sturdy plastic and metal chassis. The 4D armrests are completely movable forward/backward, side to side, and up and down, as expected, and the tops are soft plastic with foam below, with hard plastic covering the metal arms.

On the right side, there is a metal lever that allows you to tilt the chair back and lock it into position. The standard levers for locking the function and lowering/raising the chair are also present, and have been nicely machined for easy handling. A huge knob underneath them adds or removes tension to adjust the amount of effort required to rock the chair back and forth.

The metal 5-star base is a wonderful addition above the plastic patterns seen in other chairs, and it helps it endure inadvertent strikes while rolling about. 

Finally, the Air Mesh is available in four color schemes: black, grey, and pink; white and cyan; white and red; and the soon-to-be-released yellow, red, and blue. Apart from the yellow, red, and blue (yow!) ones, they all look great and should match with any game setup.

The only thing to consider is how filthy the white material used for the backs of these other varieties could become, which I can’t comment on since I haven’t tested or evaluated those versions.



DX Racer’s Air Mesh is comfy in every way; you simply have to dial in some of it.

The 4D arms provide excellent support. In my old chair, as well as other gaming seats I’ve tried for lengthy periods of time, my elbows and forearms would grow uncomfortable and fatigued. Thanks to the cushioning and adjustability, none of that happens here. Even without pressing the buttons, I’ve noticed that the arms are rather simple to knock out of position. I’ve had to reset them on multiple occasions, and although it’s a simple procedure, it’s something I shouldn’t have to do.

The seat’s curve offers a tight fit for your rump while also providing good support for the back of your thighs, dispersing weight over the front of the seat. The design also includes spring suspension, which keeps it stiff yet bouncy enough to perform without the need for cushioning, which would otherwise wear out or break unevenly. 

The backrest, which has a same design and is supported by the lumbar support, is the same. It’s worth noting that the Air Mesh prefers you to sit up straight, with no slouching permitted. Otherwise, even with modifications, the lumbar may feel a little uncomfortable.

The breathable mesh works wonderfully for those extended gaming sessions, enabling air to circulate freely through the chair from front to back and minimizing the risk of sticky-back syndrome that may occur with other hard-back chairs or those with foam support. On the other hand, whether your head is moved to one side or looking straight ahead, the memory foam employed in the headrest gives a pliable cushion that feels almost like a pillow. 

The Air Mesh can recline up to 135 degrees, allowing you to rest even further between work or lie back and enjoy a movie. Laying all the way back with the rocking mechanism completely engaged feels amazing, and the design nearly seems like a good hammock. All of it goes out the window if the rocking feature isn’t completely activated. The Air Mesh becomes a hard mirror of itself, sinking to its lowest point. 

Apart from that, the only real drawback I can see with the Air Mesh is that rocking isn’t possible while the chair is entirely upright. Even with the least amount of tension applied, rocking the chair back even a small bit needs much too much power – the only benefit is that your calves will get a tremendous workout. Rocking is smooth and relaxing even with the chair lowered one notch.

The Bottom Line on the DX Racer Air Mesh Gaming Chair


  • The back and bottom are kept cool with a mesh backing to prevent perspiration.
  • Armrests with four dimensions provide a variety of ergonomic solutions.
  • Lumbar support that can be adjusted is wonderful.
  • Headrest with memory foam 
  • Sturdy construction
  • Simple to assemble


  • Uncomfortable in a supine position with no rocking.
  • Rocking is quite difficult with the seat completely erect.
  • Mesh takes some getting accustomed to, and some people find it excessively frigid.
  • 4D arms are more easily knocked out of place than I’d like.

The DX Racer Air Mesh gaming chair is certainly worth the $499 asking price, excluding a few minor flaws. It isn’t comfortable in every arrangement, but it is in the vast majority of them.

It’s well-made and, because to its mesh design, allows for natural ventilation, making it ideal for lengthy gaming sessions in hot environments. It’s also ideal for individuals who blend work and play, since it can be used as both a gaming chair and an office chair. 

[Note: The Air Mesh gaming chair utilized in this evaluation was given by DX Racer.]

DX Racer Air Mesh Gaming Chair Review: Air Apparent. The DX Racer is a chair that has been designed to provide the ultimate gaming experience. This chair is made with air mesh and has an adjustable height, tilt, and recline angle for maximum comfort. Reference: dxracer air mesh reddit.

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