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Elden Ring Boss Guide: How to Beat Erdtree Avatar

A game of bocce, medieval combat and bar fights. There are many ways to approach this challenging boss battle in Elden Ring. Take a look at my video walkthrough guide on how I beat the Erdtree avatar

The “elden ring erdtree avatar reddit” is a boss in the Elden Ring dungeon. The boss is called Erdtree and he’s a tough opponent to take down. If you’re looking for help on how to beat him, then read this guide.

While exploring Elden Ring’s The Lands Between, you’ll notice that each part of the map has many Minor Edrtrees. Although this might be a good place to obtain essential materials, only a few of them are home to the Erdtree Avatar boss. The first location you’ll likely run across an Erdtree Avatar is in Weeping Peninsula, which is south of Limgrave’s beginning region. 

Erdtree Avatar is a huge, headless mass of twisted tree roots wielding a large hammer staff. They attack hard, so this won’t be an easy battle at first, but by following the methods in the Elden Ring boss guide below, you’ll be able to secure a much-needed victory. Honestly, the drops are well worth it. The Avatars may be found in the following areas. 

  • Minor Erdtree, Weeping Peninsula, Erdtree Avatar
  • Minor Erdtree, Caelid’s Putrid Avatar
  • Southwest Minor Erdtree, Liurnia of the Lakes, Erdtree Avatar 
  • Northeast Minor Erdtree, Liurnia of the Lakes, Erdtree Avatar

Elden Ring: How to Defeat the Erdtree Avatar


The Erdtree Avatar boss may be encountered in a variety of ways. The one on the Weeping Peninsula is shown in the image above. 

Each time the Erdtree Avatar is defeated, there are many potential options. Variety is crucial since the monster has attacks that penalize both distance and close combat. Above all, it is critical not to get struck, which may seem obvious, but believe us. Even if you are correctly leveled, this monster may easily knock you down in two strikes. 

For the combat, magic is an excellent ranged choice. If you want to concentrate on Faith, try Flame Sling, or if you want to focus on Sorcery, try Glintstone Pebble. At a distance, both will do a lot of harm. Because this is a field boss fight, you may utilize Torrent, which will help you retain your distance while also preventing you from casting magic with your off-hand. If you don’t have any magic, you should at the very least have a bow. It’s also not a bad idea to use fire arrows. 

Of course, if you have a powerful melee weapon, crawling underneath the giant and chopping at Erdtree Avatar’s legs is a tried and proven Souls approach that will work here. Just keep an eye out. 

Avatar Attacks and Strategies on Erdtree 

The attacks of the Erdtree Avatar are listed here, along with how to best dodge them. 

Staff Slash is Edrtree’s first attack.

The Staff Slash is one of the boss’s most frequent moves. Dodging forward or maintaining your distance can help you avoid this. This assault has the shortest range of all the Erdtree Avatar’s attacks. 

Massive Staff Erdtree Avatar Attack 2

You know the Erdtree Avatar is ready to perform a huge overheard swing with their staff when they lean back. Massive Staff’s range is deceiving, and even if you believe you’re safe, you might be struck for a lot of damage. Dodging to the left or right is a guaranteed strategy to dodge it, although the timing is somewhat difficult. With the appropriate location, you can also dodge forward, although we don’t encourage it. 

Attack 3 of the Erdtree Avatar: Body Slam 

This strike is a perfect illustration of how Erdtree Avatar can oppose whatever playstyle you select. When you get near enough, the monster will leap into the air and smack their whole body to the ground, doing huge AoE damage. If you’re attacking up close, keep an eye out for Body Slam and run out of the radius if you don’t want to perish. 

Attack 4 of the Erdtree Avatar: Blinding Lights

Blinding Lights is the polar opposite of the Erdtree Avatar’s body slam in that it prevents you from keeping inside a range at all times. If you stay far enough away from the monster, he’ll power up and shoot a barrage of sparkling missiles, trapping you in a nasty combination. Our recommendation is to keep sprinting rather than dodge since dodging makes you more exposed. If you’re battling the monster on foot, the tell for this strike is very large as well, allowing you plenty of time to summon Torrent and ride away. 

Scarlet Rot is the fifth Erdtree Avatar attack.

The Erdtree Avatar (particularly the one in Caelid) spews crimson mist, causing Scarlet Rot to build up. The crimson mist that puffs from the monster’ top half is a tell for this strike. They’ll then leap into the air and crash to the ground, spraying poison plumes that adhere to the ground. To treat Scarlet Rot, apply Preserving Boluses to decrease accumulation.

If you’re still having problems, remember that you may add Fire damage to your melee weapon using consumables, giving you an extra edge. The Lone Wolf Ashes may also be used as a spirit call to distract the Erdtree Avatar so you can ride up behind him and land a lot of damage. 

While these Erdtree Avatar bosses aren’t required, they do drop important goods. Each Erdtree Avatar drops two Tears and a large number of Runes, which may be utilized to personalize the effect of your Flask of Wondrous Physick. This additional flask has just one charge every rest, but it allows you to modify the effect at a Site of Grace. 

Check out our spells and incantations guide for additional information on which spells to use and where to obtain them. As is customary in Elden Ring, don’t be afraid to seek guidance or just leave a difficult employer until later. Go to our Elden Ring guidelines page for additional boss hints and tips.

The “elden ring minor erdtree avatar” is a boss that can be found in Elden Ring. This guide will tell you how to beat the minor Erdtree Avatar.

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