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Elden Ring: How to Find the Black Knife Tiche Spirit Ash Summon

ELDEN RING is an open-world, third person action RPG set in the ancient North American continent. You play as a young Ojibwe boy who must find and defeat his evil uncle’s spirit to claim ownership of their shared inheritance – the coveted Black Knife Tiche Spirit Ash Summon. The game features rich storytelling with diverse characters and a complex lore that will be revealed throughout your journey.

The “elden ring black knife tiche weapon” is a unique item that can be found in the game Elden Ring. It summons the spirit ash of the Black Knife Tiche, which is an ancient and powerful creature.

There are a lot of strong Spirit Summons in Elden Ring, and now that the Mimic Tear summons have been nerfed, there’s even more motivation to employ the others. When completely improved, the Black Knife Tiche Legendary Spirit Ash is one of the greatest, since it has rapid, hard-hitting strikes, life drain, and lots of hit points.

To maximize its potential, you’ll require Ghost Glovewort, which may be found in numerous catacombs and caverns around the Lands Between. This guide won’t tell you where to get those materials exactly, but it will teach you where to start with the Black Knife Tiche Spirit Ash summons. 

In Elden Ring, where can you find the Black Knife Tiche Spirit Ash Summon?

The Black Knife Tiche is one of the most difficult Spirit Ashes to locate in Elden Ring, since it is hidden behind Ranni’s questline and the game’s most difficult Black Knife Assassin boss battle.

Continue Ranni’s quest until you reach the Moonlight Altar region, but instead of heading east to meet Ranni, go northwest to the lower peninsula’s tip. The Ringleader’s Evergaol may be found there.

Enter the Evergaol and approach the ground-level boss energy to call Electo, the Black Knife Ringleader, who was banished there by Ranni (likely) after the Night of the Black Knives.


Alecto employs all of the Black Knife Assasin’s attacks, with the exception of one. Her jump-into-slam attack comes in two flavors. When it lands, the regular form has a modest AoE and is simple to avoid.

Then there’s the new one, in which she employs a sphere of crimson slashes and enhances her blade Destined Death, much as Maliketh can.

The sphere of slashes isn’t as huge as Maliketh’s, but it covers a vast region surrounding her body. It has a greater impact than when she lands with a conventional slam, and, like the Death energy beams she fires, it will reduce your health bar by 10% and deliver damage-over-time for around ten seconds.


Alecto is essentially a standard Black Knife Assassin encounter, albeit she has thousands more hit points than any other Assassin you’ve faced up to this time.

As a result of this, and because of her increased damage output, I’d suggest starting this encounter at Level 70. It’s possible to perform it at Level 1 or with other restrictions, but if you’re battling Alecto for the first time, you should be about Level 70.

When you hear the “Enemy Felled” notification, you’ll be given the Black Knife Tiche Spirit Call, which enables you to summon Alecto herself to battle with you. She’s a force to be reckoned with.

The Black Knife Catacombs are a good place to train combating Assassins before meeting Alecto for the Black Knife Tiche Summons. If you can land spells like Comet Azur or weapons like Moonveil, you can make the battle a bit easier. For additional information about the Elden Ring, see our Elden Ring guides page.

The “black knife tiche ashes” is a key item in the Elden Ring. It can be found by using the black knife to kill a Tiche Spirit and then searching for its ashes.

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