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Elder Scrolls Online: Blackwood — All World Boss Locations

Elder Scrolls Online is a free-to-play game that’s set in the Elder Scrolls universe. It follows a group of players as they explore Tamriel and battle against other players or AI based on their actions. The game came out in April of 2016 and later received a massive expansion called “Elsweyr”, which added a host of new content for players to enjoy.

Elder Scrolls Online: Blackwood features the most powerful world bosses in Elder Scrolls Online, with some of them requiring a dungeon master and a group of friends to clear. We’ll detail each of the bosses, and discuss how you can best prepare your group for success.

The newest region of Elder Scrolls Online, Blackwood, has six world bosses that you can defeat for special rewards and achievements. In this guide you will find the exact locations of all the bosses in the world in Senior Scrolls Online :. Blackwood, but be careful. These bosses can be extremely dangerous. These bosses are connected to quests. Even though you don’t have to do quests to fight them, you do them to get rewards and complete them.

ESO: Blackwood All locations World Boss

Old Datwart

This giant monstrous frog, also known as Death Hopper, is found in the Black Swamp Province. It is located in the northeastern part of Blackwood , near Old Deathwart Pond. You must fight this boss as part of the quest A Frog Reign , which also requires you to collect singing frogs. Old Deathbearer can be found in a large pool of Kotu-Gawa mosquitoes, which are his main food source. When he fights, he eats mosquitoes to replenish his life supply, so be careful and try not to fill him up. If you defeated the old Deathbringer, you will get the Wart-Wacker achievement.

Bhroom and Koska

The twin minotauruses Bhrum and Cosca were found in the excavations of Shardius in Cyrodiil Province, located in the southwestern part of Blackwood. These two final bosses are part of the Legend of the Taurus Man quest, which also requires you to collect relics or landmarks in the same area. The fight takes place with both twins at the same time. They wield large axes and are easier to defeat in close quarters combat than in close quarters. If Bhrum and Koska fall, you get the power Bull-Fighter .

Gemvas Messenger

This four-armed Ruinah boss can be found in The Shattered Xanmeer in south of Blackwood. This boss is part of the quest Call of the Ruinach , for which you also have to consecrate the dead with a special oil. The battle begins with a group of cultists summoning Gemvas, who then summon three more Dremors to help in the fight. Kill the three Dremors first and then attack Gemvas himself, as Dremors can be incredibly dangerous. If you defeat this boss, you will get the achievement Havocrel Harrower .

Ritual place Sul Ksan

The bosses of Sul-Xan have gathered at their ritual site, located in the central area of Blackwood. There are eight opponents in the fight:

  • Yakshat the Death Bearer
  • Vesha is a swamp mystic.
  • Nuhujima
  • Shuh-Mok
  • Mystic Sul-Xan
  • Sul-Xan Stinger
  • The Wizard Sul-Xan
  • Sul Khan bounty hunter

But that’s not all, as they will also be enlisting the help of allied beasts, so it will be a real battle. The best way to defeat all bosses is use circular AoE spells that cover the entire area of the enemies. If you beat them all, you will unlock the Sul-Xan Sacker achievement.

Ximhoek Trophy Tracker

Xymhok, a monster of Gargoyle, can be found in its own lair in Xymhok Lagoon, located in the ruins near Vunalk in southeastern Blackwood. This boss is part of the quest The Trophy Raider , for which you also have to collect tokens from dead suitors who tried to kill Xymhok. Fortunately, you’re fighting on your own, so you don’t have to worry about that. If you beat this boss, you will get the Taker’s Trophy achievement.

Toad-tongue Fire Mage

This goblin boss lives in the war camp Toad Tongue on north of Blackwood. Approach the camp and sit on an empty throne. This will make the boss fight with you. He will summon his two swamp dogs, Tigz and Wigz, and his warlord, Zatmoz. Kill his allies first, then target the Goblin Wizard. After defeating it, take the documents and it unlocks the Blackwood Savior achievement. These are all the boss locations in the world of Elder Scrolls Online :. Blackwood. You can also find more Elder Scrolls Online guides on our dedicated hub page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Blackwood take place eso?

While exploring the Maelstrom, you stumble on a vibrant village of Blackwood. This settlement is like any other village, except for the fact that its inhabitants have strange powers: they can see the future, link to the past, or summon fire elementals. What’s more, they are friendly, and invite you to stay and rest at their town’s tavern. Sounds like a great place to spend the night, right? Unfortunately, a band of dark elves has been attacking the settlement, and you quickly realize that Blackwood is not as friendly as it seems. After the success of the ESO Blackwood DLC, we decided to make a collection of all the world bosses. We wanted to share our hard work with everyone, and provide useful information about the bosses in the DLC. For those who have completed the DLC, we have added a new section which shows the location of the boss from the perspective of the player.

Does Blackwood come with all DLC?

Blackwood is a new zone in the Elder Scrolls Online that will be available at launch for all ESO Plus members. This zone is home to two new world bosses, and you’ll need to be ready to battle these bad boys in order to survive the zone. While the popular MMO Elder Scrolls Online is being flaunted as the top game of 2016 by many reviews outlets, sports fans may have noticed that the game has yet to be released for an Xbox One version.

How do I start the Blackwood quest in eso?

Blackwood is a powerful sorceress who resides in the ruins of Blackmarsh, north of Greenshade. She serves as the penultimate boss for the Blackwood personal story and can be encountered at all five of the Blackmarsh world bosses. Her appearance varies from one boss encounter to the next, but she always appears as a large black dragon, with a thorny spine and a skull for a face. The Blackwood Company, which controls the city of Wayrest, is the main storyline quest for ESO’s latest content patch. On the surface of things, this quest seems simple enough. After all, you’re tasked with tracking down the location of a troublesome group of cultists in the hopes of ending their power over the city.

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