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Even ESPN Wants No Part of the Boston Celtics

The Boston Celtics are one of the most well-known teams in basketball. This National Basketball Association team has been around since 1946, when they were originally called the Braves. They have made some of their best seasons under current Head Coach Brad Stevens and won an NBA Championship in 2008 with Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, Ray Allen and Rajon Rondo as part of the starting lineup. The C’s went on to win another championship in 2010 over Kobe Bryant’s Lakers who had just come off a season where they set all kinds of records for wins that year at 72 losses leading up to this game. However, even though it was not a close contest, ESPN chose not to air the whole game because there wasn’t enough action happening during games
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The “Boston Celtics news” is a team that has been struggling to find an identity since their championship days. They have had many different players, coaches, and owners. The most recent owner of the Boston Celtics is Steve Pagliuca. Read more in detail here: boston celtics news.

At the very least, something happened with the Boston Celtics. Brad Stevens did not make any deals. Ime Udoka, the team’s first-year head coach, hasn’t made any lineup changes. The Celtics are in a mess, and they need to change. ESPN was the first to act.

The Celtics of Boston aren’t as good as they believe they are.

Boston-Celtics-1-1024x517 Ime Udoka (second right) of the Boston Celtics discusses with Payton Pritchard (R), Jaylen Brown (C), Robert Williams III, and Jayson Tatum during the second quarter of their game against the Cleveland Cavaliers at TD Garden on December 22, 2021 in Boston, Massachusetts. | Getty Images/Omar Rawlings .

The Celtics seem to be a terrific team on paper. With Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown as All-Stars, Boston was expected to make a splash. The squad has struggled terribly after reaching the Eastern Conference Finals in 2020.

The Celtics have underachieved the previous two seasons instead of blooming under their two young studs. They finished 36-36 last season and had a brief playoff run, as the Brooklyn Nets knocked them out in the first round. They’re 18-21 this season and haven’t hit the.500 level in over a month.

In Boston, it’s been a year of frustration.

Marcus Smart chastised Brown and Tatum earlier this season for not passing the ball enough. Both Tatum and Udoka have openly criticized the team’s lack of effort. Udoka recently called the Celtics’ lack of leadership into question.

The Celtics have showed symptoms of being the championship challengers that many predicted. Last week, they thrashed the West-leading Phoenix Suns sans Tatum. They’ve also shown that they can’t complete games on countless times. The Celtics have established sizable second-half leads only to watch them evaporate in the final minutes.

The Boston Celtics have gotten to ESPN’s limit.

Tatum and Brown have a lot of chemistry. People want to watch these two young, intriguing players. The issue is that they are two players who do not contribute to the improvement of their colleagues.

They’re both goal scorers who need possession of the ball. Tatum is the team’s most prominent player, and he is putting up impressive stats. He has a 25.7 point and 8.5 rebound per game average. He’s averaging 36.8 minutes per game, but he’s shooting a career-low 41 percent from the field. Brown is averaging 24.2 points and 6.1 rebounds per game.

For many years, Tatum and Brown were expected to be the Celtics’ keys to success. To be honest, the team isn’t that good. The pair may be two exceptional talents who are entertaining to watch, but their success isn’t transferring.

Even the novelty of having two young All-Stars has worn off. Not only are Celtics supporters sick of seeing their team find new ways to lose, but ESPN looks to be losing interest as well.

According to the Boston Globe’s Gary Washburn, ESPN booted the Celtics game against the Philadelpha 76ers on Jan. 14 from it’s national TV slot. The game has been replaced by the Golden State Warriors vs. the Chicago Bulls.

Many NBA fans seem to be unconcerned with ESPN’s choice.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A YuduiX2zw

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Most NBA fans would be interested in a Celtics vs. Sixers showdown. This isn’t the year. Despite Ben Simmons’ refusal to play for the Sixers, the club is holding its own. Without their previous No. 1 overall selection, Philadelphia is 22-16. Nobody wants to watch the Celtics right now.

Washburn’s post sparked a firestorm of criticism regarding ESPN’s decision to cut the Celtics. The decision seems to be well-received by many supporters.

“Another Boston L,” one Twitter user commented.

“ESPN just done us a favor,” wrote another.

Another cynically said that the decision was dubious since the Celtics are entertaining to watch.

“Why? “Isn’t it thrilling to witness a team come back from a big disadvantage and win at the last second?” read the remark.

Without a doubt, the Celtics have experienced their share of bad luck. ESPN doesn’t seem to want to air them any longer.

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The “new celtics head coach” was a big move for Boston Celtics. But ESPN has already decided that it doesn’t want to be associated with the team anymore.

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