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Evil Dead: The Game Demon Class Skill Guide

This is a guide for the demon class in Evil Dead: The Game. It’s mostly about their skill tree and what to do with them, but also includes tips on how to make your player stand out from other players.

The “evil dead the game demon skills” is a skill guide for the Demon Class in Evil Dead: The Game. It will show you how to use all of the skills that are available to you.

One of the greatest ways that Evil Dead: The Game borrows from Left 4 Dead is by allowing players to assume command of the opposing mob during an asymmetrical multiplayer encounter.

Playing the Demons may be fun, but unlike if you play on the Survivors side, you don’t have any partners to assist you learn. This is one of the appeals of Evil Dead. A team of four gamers that are interacting with one another might initially make it simple to be destroyed. 

However, after you are familiar with the traits of each of the three Demon classes and their associated Boss characters, you will see that the odds are really on your side. 

Demon Classes in Evil Dead: The Game are Described

When playing as a demon in Evil Dead, you may choose from the Warlord, Puppeteer, or Class of Necromanceres.

Each class is balanced for a certain playstyle, yet with the correct tools, each may be devastating. Despite the fact that many talents are shared by all three, they each have their own distinct skill trees. The main points of each Demon class in Evil Dead: The Game are listed below. 

Class Warlord

You may summon Deadites and Elite Deadites as a Warlord to attack players. The focus of this class is on doing maximum damage, boosting those troops, and strengthening the boss character, Henrietta. 

Henrietta is a tank who strengthens all the devils surrounding her. Her special ability, Bad Influence, creates an aura around the player that boosts the strength of the bad troops around.

Similar to the survivors, you progress toward unlocking more distinctive character powers by pouring points into a class’ ability tree. Bosses of demons also go under this. Henrietta experiences escalating amounts of Really Bad Influences at levels 15, 5, and 45, which strengthens her aura. 

Hemophobia and High Blood Pressure are two excellent Warlord tree early Skills to obtain. The first increases Survivors’ dread each time they are splattered with blood, while the second extends the area that may be sprayed. These two work really well together. It is also strongly advised to learn any talent that can improve Henrietta’s assaults. 

Animator Class


The Animator Class in Evil Dead is the most unique, as it is focused on possession and building up the Survivor’s fear meters to more easily possess them. Your summons won’t hit as hard as the other classes, but Deadite Berserkers will explode when players kill them. You can also create Demi-Eligos demons which have the ability to duplicate themselves if they aren’t quickly disposed of. 

The Eligos Demon is the boss character you’ll be in charge of. Units you control get stronger and have more health thanks to its special Puppet Master ability and its three upgrade levels. 

The best skills to invest in will help you be more efficient with the tools given to the Animator Class. Tier 2’s Berserker Blowout skill increases the radius of your Berserker’s self-destruct and tier 3’s Insane Clone Posse increases damage done by clones.

The fourth tier includes a class requirement skill. Easy Access is a no-brainer for a class that emphasizes ownership since it will lower the amount of energy required to possess any of your units.

Class of Necromancer


The Class of Necromancer will be the go-to for Army of Darkness fans. You summon skeletons to overrun the survivors, and the boss character you can control is Evil Ash, who runs around with a sword causing death.

Ash poses a serious danger to players on the other squad since he can evade and is impervious to knockback. Additionally, the Necromancer has four (well, more like three) distinct character talents, as opposed to the Warlord and Puppeteer. The Necromancers are all focused on enhancing certain units.

Necromancer special skills

  • Flute to Kill: Increase the flautist’s protection and additional damage against adjacent evil troops.
  • Skelephobia (Lvl 15): When approaching skeletons, Survivors become more fearful.
  • Motivational Music (Lvl 25): Increases the flautist’s defense and damage output.
  • Skeletal Injury (Lvl 25): Skeletons cause adjacent Survivors to take more damage.

The talents that increase your skellies are the greatest ones to learn as a necromancer. You should concentrate on Bone Rage, which causes your skeletons to attack more often, on level three of the tree early on. Skeletal Reinforcements, which boost the quantity of Skeletons you create as Evil Ash, are found on the fifth tier.

Check out our top Demon character guide for additional details on the demon boss characters. Visit our other Evil Dead guides if you need any further information about Evil Dead: The Game.

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