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Evil Dead: The Game Previews Gameplay, Hosted by Bruce Campbell

Bruce Campbell is back in the director’s chair for a new Evil Dead video game. In this preview, you’ll get to see gameplay and hear from Bruce himself.

The “evil dead: the game platforms” is a preview of the upcoming horror-survival game. The game will be released on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.



Evil Dead: The Game is almost out, and Saber Interactive has just published a 10-minute gameplay trailer starring Bruce Campbell, the King himself. Andy Campbell as the Kandarian Demon is faced by a group of four content producers. Along the way, Bruce provides lots of spot-on color commentary. 

The gameplay sample includes character choices and character abilities, executions, multiple Deadite adversaries, traps, jump scares, and possession for fans of the forthcoming asymmetrical horror game. There are also enough of buckets of gore to go around (after all, it wouldn’t be an Evil Dead game without them). 

Henry the Red, Amanda Fisher, Cheryl Williams, and Ash Williams are the four player characters in this session (Evil Dead 2).

Henry, of course, is the group’s tank, able to protect both his health and shield from harm. Amanda has the ability to fire weapons without having to use ammo. Cheryl has the ability to heal her comrades. And Ash has the power to expel demons from those who are possessed. 

Fear is a huge part of any asymmetrical horror game, and Evil Dead: The Game is no exception. The trailer shows how character fear meters increase as a result of jump scares and traps, as well as how players may lessen dread by using campfires, for example. When you have too much fear, you become prone to possession and other unpleasant consequences.

On the game’s YouTube page, there are a number of additional videos showcasing gameplay from Evil Dead: The Game. On May 13, Evil Dead: The Game will be released on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Series X|S, and Switch. 

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