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God of War Chaos Flame Locations: How to Upgrade Blades of Chaos

Blades of Chaos are the first weapons that Kratos can equip. Upgrading them allows you to unlock powerful abilities and consume more magic. This guide will walk through a method for upgrading Blades of Chaos, as well as what other methods there may be for you to upgrade your blades at different levels and in different games

The “god of war chaos flame glitch” is a trick that allows players to upgrade their blades of chaos in God of War. It’s done by collecting the Chaos Flame and then using it on the Blades of Chaos.

God of War Chaos Flames are some of the most important items in Midgard. Finding and using these is the only way to upgrade the Blades of Chaos, which you’ll need if you want to tackle God of War’s more difficult challenges. But if you’re here, you’re wondering how to get your hands on them.

We’ll explain just that in this God of War guide. Finding Chaos Flames is mostly a matter of defeating certain bosses, though the last Flame takes a bit more work to obtain. Here’s what you need to know about their locations. Note, there are story spoilers below, so tread carefully!

Locations of the God of War Chaos Flames


God of War has four Chaos Flames, which upgrade your Blades of Chaos to the maximum level of five. You won’t be able to reach level five until you finish the main campaign, though, thanks to a quirk in how you obtain the final one.

Aside from the last one, you’ll obtain Chaos Flames as part of the main story by defeating bosses, so there’s little chance of accidentally overlooking one. Here’s when you’ll get each of them.

  • Chaos Flame 1: Defeat the Bridgekeeper in Helheim
  • Chaos Flame 2: Defeat Grendel of the Frost and Grendel of the Ash in Tyr’s Temple
  • Chaos Flame 3: Defeat the Traveler on your second trip to Helheim

Chaos Flame 4, sometimes called the fifth CF because it enhances the Blades of Chaos to level five, is a bit different. You’ll need to take on an optional challenge for this and defeat Valkyrie Gondul in Muspelheim. You get the Raging Fire of Muspelheim for doing so, and once you finish the main campaign, you can give that to Brok in exchange for the last one.

In God of War, how do you improve your Chaos Blades?

Speak to Brok or Sindri after you obtain a Chaos Flame, and you’ll have the option to enhance the Blades. Doing so also unlocks new combat skills to buy and sees Kratos gain a level. 

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The “when do i get the blades of chaos god of war 4” is a question that many people have asked. The answer to the question is that you can upgrade your Blades of Chaos in God of War: Chains of Olympus. You will need to find all three pieces and put them together to create a new one.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I upgrade my Blades of Chaos?

A: Alternatively, you can buy a new pair of blades in the market.

How do you upgrade to level 6 in Blades of Chaos?

A: There is no way to upgrade your level in Blades of Chaos, the game does not allow you to.

How do you get the 5th chaos flame?

A: There isnt a 5th chaos flame.

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