In this guide, I will be explaining the basics of the game and what each elemental combination does. However, you don’t need to read all of it if you want a quick answer about which combinations are strong or weak against others. Instead, read on for advice as well as “cheat sheet” that summarizes all Elemental Combination Champions in one page!.

The “Gunfire Reborn: Elemental Combos and Fusions Guide” is a guide that gives players an overview of the best elemental combos, as well as how to fuse two elements.

Gunfire Reborn: Elemental Combos and Fusions Guide



Burning, decay, and shock are the three major elemental effects in Gunfire Reborn. During gunfights, each element has its own function and use, but these elements may also be fused together to create new elemental combinations that will help you spread your control over the adversaries.

Our tutorial will walk you through all of Gunfire Reborn’s elemental combinations and fusions, as well as how to trigger them. Some of these fusions won’t work on bosses, but they’ll have a hard time surviving their effects on other opponents.

In Gunfire Reborn, all Elemental Combos and Fusions are available.

How to Make Elemental Fusions Work

When the second element is activated while the current element is active, the effects of the two elements might be merged.

For example, if you were previously utilizing a Burning element on an adversary and then switch to Decay, the Burning/Decay fusion combination will be triggered.

If an adversary has previously been affected by an elemental combination and you inflict it again, the elemental fusion’s strength will be doubled.

Fusion of Burning and Decay

These two elemental effects may be combined to create a new Combustion effect, which not only stuns all opponents in the area, but also boosts any hit by 200 percent.

This implies that each subsequent shot fired while using the Combustion combination will deliver three times the normal damage.

Shock Fusion and Burning

These two effects combine to form a Manipulation combination that allows you to control an adversary. They begin shooting their own kind, and if there are no foes around, they simply cease to exist, allowing you to effortlessly dispatch them.

Unfortunately, this combination only works on regular adversaries; attempting to use it against an Elite adversary or a boss would result in failure.

Fusion of Shock and Decay

The third combination is the most lethal. Miasma is created, which deals 12% of the enemy’s total HP in damage per second. This effect lasts five seconds and does 60 percent damage to regular foes, but Elite adversaries and bosses only receive 1% and 0.5 percent damage, respectively.

The finest aspect about this combination is that it damages both armor and shields, as well as any nearby adversaries. It’s also a stacking effect that may be used nine times consecutively.

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In Gunfire Reborn, there are elemental fusions and combinations. Also, make sure to check out our dedicated hub page for more Gunfire Reborn tips & techniques.

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The “Gunfire Reborn: Elemental Combos and Fusions Guide” is a guide that will help players understand the game better. The guide includes information about elemental combos, how to fuse elements together, and more. Reference: gunfire reborn guide 2021.

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