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‘Have You Ever Seen Phil Look So Stupid in His Life?’

Football teams never want to see Phil look so stupid in his life. The Cincinnati Bengals were embarrassed on the field by the Kansas City Chiefs, crashing and burning at a position where they have historically excelled for decades.

Fred Couples, undoubtedly one of the most adored golfers of his time, has always come off as a laid-back man, am I right? He moves with a seemingly effortless gliding motion and a peaceful temperament. I mean, the man resembles a boat shoe wearer on a golf course. How much more at ease can one become?

When criticizing Phil Mickelson’s recent switch to LIV Golf, a move that Couples claims destroys their lengthy relationship, “Boom Boom” recently got a bit heated.

Phil Mickelson received criticism from Fred Couples for joining LIV Golf.

On October 7, 2009, at Harding Park Golf Course, USA Team Captain Fred Couples, (R), walks beside Phil Mickelson during a practice session before to the start of The Presidents Cup. Getty Images/Scott Halleran

Couples has never hidden the fact that he dislikes LIV Golf. The 1992 Masters champion is unable to support a golf tournament sponsored by the Saudi Arabian government because of its lengthy history of human rights abuses, as is the case with a great number of other people. 

Similar to Couples, Mickelson was a PGA Tour fan favorite for a very long time. And although the U.S. Open crowd at The Country Club in Brookline reacted mostly favorably to the six-time major winner a few weeks ago, he has lost the backing and respect of many of his fellow players. Couples lately said that he belongs to the group. 

Couples discussed numerous LIV Golf-related subjects in an interview with Golf.com this week, including the press conferences where every player – maybe with the exception of Pat Perez – generally refuses to genuinely open up. And Freddie didn’t hold back when he particularly called Lefty out. 

You’ve seen their interviews, right? These men. Ever seen Phil look that foolish in his life, do you think? They are aware of the humor.

Regarding Phil Mickelson, Fred Couples

Couples didn’t give up on Phil however. 

“I doubt I’ll speak with him again. Who knows? He and I are no longer in the same situation, and we most likely won’t ever play golf together again. Not intentionally, however. Just different orbits, that’s all.

Regarding Phil Mickelson, Fred Couples

Couples may be 62 years old today, but he still hits bombs.

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After winning the 1992 Masters, Fred Couples corrected a mistake he made at Augusta National that he had “no clue” about.

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