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‘He’s Being Thrown to the Wolves’

In a shocking move, the Miami Marlins released pitcher Jose Fernandez from their contract to deal with…

The “thrown to the wolves synonym” is a phrase that describes how someone is being abandoned or left with no options. The phrase can be used in many contexts, but it’s most often used in sports.

Scottie Pippen’s golden years with the Chicago Bulls came to an end just as Grant Hill was establishing himself as the NBA’s next great point forward. Pippen saw a lot of himself in G-Hill, but he also highlighted why Hill isn’t getting the recognition he so well deserves in the annals of NBA history.

In 1996, Pippen discussed Hill’s skill, emphasizing the major distinction between the two players in terms of historical province and respect.

Scottie Pippen was a superb point guard, and Grant Hill pushed it to the next level.

Scottie Pippen’s defensive prowess is well-known in the NBA, but his ability to coordinate the Chicago Bulls attack was just as important to the team’s dynasty.

During the 1990s, Pippen became the driving force behind Chicago’s offensive strategy. In 12 seasons with the Bulls, he averaged 5.3 assists per game, including 6.5 assists per game during the team’s first three-peat from 1991 to 1993.

On defense, the seven-time All-Star can grab rebounds and create plays in transition. Coming off screens, he found shooters after sucking the defenders in or found cutters or bigs near the hoop when big players stepped up.

Grant Hill built on Pippen’s base and elevated it to new heights. Hill’s excellent ball-handling skills made it simpler for him to create off the dribble, forcing opponents to commit on drives while also assisting Hill in setting up his teammates.

In six seasons with the Detroit Pistons, the 1994-95 Rookie of the Year averaged 6.3 assists, 21.6 points, and 7.9 rebounds. He quickly established himself as one of the NBA’s next great talents.

But there was one significant difference between Pippen and Hill: Scottie’s national prominence was boosted by his time with Michael Jordan on a great Bulls team, while Hill’s finest years were spent with a struggling Pistons squad.

Pippen was a key member of a dynastic Bulls club, but Hill was a strong performer in the Motor City.

From the start, Scottie Pippen could see the parallels between him and Hill.

After the Bulls’ Christmas Day 1996 game against the Pistons, Pippen praised Hill’s ability. He spoke about Hill’s overall abilities (through the Baltimore Sun) and how similar the two forwards were.

“I see a lot of myself in [Hill] when I look at him.” He’s a gifted player with a similar all-around game to mine. He locates the available shooters. In transition, he brings the ball up and makes easy buckets. Yes, we have a lot in common.”

What Pippen stated next, on the other hand, illustrates why he is such a revered character in NBA history, while Hill’s prominence is nearly a relic.

“He’s got a lot more opportunities to start his career than I did.” When I first arrived, I had a fantastic superstar on my squad. While he’s being thrown to the wolves, I was sort of eased into the picture. “Here, carry us, and we’ll create a squad around you,” the Pistons are saying.

–Scottie Pippen, through the Baltimore Sun, 1996.

With the Bulls, Pippen found himself in a good scenario. His meteoric rise made Chicago an unstoppable force in the NBA, although having Michael Jordan on the roster undoubtedly helped.

That was never an option for Hill. Following Isiah Thomas’ last season in the NBA, the Pistons selected the former Duke great. Joe Dumars stayed on the roster, albeit his performance and health continued to deteriorate as he grew older.

Hill never advanced beyond the first round of the playoffs in his career. Injuries cut short his heyday when he joined with the Orlando Magic in the summer of 2000. In a stay with the Phoenix Suns, the experienced swingman bounced back, but he was a different player at that point in his career. Hill mostly vanished into obscurity until his retirement in 2013.

Hill isn’t given the same credit as Pip.

Former Bulls forward Scottie Pippen jokes with then-Pistons star Grant Hill during Team USA camp in 1996 During a United States Olympic Basketball practice in 1996, Scottie Pippen and Grant Hill crack a joke | Jonathan Daniel/Allsport

Scottie Pippen was a significant player in NBA history thanks to his good fortune in being picked by the Bulls and his development as an all-around standout. Hill, although being far more powerful in his peak, does not command the same degree of respect.

Let’s provide some additional perspective to how important winning is to journalists when making arbitrary decisions like the NBA 75 list. Bill Walton is a lot like Hill. Walton’s career was cut short due to injuries. He did, however, play an important part on two championship teams. The NBA 75 squad included the Red Baron. Hill, however, did not.

Hill’s absence from the team is likely due to his time with the Pistons in the late 1990s and Detroit’s lack of success during that time period. Pippen effectively predicted Hill’s success in 1996, even if he didn’t realize it at the time.

Basketball Reference provided the statistics.

Isiah Thomas Said Grant Hill Was Supposed to Take Michael Jordan’s Place as the NBA’s Face After 1998: ‘We were discussing passing the torch to you.’

“Thrown to the Wolves” is a song by American rock band Thirty Seconds to Mars. The lyrics are about being abandoned, betrayed, and left for dead. Reference: thrown to the wolves lyrics.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does being thrown to the wolves mean?

A: Being thrown to the wolves means that you are deliberately exposed to a dangerous situation where it is impossible for you to escape or protect yourself.

Where does the expression throw to the wolves come from?

A: The expression throw to the wolves comes from a phrase that means to entrust ones fate with those who may not be reliable. It is typically used as an analogy for people who do something risky, such as giving up on life and ending it all.

What does thrown to the dogs mean?

A: Thrown to the dogs is a phrase that means thoroughly beaten by a crowd.

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