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It’s Samhain, which many occultists and occult-adjacent folks call the “Halloween” of the occult. Many of us celebrate this holiday on October 31st, but it’s actually earlier this year on the Gregorian calendar. Halloween is the time to celebrate the element of earth, and Samhain is the perfect time to celebrate it. Why? Well, the main reason is that the fall equinox occurs on September 22nd this year, which is the same day that the moon reaches its most northern declination. So, on Halloween it will be almost, but not quite, midnight.

There’s more to Samhain than Halloween. A time of the year when the veil between worlds is thinnest and the dead and living converge, and the new year begins. A time when the new capricorn moon, and its new phase, is rising, and the new moon is on the horizon. A time to mark the turning of the seasons and the beginning of a new year.



The first season of Hood: Outlaws & Legends has arrived and brings with it a new character and three new co-op maps. It also makes adjustments to the game’s winch system and marks the release of the game’s battle pass, developer Sumo Digital has revealed. 

Season 1 is out now on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S, and it’s called Samhain, but it’s unclear how it relates to the Gaelic holiday. 

Regardless, Eidaa, The Sellsword, is the new character. She’s quick and aggressive, but she’s also extremely vulnerable to harm. Eidaa is a hybrid outlaw who can “dodge and parry,” and her tar bomb slows opponents while inflicting DPS in a wide area. Her trait restocks gears, and her ult is a magical shield, thus she may also serve as a support character. 

“Now your team’s progress will be displayed alongside that of the opposing team…” says the winch system, which “records the progress of both criminal squads independently…”

The co-op maps are for State Heist, Hood’s PvE mode. Mountain, Coastal, and Marshland are three of the new locations. Mountain has a cloudy, gloomy appearance, while Coastal has a wet, dark appearance. The marshland is sufficiently muddy. 

All players may get the new character, maps, and winch upgrade for free. 

The battle pass, of course, comes with a cavalcade of cosmetics. Those who one the Year One Edition of Hood: Outlaws & Legends will get immediate access to the battle pass, and those who wish to purchase it separately have two options.

The Year One Battle Pass Pack costs $24.99, but it’s now on sale for $19.99. It contains passes for Seasons 1-3. They may also buy the Season 1 Battle Pass separately for $9.99. 

Catching up with the Samhain Celebration of the Celtic New Year? The show will be available on the iTunes store soon, and we want to remind you that we will be back next year on November 1st!. Read more about hood outlaws and legends reddit and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hood outlaws and legends down?

Yes, the game is currently down.

Will Hood outlaws and legends be on PC?

Yes, they will be on PC.

Does Hood outlaws and legends have single-player?

Yes, they have single-player.

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