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How Many Eastern Conference Finals Appearances Does the Iconic Franchise Have?

With three NBA Finals and nine Eastern Conference Semifinals, the Boston Celtics have participated in 12 of 15 years since 2008. The franchise has an unmatched edge when it comes to early-round success.

The “eastern conference finals history” is a question that has been asked before. The Eastern Conference Finals Appearances for the Iconic Franchise is 9.

The Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Lakers are the first two teams that spring to mind when you think about sustained success in NBA history. With 17 titles each, they are tied for the most in NBA history, with no other team having won more than six.

Over the previous 50 years, no club in the Eastern Conference has been more consistent than the Celtics. Since the 1970 merger, they’ve won a conference-best six championships, and they’ve now qualified for their fourth Eastern Conference Finals in the previous six years.

So, how many times have the Celtics made it to the Eastern Conference Finals, and what has been their record in those series?

The Celtics have made how many appearances in the Eastern Conference Finals?

The Boston Celtics’ Marcus Smart and Jayson Tatum exchange a high five during Game 7 of the Eastern Conference playoffs against the Bucks of Milwaukee | Jim Davis/Getty Images

If this sounds familiar, it’s because the Boston Celtics are returning to the Eastern Conference Finals.

It no longer comes as a shock when it occurs. The Celtics have advanced to the Eastern Conference Finals four times in the previous six years and 21 times since the 1970 merger. Over that time, Boston has appeared in 39.6 percent of the ECF series.

The Celtics have reached the NBA Finals nine times since 1970, winning six times. However, Boston is on its worst losing skid in ECF history, having failed to reach the NBA Finals in each of their past four attempts.

Since the 1970 merger, the franchise has made the following ECF appearances:

Year Opponent Result
2022 Heat of Miami TBD
2020 Heat of Miami Lost
2018 Cavaliers of Cleveland Lost
2017 Cavaliers of Cleveland Lost
2012 Heat of Miami Lost
2010 Magic of Orlando Won (Lost Finals)
2008 Pistons of Detroit Won (Won Finals)
2002 Nets of New Jersey Lost
1988 Pistons of Detroit Lost
1987 Pistons of Detroit Won (Lost Finals)
1986 Bucks of Milwaukee Won (Won Finals)
1985 76ers of Philadelphia Won (Lost Finals)
1984 Bucks of Milwaukee Won (Won Finals)
1982 76ers of Philadelphia Lost
1981 76ers of Philadelphia Won (Won Finals)
1980 76ers of Philadelphia Lost
1976 Cavaliers of Cleveland Won (Won Finals)
1975 Bullets of Washington Lost
1974 Knicks of New York Won (Won Finals)
1973 Knicks of New York Lost
1972 Knicks of New York Lost

The Celtics had reached 16 Eastern Division Finals and won 11 titles before to 1970, including nine in a row from 1959 to 1966. This season’s NBA championship would be their first since 2008.

Can the Celtics win their 18th title this season?

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After knocking off the Brooklyn Nets and the reigning champion Bucks of Milwaukee in the first two rounds of the playoffs, the Celtics have to be considered the favorites to win the title in 2022. The Las Vegas odds don’t agree with me (Warriors +130, Celtics +200), but Boston is the most complete team remaining in these playoffs. If they finish the job, they’ll officially pass the Lakers as the kings of the NBA with 18 championships.

The Celtics are -175 favorites to win the Eastern Conference Finals against the Heat, and I’d be astonished if they don’t.

Basketball Reference provided all stats.

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Luka Doncic, Stephen Curry, and Jayson Tatum are among the 25 hottest players heading into the NBA Conference Finals.

The “are the celtics in the playoffs 2022” is a question that has been asked by many. The Boston Celtics have made it to the Eastern Conference Finals 7 times, and they are currently in their 17th season of play.

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