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How to Catch Sandfish in My Time at Sandrock

The sandfish is a really cool, but annoying fish that can be found in the ocean. The only way to catch them is by using bait or something else as a lure and then waiting for them to bite on it before you grab your fishing rod. However, many people have had their lines eaten up by these little buggers so they are not very common where I am from! It was pretty hard finding information about how to actually find the creatures because there’s just no decent pictures of them anywhere.

The “my time at sandrock walkthrough” is a game that was released for the Nintendo Switch. It takes place in a world where sandfish have taken over everything. The player must use their ingenuity to figure out how to get rid of them and save the world.

Catching sandfish is required for a few quests and commissions in My Time at Sandrock, and it’s also a good way to supplement your income. The actual fishing technique, on the other hand, is a little tricky to get accustomed to, due to some ambiguous in-game instructions. You’ll be hauling in more than you can toss a worm at once you’ve gotten the hang of it and with a little luck.

During my time at Sandrock, I learned how to catch sandfish.

The first item you’ll need is a Sandfish Trap, which you may create after completing Owen’s side mission World of Sandfishing at the Blue Moon. This mission opened for me after meeting Owen and having a lunch with him, the meal being a separate side quest marked with a blue exclamation point, and it opened during the quest to construct a lift.

Owen shows you how to make a simple sandfish trap, which needs the following materials:

  • 2 bars of copper
  • 2 sticks of wood
  • 1 hefty rope

Copper bars may be obtained by smelting copper ore in the Furnace, presuming you’ve constructed one. Because the Recycler has a high probability of not providing you what you want, the quickest method to obtain Wooden Sticks is to make them using wood at the Workbench.

The Workbench also has thick rope, which takes four plant fibers. Simply engaging with the sandgrass outside your home and on your route to Eufaula Salvage will provide you with many of them.

Follow the quest marker to your first fishing area, a sandy pool surrounded by rocks, with Trap in hand.

The Sandfish Trap: How to Use It


While the Sandfish Trap may be used without bait, the odds of actually capturing anything are very limited. Instead, go to the ranch store and get some worms to toss in the sand pool. Because bait sinks to the bottom of the sand, you may have to go through a few worms before receiving a bite.

Obviously, the greatest area to cast your bait is where you observe sandfish swimming about. Cast the trap out after you see one come up to the bait and halt. The odds of capturing anything seem to be rather slim, but if you’re successful, a message appears informing you that you’ve caught a fish. You can find out what sort it was by using the “F” key.

Catch three to complete the objective, and for the time being, you may catch more and sell them for additional cash, however nothing tops the money obtained via commissions.

That’s all there is to know about catching sandfish in My Time at Sandrock; for more information, check out our other My Time at Sandrock tutorials.

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