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How to Farm Medals in NieR Reincarnation

I’ve been playing NieR: Automata for a couple of weeks now, and at this point I feel like I’m ready to give my thoughts on the game.

NieR:Automata is an upcoming action RPG from Square Enix. It follows the story of a black and white android duo named 2B and 9S as they fight the alien invaders known as the YoRHa. The game’s story-driven gameplay has you fast-traveling throughout the world, exploring environments, and taking on enemies while using a combination of melee combat and ranged weapons. As you complete quests, you’ll be able to farm Medals which you can use to purchase items such as weapons, armor, and accessories for your character.

NieR: Autobiographical Memory has been a huge success since its release in 2016. Not only did the game sell a million copies, it also became the fastest selling Japanese game of all time. Despite its popularity, the game’s trophy list is not very well known, and in this article I will be introducing the trophies that are available in the game as well as how to farm them.


Players may win different medals in NieR Reincarnation in a variety of ways. These medals may be exchanged for special improvements, summoning tickets, and golden money at the Exchange store. This article will teach you how to farm medals in NieR: Reincarnation.

Below you’ll find information on how to farm each kind of medal, as well as information on what things to buy at the Exchange store using these medals.

In NieR Reincarnation, how do you farm medals?

In NieR Reincarnation, there are four different kinds of medals that may be exchanged at the shop:

  • Medals awarded on a regular basis
  • Medals of Merit
  • Medals for the event
  • Medals for Mama

Regular Medal Farm: Nier Reincarnation

Selling 2-star and 3-star weapons may be used to harvest regular medals. You will get a set number of normal medals for each weapon sold:

  • 50 medals per 2-star weapon
  • 100 medals per 3-star weapon
  • 5 medals = 1x 2-star distribution weapon
  • 10 medals = 1x 3-star distribution weapon

It’s also feasible to level up your 3-star weapons so that they drop more medals than normal. Ascending 2-star weapons is not advised since it will not improve the rate of medal drops; instead, sell all of your 2-star weapons.

If you want to level up your 3-star weapons, apply the following formula:

  1. To get the Emil Heads daily weaponry, go to the Emil Heads page.
  2. Ascend them to the top of the store.
  3. Put those weapons in your primary and secondary weapon slots.

You’ll find that after using these weapons to complete each level, your medal drop rate increases by 20-30%, resulting in approximately 30-40 extra medals each stage.

To buy stamina recovery goods, it’s best to utilize normal medals from the Exchange store.

Rare Medal Farm: Nier Reincarnation

Rare medals may be farmed in the same manner as normal medals can, however 4-star weaponry must be sold instead. One of these weapons will reward you with 50x rare medals.

In order to sustain a continuous flow of rare medals, you may also climb 4-star weapons and break past their limitations.

Finally, unique medals may be acquired through a 4-star character’s gacha conversion.

Rare medals should be used to purchase big stamina recovery goods at the Exchange store.

Event Medal Farm: Nier Reincarnation

Players should make every effort to get event medals.

Players must spend their normal and unusual medals in stamina recovery in order to get the most out of event medals. You’ll be able to harvest more event medals if you have greater stamina.

Reddit user x2madda has calculated the probabilities of event medal drops per stamina ratios during various stages of an event that have the highest event medals drop rates. Here they are:

Difficulty & Stage Stamina Medals for the event Ratio
Normal 1 5 6 1.2
Normal 9 7 9 1.28
Normal 10 8 11 1.37
Hard 1 7 10 1.4
Hard 9 9 15 1.66
Hard 10 10 16 1.6
1 Very Difficult 8 17 2.12
Extremely Difficult 9 10 24 2.4
Very Difficult ten 11 28 2.5


This implies that in order to obtain the greatest farming rate of event medals, you must concentrate on the toughest potential level of the final stage.

You may also use ascending event weapons to boost these numbers even further. Here’s how many extra event medals you’ll earn at each of the three 3-star event weapons ascension levels:

  • +3 event medals at Level 1
  • +5 event medals at level 2
  • +7 event medals at level 3
  • +10 event medals at level 4

And here’s how 4-star event weapons are broken down:

  • +5 event medals at Level 1
  • +8 event medals at level 2
  • +11 event medals at level 3
  • +15 event medals at level 4

So, in order to get the most event medals each stage, boost your stamina and weapon levels as much as possible.

Mama Medal Farm: Nier Reincarnation

Mama medals are very uncommon since they are mostly utilized for summoning tickets for 4-star characters. These medals are currently only available via participation in events and as a bonus prize for logging in.

Because these medals aren’t intended to be farmed, don’t expect to get more than 1,000 each month. Here’s what you can get in exchange:

  • +60 stamina, 1x 4-star summoning ticket, 13x regular summoning ticket
  • +1000 stamina, 1x 4-star summoning ticket, 3x regular summoning ticket
  • +1000 stamina, 20x usual summoning ticket

Depending on your requirements, you may choose one of these three alternatives.

That’s all there is to know about farming medals in NieR Reincarnation. Other Nier Reincarnation tips and techniques may be found on our dedicated hub page.

In NieR:Re;Birth, players can earn medals for performing a range of actions, including killing enemies, hacking security systems, or exploring areas. As you play, you’ll level up, and eventually earn the ability to spend attribute points on character traits such as physical strength, accuracy, and vitality. There are also medals to be won for completing side quests, and completing certain feats in the main game. The medals are a great way to boost your character’s attributes, and can make a big difference to your performance in the game.. Read more about nier reincarnation automata event guide and let us know what you think.

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