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How to Get Holowear Tickets in Pokemon Unite

If you want to get tickets to participate in Pokemon Unite, and you don’t have enough Poke-coins to buy them yet, or if your account was banned for cheating, there is a way to get them for free.

A few weeks ago, Nintendo blew up the internet with the new Pokemon Unite game. Many fans were excited at the prospect of trading and battling their favorite Pokemon, but with a huge day-one patch that included the ability to get Holowear, things were a bit iffy. Thankfully, the team at Flipsidesports has come to the rescue, and has released a video that will help you get your hands on those coveted Holowear tickets!

Pokemon Unite is the massively popular mobile game that is a spin-off of Pokemon Go. Holowear is the latest clothing line that allows you to transform into your favorite Pokemon on the fly. Holowear is now available at the Pokemon Center in Gamestop and other stores, and you can purchase Holowear straight from the Pokemon Unite website.

Let’s face it. As entertaining as it is to play Pokemon Unite play with and against friends, the one thing we’re all hyped about is… seeing Snorlax sporting summer wear. Seriously, who doesn’t want to see Garchomp rocking a snorkel or Machamp in some dope shorts?

Pokemon Unite, like other MOBAs, offers a selection of skins that players can purchase or earn. It’s easy enough to buy them with actual money. Using the various in-game currency may be a little perplexing. Especially when it comes to the Holowear Tickets in Pokemon Unite.

What are Holowear Tickets, and how do you get them?

Holowear Tickets are an in-game currency in Pokemon Unite that can be used to acquire Holowear Pokemon skins.

After you’ve obtained Holowear Tickets, visit the Zirco Trading store to purchase some of these goods. Of course, the finest of the best will need Aeos Gems (which must be bought with actual money). However, the current variety of Holowear Tickets that may be unlocked is excellent.

Where Can I Buy Holowear Tickets?

Exchanging energy rewards for holowear tickets in Pokemon Unite.

Tickets for Holowear are very uncommon.

There are no daily or otherwise challenges that will bring you any rewards. You can’t acquire them by improving your trainer’s level or winning matches. There are only two methods to acquire Holowear Tickets right now, and neither is great.

The Energy Rewards system is the greatest method to acquire Holowear Tickets. A machine for converting energy is located in a menu on the right side of the start screen. Right above the “search lobby” button, click the symbol.

You’ll be able to convert the energy you’ve earned (through playing matches) into random prizes once you’ve arrived. A bundle of Holowear Tickets is one of the prizes. Unfortunately, this method only allows you to obtain 10 tickets at a time.

The second method to earn Holowear Tickets is to buy the Battle Pass and finish it. Once you’ve used up all of your passes, you’ll get a reward package with tickets. Beyond that, every 130 points after your maximum level, you’ll get another Prize Box.

The holowear option tab for Machamp, showing the Beach Style skin.

Despite Nintendo’s desire for gamers to spend money on Pokemon skins, the method for obtaining Holowear Tickets is a bit inconvenient. Because the cheapest skin costs 18 tickets and is sadly not for Snorlax, it would be preferable if players received a few tickets here and there when they finished the Battle Pass or if the Energy system gave more tickets at a time.

There’s also the question of Pokemon ownership.

You can’t buy a cool skin for a Pokemon you don’t have right now. And, since the store changes what is and isn’t available, you may not be able to purchase the skin you desire even if you have all of the necessary tickets. There are, thankfully, alternative methods to get Holowear skins.  

Playing Pokemon Unite is still a lot of fun. Despite the perplexing in-game currency. Hopefully, now that you know how to get Holowear Tickets, you’ll be able to obtain the skins you want! Keep an eye out for future Pokemon Unite instructions on this page.

It’s been a few weeks since the launch of Pokemon GO, and many critics have been critical that the game lacks enough of features. This has led to many people clamoring for a “gotta catch them all” mode in the game. The Pokemon Company has announced “Pokemon Unite” on the website, and it looks like it will be the feature many of us are waiting for. The game will have a feature called “Holowear” which allows your Pokemon to enter the world of Pokemon, and you can have your Pokemon wear Holowear to help them get around. Holowear seems like it will be a fun feature in the game, but it will be interesting to see how it is used by other players.. Read more about pokemon unite energy rewards and let us know what you think.

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