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How to Raise Troop Morale in King’s Bounty 2

One of the most common complaints about the RPG genre is how dull and uninspiring so many of them can be. But if you’re a seasoned gamer and love the genre, you know that there is a lot of history behind the genre and that there are plenty of games that stood out from the crowd. King’s Bounty 2 is one such game.

Most video games have you on paper or pixels, which are no match for the green soldiers of the green army. But of course there are some amazing games out there that focus on the real people, the soldiers, who are leading these green armies to victory. One of those games is King’s Bounty 2. This game has you control the general of the green army, which you can do by using up to 11 different classes, each with their own set of skills, skills you can activate by using the special skills of your soldiers.

Many players feel like there is no way to get others into your game, but that is because they are not being social enough. The truth is that talking to people is the only way to get anyone to play your game, so what are you waiting for? Playing isn’t the only way to raise morale, so many players are busy creating YouTube videos, Twitch streams, podcasts, and forums. But all it takes is one person to show the light to the rest, so don’t give up.

The combat system in King’s Bounty 2 is very difficult, and you’ll need to properly manage troops and spells to win. Troops morale is one of the most crucial systems, but it is also one of the least understood. 

Forces with high morale have a better chance of getting an additional turn, whereas troops with low morale have a better chance of skipping their turn altogether. This may have a significant impact on the battle’s flow, so here’s all you need to know about troop morale. 

In King’s Bounty 2, each troop’s morale is shown by an emoji-type face next to its image.

  • It’s nice to have a green smile on your face since it means you’re in high spirits.
  • Morale is normal when a person’s face is grey.
  • A red-faced frown is a sign of low morale.

Having your whole army have the same unit type, as shown by the symbol at the bottom left of the picture, is the simplest method to guarantee high troop morale. The Talent tree divides units into four categories: Order, Anarchy, Finesse, and Power.

If you have a whole army of zombie troops that fall into the Anarchy category, for example, your entire army will have a high morale. 

In King’s Bounty 2, you must manage your troops.

Fortunately, there is a method to manage morale if you wish to mix and match troops. There are four distinct options in the Order portion of the Talent tree:

  1. Balance of Orders
  2. Balance of Anarchy
  3. Balance of finesse
  4. Balance of Power

The penalty for combining that particular kind with others decreases with each tier you buy for these Talents. So, if you desire an army of Order and Anarchy troops, you need put at least a handful of points into the appropriate Balance skills. 

Aside from that, there’s one other method to boost morale: casting the Resolve spell, which is only found on scrolls and can’t be taught. These scrolls may be discovered strewn around the open world or bought from magic merchants. They are, however, limited, so if you have a Resolve scroll, you should save it for a particularly difficult fight.

There are also certain things, such as the Medal you receive early on, that may give little morale boosts, such as +1 Power.

The morale boost from goods is minimal at best, thus properly managing your army is your best chance for keeping morale up in King’s Bounty 2. 

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