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How to Solve the Lexicon Puzzle

The lexicon puzzle, also known as the word salad or tongue twister is a type of crossword puzzle that requires guessing what words come next. The entry to each square includes one or more letters and their possible entries in order: A – B, C – D, E – F.

The “skyrim lexicon puzzle buttons” is a puzzle in the game Skyrim. The goal of the puzzle is to find all of the buttons that are hidden on the screen and press them at the same time.

Skyrim is a must-have Elder Scrolls game since it explains the story of the Elder Scrolls. Players must finish the Elder Knowledge main quest, which includes the Lexicon puzzle, to discover more about the series’ past.

The lengthy trek will lead you to a hidden place within the Tower of Mzark, an ancient Dwemer ruin, where you’ll find a dwarven contraption that will allow you to solve the Lexicon puzzle and expose the Elder Scroll.

The Lexicon Puzzle: How to Solve It

Travel to Mzark’s Tower.

The major quest for the Elder Knowledge, as well as your road to the Lexicon puzzle, starts in Whiterun’s Throat of the World, where you may talk with dragon Paarthurnax about the Elder Scroll. After that, you must talk with one of two further NPCs:

  • Whiterun’s Arngeir at High Hrothgar
  • The Reach’s Esbern at Sky Haven Temple

Speaking with either NPC will let you to continue the quest, since they will both take you to the Winterhold College. You must use one of your dragon yells to convince Faralda to allow you inside the institution.

Locate Urag gro-Shub, the Arcanaeum’s librarian, once inside the college. He’ll lead you to Septimus Signus’ Outpost in Winterhold, where you may talk to him about the Elder Scrolls.

Septimus will provide you with everything you need to reach the Tower of Mzark, which is situated south of Dawnstar, The Pale (see map above for the exact location).

Solution to the Lexicon Puzzle

To complete the Lexicon puzzle, go inside and follow these steps:

  1. Place the Lexicon Receptacle with the Blank Lexicon on it.
  2. Several times press the second receptacle button until the receptacle lights up.
  3. Press the fourth receptacle button until the optics above the dwarven machine align.
  4. Once, press the fifth receptacle button.

The Elder Scroll will be revealed as a result of this. Pick up an Elder Scroll, but remember to get the Blank Lexicon from the container as well. To complete the task, return to Septimus Signus.

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The “discerning the transmundane” is a puzzle that appears in the novel, The Lexicon of Love. In order to solve it, you must read carefully and think about each word as you go through it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you solve the lexicon puzzle in Skyrim?

A: You solve the puzzle by examining and searching for clues through your environment, such as books or papers. There is a specific location in Skyrim that you will need to find on your own; however, there are many puzzles throughout the game that can help lead you to this one.

How do you transcribe the lexicon puzzle?

A: You need to find a letter that is in the word, then you say I have A and put your hand on it.

What is the code for the Dragon Claw door in Skyrim?

A: The code for the Dragon Claw door is ME3.

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