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‘I Guess CP3 Meant to Get Himself That Bag’

The NBA is now in the midst of a generational change, with James Harden and Russell Westbrook leading the charge. However, there is one player who has been there since the beginning, and that’s Chris Paul. His impact on basketball cannot be understated, but his impact on life off the court is just as important.

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Chris Paul made a bold statement a little less than four months ago, after the Phoenix Suns defeated the Los Angeles Clippers at Staples Center to grab a 3–1 lead in the Western Conference Finals. Now that teammate Deandre Ayton is set to leave for restricted free agency next summer, ESPN analyst Kendrick Perkins made a point of saving the receipts.

Before the Oct. 18 deadline, Ayton was unable to reach an agreement on a maximum extension of his rookie contract. As a consequence, the No. 1 overall selection in 2018 will play out the last year of his initial deal for $12.6 million before (kind of) entering the open market on July 1. Perkins is curious about Paul’s whereabouts at this time.

Chris Paul’s pledge to the young center of the Phoenix Suns

After the Suns defeated the Clippers 84–80 in Game 4 of the Western Conference Finals, Chris Paul told ESPN’s Scott Van Pelt that Ayton’s future was bright.

“This summer, we’re going to buy him a bag,” Paul added. “We’re going to buy him a bag,” says the group.

However, Ayton’s lone bag this offseason might have come from Puma, with whom he has a shoe contract. Because the 6-foot-11 center from the Bahamas did not come with a big bag of cash at the conclusion of the talks. Even after averaging 15.8 points, 11.8 rebounds, and 1.1 blocks per game in the playoffs on 65.8% shooting.

Ayton requested a maximum extension, which was granted to three other 2018 first-round selections. The Atlanta Hawks’ Trae Young and the Dallas Mavericks’ Luka Doni were slam dunks for the entire five years and $207 million. The Denver Nuggets’ Michael Porter Jr., on the other hand, stunned many.

The Oklahoma City Thunder’s Shae Gilgeous-Alexander (five years, $172 million) and the Memphis Grizzlies’ stretch big Jaren Jackson Jr. (four years, $105 million) also received nine-figure contracts. Mikal Bridges, a Suns teammate and the 10th overall selection, received $90 million over four years.

If Ayton receives his huge salary, it will be as a restricted free agent next summer or, more likely, if he accepts Phoenix’s one-year qualifying offer, allowing him to reach the open market in 2023.

Chris Paul’s receipts were maintained by Perkins.

Perkins recently chastised Chris Paul for not following through on his commitment on ESPN’s NBA Today. Perkins believed Ayton should have received his compensation from the Phoenix Suns:

“The guy was well-deserving of his money.” You have to pay Deandre Ayton if you’re going to pay Bridges. When you’re trying to compete for a title, you need everyone in the locker room to be focused and have a clear mind. Then you have a young guy like Deandre Ayton, who outplayed (Nikola) Joki in the Western Conference (semifinals) last year to help the team reach the Finals, and then he sits back and watches everyone get paid.”

Other 2018 first-round selections received extensions from the Suns, but not Ayton. There was one additional contract that caught my attention. Later, Perkins slammed Paul for a million more reasons.

During the summer, Paul received his own luggage from the Phoenix Suns.

Chris Paul secured a $120 million contract last offseason but teammate Deandre Ayton did not get the bag that was promised Last summer, Chris Paul signed a $120 million deal, but teammate Deandre Ayton did not get the bag that was promised. Getty Images/Christian Petersen

Chris Paul’s four-year, $44.2 million contract came to an end when he opted out of the final year. Paul subsequently re-signed with the Phoenix Suns for a four-year, $120 million contract.

“I thought CP3 was going to bring Ayton his bag?” Perkins wondered. I believe CP3 intended to grab the bag for himself.”

According to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN, the Ayton talks collapsed on Oct. 18 without a contract, and the talented center is furious.

Many NBA officials anticipated Ayton to receive the maximum contract he requested. Bridges was given an extension by the Suns. Landry Shamet, another 2018 first-round selection, was also purchased for $43 million over four years by Phoenix.  

According to Wojnarowski, Ayton’s predicament may have an impact on how clubs evaluate their salary-cap scenario next summer. Some teams may take a chance on Ayton with a large offer sheet. The expectation is that the Phoenix ownership, which has a reputation for being frugal, would follow suit. Alternatively, the Suns may match and deal with the cap implications appropriately.

Chris Paul’s goal, in the end, isn’t to get Ayton — or any other player, for that matter — their money. However, it’s clear that the veteran’s clout may have smoothed the way for a payout for his big man.

Basketball Reference provided the statistics. Spotrac provided contract details.

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