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‘I’m Definitely Going to Find Out How Many Beers Fit in This Thing’

Most athletes don’t drink during the season, but this is a different story. Beer consumption among NBA players skyrocketed after legalization in 2017, so Twitter user @AndrewRothstein saw an opportunity to have some fun with numbers and data. Rothstein decided he would count how many beers fit in his car’s cupholder-the conclusion? It depends on the size of your cup!

At the 2022 Open Championship, Cameron Smith started the final round four strokes off the lead and in need of a historic Sunday to win his first major championship. That’s precisely what he did, then.

The 28-year-old Australian tied the record for the lowest 72-hole score in major tournament history at St. Andrews with an 8-under 64, which was 20 under par. Smith had a memorable comment on the impending celebration as soon as he held the Claret Jug for the first time.

The memorable comment from Cameron Smith regarding his goals for the Claret Jug

After winning the 150th Open at St. Andrews Old Course, Cameron Smith celebrates with the Claret Jug. Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The Champion Golfer of the Year now sometimes indulges in a celebratory beverage directly from the Claret Jug. Over the years, beer, alcohol, soda, and even orange juice have been placed into the 150-year-old trophy.

When Phil Mickelson won the Open Championship in 2013, he made a name for himself by sipping wine from the Claret Jug that cost $40,000.

2014 quoted Mickelson as saying, “I’ve liked having the Jug with me over the past 12 months.” “Those who are familiar with and like the game enjoy it much. They fully understand the significance of possessing such a renowned prize. And swig from it. Of course, I only let them drink the best. Nothing in there has been of a poor quality. The greatest, however, was a bottle of Romanee Conti wine from 1990. I’m glad it wasn’t on my dime. The price is about $40,000.

However, there have been other activities included in the Claret Jug festivities as well. After winning The Open in 2015, Zach Johnson, a proud Iowan, ate some corn that was hanging out of the trophy. After his victory in 1995, John Daly took the sweet option and filled the jug with chocolate ice cream.

Smith, the new proprietor of the Claret Jug, though, intends to continue with beer. Many of it was based on this humorous comment.

In his post-round interview with NBC, Smith added with a smirk, “I’m absolutely going to find out how many beers fit in this thing.

Two beers should fit within Smith’s new piece of gear, he said in his post-event news conference. So, he told reporters, “I’ll probably have around 20 Claret Jugs.”

Quite the legend.

Cam, have fun tonight. Due to your merit.

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