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Joe Burrow’s Strong Message to Bengals Fans Can Also Serve as a Stern Warning for the Rest of the NFL

The Cincinnati Bengals have been one of the most surprising stories in football through their first five weeks. They are now 5-0, outscoring opponents by 81 points and coming off an impressive road win over the Buffalo Bills on Sunday Night Football. The team is dominating without star running back Joe Mixon for all but two games this season after his early-season suspension due to domestic violence allegations against him earlier this year.,

Joe Burrow is a quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals. He has been with the team since 2017, but in his first season he had an impressive stat line of 3-1 as a starter. Read more in detail here: joe burrow stats.

Cincinnati Bengals supporters were doing something similar to what they are doing today 31 years ago: celebrating a playoff victory. Despite the fact that the club has ended its postseason drought and is the first pro sports team to win a playoff game/series in the city since 1995, quarterback Joe Burrow hasn’t shown much enthusiasm in the past.

Burrow just handed Bengals supporters a powerful message about the franchise’s future, which other NFL clubs should take seriously.

The Bengals’ curse-breaking triumph was minimized by Joe Burrow.

Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow, who recently sent Cincy's fans a strong message.

Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow, who recently sent Cincy's fans a strong message. On Jan. 2, 2022, Joe Burrow of the Cincinnati Bengals plays against the Kansas City Chiefs. | Getty Images/Andy Lyons

In a playoff game during the 1990 season, the Bengals effectively terminated Bo Jackson’s career when a tackle dislocated his hip, and the great running back never played in the NFL again.

The Bengals’ defeat to Jackson’s Raiders that year began a three-decade streak of missing the playoffs or losing in the wild-card round. The “Bo Jackson Curse” was coined to describe the Bengals’ postseason struggles.

Curses are intended to be broken, much like records, and Joe Burrow’s team achieved exactly that on Saturday (against the Raiders, nonetheless). Burrow remained composed in the face of adversity and guided the Bengals to a 26-19 victory. For the first time since the 1990 season, they progressed to the AFC Divisional Round.

Burrow, on the other hand, was not very enthusiastic about breaking the spell.

He remarked after the game, “Yeah, it’s fantastic; it’s exciting for the city, for the state.” (H/T Bengals.com). “However, we’re not going to linger on it.” We’re making progress. We’re ready to go out and execute the game plan against whomever we have to play next.”

His response may have come out as disappointing, but he did so on purpose.

‘This is the norm,’ says Joe Burrow to Bengals supporters.

Joe Burrow with a message for Cincinnati after his first playoff win. “I tried to downplay it because this is how it’s going to be. It’s a great win for us but this is the standard and the bare minimum every year going forward.” @WLWT #Bengals pic.twitter.com/hLOgUJ7Gbm

— Brandon Saho (@BrandonSaho) January 18, 2022

Joe Burrow was asked by a reporter on Jan. 18 whether he noticed how enthusiastic supporters were for their first taste of postseason triumph in over 30 years as he and the Bengals prepare to face the Tennessee Titans in the divisional round.

He then explained why he has continued to minimize the accomplishment.

“Yeah, I think the fans were very excited, but I tried to downplay it and all that because this is how it’s gonna be from here on out,” he said, per WLWT’s Brandon Saho. “It was a great win for us, but this is the standard, the bare minimum, every year going forward.”

Bengals supporters, take a deep breath. It looks like Cincinnati’s years of greatness are finally coming to an end.

The rest of the NFL, though, should take note.

The Bengals have the potential to become a perennial force in the NFL.

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No one wants to overreact to a single playoff victory, but Joe Burrow’s confidence, along with the squad he’s surrounded by, might spell years of success.

Burrow, an LSU product, showed he was the real thing this season, throwing for over 4,600 yards and 34 touchdowns, but he also has a multitude of weapons surrounding him. Joe Mixon rushed for over 1,200 yards, while Ja’Marr Chase (who was feeling very good after the Raiders’ victory) and Tee Higgins both had over 1,000 yards receiving. The most terrifying aspect about those four is that they are all under the age of 26. The Bengals’ offense is not just talented, but also inexperienced.

The same can be said for the defense. Logan Wilson, who led the team with 100 tackles and four interceptions, is just 25, and Trey Hendrickson, who led the team with 14.0 sacks, is only 27.

So yes, Burrow’s remarks were aimed at Bengals supporters. The rest of the NFL, though, should pay attention to them as well. This Cincinnati club is young and skilled, and it has a good chance of long-term success.

Winning in the playoffs has been the norm for the team. And on its way to the top, it’ll demolish a lot of excellent teams.

Pro Football Reference provided the statistics.

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