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Jurassic World Evolution 2 Ensure the Allosaurus is Safely Enclosed Bug Fix

A bug fix for Jurassic World Evolution 2 has been released. This patch ensures that all the Allosaurus are safely enclosed in their paddocks, no matter what building is being built or which foundation they are on. The update also makes it so players cannot build over an enclosure with a gate open to prevent people from getting out of their enclosures during gameplay.

The “jurassic park evolution” is a game that was released on June 12, 2018. The game has been plagued with bugs since its release. One of these bugs is the “Allosaurus Safely Enclosed Bug Fix.”

The campaign’s second task brings you to Washington state to apprehend a renegade Allosaurus. The issue is that some players are unable to complete the objective and go through the remainder of the campaign due to a glitch. So, how do you keep the Allosaurus safe while still getting past the bug? 

Allosaurus in Jurassic World Evolution 2 has been fixed.

When the Allosaurus bug appears in the Washington state mission, it seems to be:

  • An more dinosaur enters the Allosaurus cage.
  • The fence has a hole in it.
    • The atmosphere is causing the fence to malfunction.

You’ll be entrusted with fixing the damaged fences to make enclosures for the Carnotauruses once you’ve created the Arrival point, Control Center, Backup Generator, and Response Facility.

You may utilize the Ranger Team to repair the enclosures, but make sure you don’t miss any. The aim will stay unfinished if there is a gap in the barrier. After a few attempts, it seems that a whole piece of fence must be removed in order for there to be an issue; a minor gap makes no difference.

The best course of action is to dismantle all of the fences and construct your own. It will have no effect on any of the goals. 

Surprisingly, following the Washington state task, I had a tree piercing through a fence portion in the scenario, which was glitching out a similar target for securely confining Carnotauruses. I pulled down a portion of the fence, used the environment editor to remove the trees, then rebuilt the area. 

If you’ve double-checked that your Allosaurus cage has no holes but you still can’t fulfill the goal, it’s possible that a Compsognathus is imprisoned inside with the Allosaurus. Because they’re the same tan color as some of the flora, these little animals may be difficult to see on the Washington map. 

They’re usually too swift to be trapped within a fence, and they’ll even glitch through it. However, if you’ve halted the game to build an enclosure, one may get stranded inside, triggering the issue. If that’s the case, just demolish a section of the fence to allow it to escape.

You may even construct a tiny cage around your Allosaurus till the Compy departs, then extend the pen once again. Alternatively, you may embrace chaos and let the Allosaurus go for a while. It is all up to you.

Though the glitch that prevents some players from securely enclosing the Allosaurus doesn’t seem to be gamebreaking, it’s still recommended saving before transporting the dinosaur inside its corral. The remainder of the story in Washington state is rather easy. You’ll go on to the next campaign area, Pennsylvania, after you’ve healed the Allosaurus at the Paleo Medical Facility. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I ensure the Allosaurus is safely enclosed?

A: The Allosaurus is safely contained within the cage. It must be removed by pressing the release button on top of its enclosure.

How do you increase security in Jurassic World evolution?

A: The best way to increase security in Jurassic World Evolution is by playing the game and completing quests. You will also be able to visit the Security tab on your player menu, as well as hiring employees that provide bonuses such as increased security or more cash received from jobs completed.

How do you stop the dinosaurs from escaping in Jurassic World evolution?

A: You would need to find the dinosaurs in your game and then select them, this will immediatley stop them from escaping.

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