The fallout from the Warriors’ blowup against the Clippers has become a topic of discussion around the sports world. While some people are shocked that Kerr and Myers would punish the entire team after just one player had committed an act of insubordination, others are just as surprised that the team would act so harshly—especially because the Warriors are all about team. The Warriors’ blowup against the Clippers was no anomaly, as they’ve had similar clashes on the court before, and had problems on the court after.

One of the most controversial moments in the history of the Golden State Warriors came during Game 3 of the Western Conference Finals on May 12, when the Clippers caught the Warriors in a vulnerable position, up by four with under five minutes to play in the game. Not only did the Warriors lose the game by 14, but the NBA fined them $25,000 for Thompson’s outburst.

The Warriors players who spoke out against coach Steve Kerr and general manager Bob Myers after the team lost to the Clippers on Tuesday night weren’t the only ones who took issue with the way that the team was handled in the aftermath.. Read more about kevin durant golden state and let us know what you think.

During their 1-on-1 interview on Draymond Green’s “Chips” program, Kevin Durant and Draymond Green lost no time in delivering the drama. They also criticized Golden State Warriors management, namely head coach Steve Kerr and general manager Bob Myers, for the team’s handling of Draymond and KD’s notorious blowout over the Los Angeles Clippers in November 2018.

In a game against the Clippers in 2018, Kevin Durant and Draymond Green went at it.

The altercation between Durant and Green during a Warriors-Clippers game on November 12, 2018 set the tone for a turbulent season and sparked questions about Durant’s future in Golden State.

When then-Clippers player Lou Williams hit a long jumper that clanged off the rim, the Warriors and Clippers were knotted at 106. Durant clapped at Green and demanded the ball fiercely. Green corralled the rebound. Green refused to listen to KD’s appeal for the ball, dribbling all the way down the court and lost the ball, forcing the game into overtime.

The result was a series of bizarre events. On the bench, Green and Durant yelled at each other. Green seemed to say something along the lines of “[Durant] is a b—-,” as DeMarcus Cousins had to drag Draymond away.

This was a watershed moment. Durant was surrounded by questions about his role in the Warriors locker room everywhere he went. Skepticism regarding his approaching free agency grew as well. Durant went weeks without speaking to the media.

Despite the early-season turmoil, the Warriors made it to the NBA Finals. However, when the Toronto Raptors beat the Warriors in six games, Durant’s Achilles injury loomed big.

Durant eventually signed with the Brooklyn Nets, prompting some to point to the Clippers’ notorious breakdown as proof that he was destined to depart the club.

Green and Durant, on the other hand, believe the issue might have been resolved if Kerr and Myers hadn’t made a few mistakes.

The two stars criticized Steve Kerr and Bob Myers for the situation’s mismanagement.

Green directly questioned Durant whether the Clippers incident was a major factor in his decision to depart the Warriors the following summer. The Nets star recognized the tense situation, but immediately transferred the responsibility to the Warriors’ leadership.

Durant said that head coach Steve Kerr attempted to “like it never happened,” and that general manager Bob Myers felt that just punishing Green was sufficient. He also referred to the Last Dance documentary, saying the Cavs needed to vent their concerns in the same way the Chicago Bulls did in 1994 when Scottie Pippen refused to play in the closing seconds of a playoff game.

Even more revealing is Green’s own story about the aftermath. Management sought an apology from the Warriors’ outspoken forward, according to him. Green retaliated by informing club officials that he would talk to Durant if he agreed to his conditions.

Before threatening him with a punishment, the Warriors wanted him to make a particular apology, according to Green. The previous Defensive Player of the Year flopped in front of the coaching staff.

They messed things up.

Interview with Draymond Green, “Chips”

Green’s statement is particularly significant since he is still a member of the Warriors. Even more intriguing, though maybe unsurprising, is that he freely confessed to laughing in Myers’ face.

Both celebrities are known for speaking openly and saying what’s on their minds. They are not afraid to ruffle feathers or even go at their other, as the Clippers incident demonstrated. As a result, basketball fans may be surprised to learn that they share basically the same opinion about the incident’s consequences.

The common perception of Green and Durant’s relationship is that there is some friction between them. However, as this interview and subsequent events have shown, nothing could be farther from the truth.

Green and Durant got along swimmingly.

Kevin Durant and Draymond Green celebrate Team USA's victory in the gold medal game

Kevin Durant and Draymond Green celebrate Team USA's victory in the gold medal game In contrast to popular belief, Kevin Durant and Draymond Green seem to have a solid connection | Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Kevin Durant and Draymond Green seem to have a good connection, according to anybody who watched Team USA during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Instagram addicts have undoubtedly seen the two go live together a few times. On the court, the former Warriors players worked well together to bring Team USA to the gold medal.

The mutual regard was also apparent throughout the interview. Green praised Durant’s abilities and dedication to the sport of basketball. Green’s no-nonsense leadership style and desire to win, Durant noted, were recognized by everyone on those Warriors teams.

After viewing the interview, it’s reasonable to question whether Warriors supporters will have a feeling of “What might have been.” If only Steve Kerr and Bob Myers hadn’t tried to avoid the issue.

After Team USA Men’s Basketball Won Gold at the Olympics, Draymond Green Kept the Receipts and Destroyed Kendrick Perkins

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