The NBA’s new lottery reform, which doles out 15% of the draft lottery picks to the teams who didn’t make the playoffs, has created some buzz in the league. One particular rumor is that Kyle Lowry has reached out to Zion Williamson, the star of Duke’s National Championship, and asked him to join him in Toronto. That would be a big get for the Raptors, as they would be able to select Williamson with the third overall pick.

The Raptors are looking like a strong contender for the Eastern Conference crown, and the team is starting to make some waves in the free agency market. One of the biggest free agents still on the market is Kawhi Leonard, who has been linked to the Lakers and Celtics. However, a recent report indicates that the Raptors have a backup plan ready in the event that the Lakers secure Leonard.

With news that the Toronto Raptors are looking to pair Kyle Lowry and Zion Williamson together, a lot of people are wondering where this will go. Will we see a stretch-four, like what we saw last season with the Sixers, or will they change positions altogether with Williamson playing the two-three or four? If they can manage to do all this, the Raptors have a chance to be very good on offense, and they are a team that should compete for a title in 2019 and beyond.. Read more about raptors news and let us know what you think.

The New Orleans Pelicans would benefit from demonstrating to Zion Williamson that they are serious about competing right away, and acquiring Kyle Lowry in free agency might be the answer.

The Pelicans had all the makings of a playoff contender heading into the 2020-21 season, but they fell short of making the playoffs. Former head coach Stan Van Gundy has been dismissed, and assistant coach Willie Green of the Phoenix Suns will take his position on the bench. What sort of team will Green be in charge of?

Williamson and Brandon Ingram provide a solid foundation for New Orleans. Lowry’s arrival would give them three superstar-caliber players. Given that Lonzo Ball is a restricted free agent who may be courted by a number of teams this summer, it may be worthwhile for the Pelicans to make a more concentrated attempt to sign Lowry.

Kyle Lowry is likely to be signed by the New Orleans Pelicans.

According to league insiders, there is growing speculation that New Orleans may join the battle for free agent-to-be Kyle Lowry.

There will be a slew of Lowry suitors, but it’s easy to see why the Pels, who are eager to get Zion Williamson to the playoffs, might be interested. More NBA:

19 July 2021 — Marc Stein (@TheSteinLine)

Marc Stein, a former New York Times NBA columnist and current Substack writer, claimed on Monday that the Pelicans are pursuing Kyle Lowry in free agency.

Lowry was a hot trade target at the March trade deadline, but despite being in a walk year, the Toronto Raptors opted to keep him. Lowry will be available for unrestricted free agency, and he is expected to attract a lot of attention.

The six-time All-Star is still one of the greatest point guards in the NBA, but due to his age, his deal may not be too demanding. Lowry is 35 years old, therefore he may have to settle for a short-term contract with a good yearly average. According to The Athletic’s John Hollinger, Lowry may receive a two-year deal for $50 million.

Although the Pelicans are investing in the future, a deal like this might be more advantageous if they can get a proven player like Lowry. It may also be a better investment for New Orleans since it prevents the Pelicans from spending more money on Lonzo Ball, who is a less guaranteed commodity.

Lowry’s argument vs Lonzo’s

If the Pelicans are focused on the point guard position this summer, there is a case to be made for them just matching bids on Ball.

Ball is almost a decade younger than Lowry. His shooting efficiency has improved in recent seasons, and his court vision and rebounding skills still give him room for improvement. Earlier in his career, he also showed glimpses of being a great perimeter defender.

Nonetheless, Lowry is the more productive player.

Last season, Lowry averaged more points, rebounds, and assists than Ball. On a comparable volume, he had a higher three-point shooting percentage (almost 40% from outside the arc). Most significantly, he is more effective in the half court.

The small guard has a penchant for creating pick-and-roll plays, getting into the lane, and scoring in the painted area. Despite receiving fewer assists, Lowry had a better field goal percentage on rim shots than Ball. According to, he also made almost 42% of catch-and-shoot threes last season. Ball made almost 41% of his tries, while just around 31% of his pull-up triples were successful. Lowry, on the other hand, made almost 38% of his pull-up threes.

What would heighten Zion Williamson’s threat level? Someone who, due of their shooting skill, can score near the rim while forcing defenders to cling to them. Lowry checks all of those boxes as a player who can generate his own shot while making the correct basketball move most of the time.

Lowry is also a tough competitor and a fearless leader. He might be the type of seasoned veteran the Pelicans need to go to the next level.

Williamson’s camp was reportedly unhappy with his position in New Orleans early this summer, according to sources. Signing an experienced player like Lowry would help the Pelicans on the court while also committing to Williamson’s development.

Signing Lowry may face some challenges.

Kyle Lowry pivots during a game against the Brooklyn Nets in April

Kyle Lowry pivots during a game against the Brooklyn Nets in April The New Orleans Pelicans are interested in Kyle Lowry | Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

Lowry’s anticipated market is the most apparent roadblock to his signing.

The Athletic’s Sam Amick and John Hollinger reported in April that Lowry’s market may be “very strong,” with clubs such as the Miami Heat and Philadelphia 76ers reportedly interested. Lowry may be hesitant to sign with the Pelicans if he doesn’t believe they’re ready to compete.

New Orleans, on the other hand, may be able to tempt Lowry by offering him an additional year and more money. The Athletic’s William Guillory and Sam Amick claimed that the Pelicans are considering trading Eric Bledsoe and Steven Adams. Perhaps as a result of this, the company will be able to give Lowry a better deal in the future.

In any event, the Pelicans seem to be interested in signing Lowry, and they should pursue him aggressively.

Unless otherwise stated, all stats are courtesy of Basketball Reference.

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