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Kyrie Irving’s Annoying Ways May Force Brooklyn Nets to Break up Their Big 3

When Kyrie Irving signed with the Boston Celtics, some wondered how long it would be before he had an incident that would cause him to be traded. Well, it came this week, and it seems Irving has been growing more and more frustrated with the Nets’ shaky defense. He’s not the most mature player, so it shouldn’t be too surprising that he is acting out in ways which have been reported to be very annoying to his teammates.

Kyrie Irving is in the news lately, not because of his play on the court, but because of his annoying antics. The Brooklyn Nets have to be extremely annoyed by how Irving is acting. The player is what some are dubbing the “Kevin Garnett of the Eastern Conference”, especially after they traded for Kyrie.

The trade that sent Kyrie Irving to the Boston Celtics this offseason has already started to turn around Boston’s fortunes, but things are beginning to get a little annoying for the Nets. With the Boston Celtics on a roll, the Nets are beginning to lose games, something the franchise hasn’t experienced in a generation. The team’s elite young core may be too hard to build around, and with Kyrie Irving in Boston, they may not be able to win a championship again.

With the acquisition of James Harden from the Houston Rockets in January, the Brooklyn Nets have completed the assembly of the franchise’s first Big Three. Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving arrived in July 2019, and Harden was the missing link to give the franchise its first NBA title. At least that was the plan of general manager Sean Marks.

In fact, the big three have almost never been. Sometimes it was the Big Two, sometimes it was the singles. Good news? The trio won 79% of their combined regular season and playoff games. The bad news is that the sample size is only 14 of the 84 games Brooklyn has played this season.

And like Cleveland and Boston, Kyrie Irving has reportedly caused enough drama in two seasons that Marks is at least considering trading him.

Kyrie Irving survived in twocities


Although the Cleveland Cavaliers had tremendous success in 2016, winning their first championship, the team wanted to say goodbye to their star point guard Kyrie Irving a year later. A story leaked from the Cavs’ front office said Irving asked for a trade. He was traded to the Boston Celtics in August 2017. However, according to Jackie McMullen of ESPN, there were reports two months earlier that the Cavaliers were considering parting with Irving.

An anonymous source told Stadium’s Jeff Goodman that Irving’s personality was as much a minus as his talent was a plus.

He doesn’t listen to anyone. I’ve met more selfish guys, but when you add up those three qualities – gruffness, immaturity and difficulty coaching – he doesn’t have a leg to stand on.

Cleveland Cavaliers Source in 2017

When he arrived in Boston, Irving said he wanted to see his jersey in the bars one day. After two seasons, he was a veteran of the Celtics and few in the organization were upset about Irving’s departure.

In his second campaign in Boston, there were smoking bridges throughout the locker room. One of the Celtics players told Goodman.

Everyone respects his talent, but it’s hard to play with him. Everything revolves around him.

Boston Celtics Player of the Year 2019

Could Kyrie Irving be a toxic three-way player in the Brooklyn Nets’ lineup?

Brooklyn Nets aren’t releasing anything, but there’s already talk of a deal with Irving

Kyrie Irving of the Brooklyn Nets watches the game against the Milwaukee Bucks in Game 1 of the second round of the 2021 NBA Playoffs. | Stephen Ryan /Getty Images

Under Marks’ leadership, the Brooklyn Nets operate almost hermetically. The news comes when Marx wants it, and not a second before. But writer Matt Sullivan said on the Celtics Lab podcast that Marks is willing to listen to suggestions about Kyrie Irving.

I heard the Nets owners were pretty unhappy with Kyrie’s break, especially the exposed part that turned his pseudo-holiday into a parental leave, more like a COWID disqualification. And last week I heard rumors – whispers, actually, because breaking into the Nets is like breaking into the Kremlin – that (Marks) might, might, might apparently be willing to at least listen to an offer to trade Kyrie this season.

At this point, I’m not sure what the market will offer for Kyrie. Not that Ben Simmons gives you a headache on the field. It is this complex personality that also manifests itself off the field. I think that pissed off some people in the franchise.

Matt Sullivan

Off-field behavior is easier to dismiss when there are results on the field. But Irving also struggled in this area.

When availability is the most important skill, Kyrie Irving often falls short


Kyrie Irving just got his 10th. The season is over in the NBA, and he has a well-deserved reputation for being vulnerable. In those 10 seasons, Irving has missed fewer than 10 games exactly once. Since coming to Brooklyn, he has played in 74 regular season games and nine postseason games. That is, out of a possible 162 games (144 regular season games and 16 playoff games).

Is he the one responsible for all the injuries? Of course not, unless you believe Irving intentionally landed on Giannis Antitokounmpo’s leg in Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals. But some omissions are self-inflicted.

Irving left the team in January for personal reasons. But his appearance at the party without a mask caused him to be subjected to COVID protocol before he could return. Irving missed seven games and was fined approximately $1 million.

Despite missing 18 games, Irving was named one of the best players in the NBA for the third time in his career. In 54 games, he averaged 26.9 points, 6.0 assists and 4.8 rebounds per game and was part of the legendary 50/40/90 club in which he scored 50.6 percent of his total points, shot 40.2 percent from long range and 92.2 percent from the free throw line.

It’s not about production. But the distractions could be enough for the Brooklyn Nets to cut their losses. If nothing else, this will be another interesting mid-season story.

statistics provided by Basketball Reference and NBA.com.

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