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LeBron James Exploited Lakers’ Desperation and Is Now Holding Them Hostage

LeBron James is a professional basketball player. He was born on December 30th 1984 in Akron, Ohio, United States.

The “los angeles lakers” are a basketball team that has been around for decades. LeBron James is now holding them hostage and exploiting their desperation.

If it hasn’t already been clear, the Los Angeles Lakers are on their way to another season in which they will be out of contention for the NBA championship. The attempts of general manager Rob Pelinka to build an almost totally new squad around LeBron James and Anthony Davis have backfired.

The corporation is probably guaranteed to have a summer that will be marked by considerable change across the board. The Lakers’ desperate need for star power drove them down this road, with LeBron James in complete control of the team’s destiny.

The Lakers are on their way to a dreadful end.


LeBron-James-Lakers-desperation-Control-1024x682 LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers tries a slam. | Getty Images/Steph Chambers

The Lakers had anticipated that their busy summer would translate into a great season, but that hasn’t happened.

Due to injuries and a mediocre supporting cast, the club is now ranked ninth in the Western Conference with a 27-31 record. Despite LeBron James’ ageless performance, the Los Angeles Lakers are on the verge of missing the playoffs entirely.

Due to the organization’s desperate need for star power, a deadly truth awaits them as the season progresses.

LeBron James has more authority over the Lakers than Kobe Bryant had at any point in his career.

The Lakers’ gradual decline has stifled positive conversation about the team.

Internal strife is growing between general manager Rob Pelinka’s relationship with LeBron James and Klutch Sports. The Lakers’ quiet trade deadline, paired with the team’s troubles, has reportedly irritated James and Klutch Sports.

The situation might deteriorate further, since the franchise strongly supports Pelinka’s continued employment. Furthermore, according to Bill Oram of the Athletic, James has a solid grasp on the franchise that rivals that of Hall of Famer Kobe Bryant during his time.

“However, insiders within the Lakers organization have long said that not even the famous Black Mamba exerted as much authority within the club as James currently does,” Oram wrote. “Bryant was never able to bully the Lakers into making a deal like the one James helped organize for Westbrook, which has turned out to be a complete catastrophe.”

The Lakers are a proud institution, but their desperate need for a superstar led them to voluntarily give the four-time league MVP enormous personnel power. After years of failing to sign All-Star players in free agency, the decision was made.

Los Angeles won the NBA championship in just James’ second season, but things have become steadily worse since then. Last season, the team was eliminated in the first round of the playoffs, and this season, they are expected to suffer a similar or even worse fate.

The Lakers are in a tough situation, particularly after the Westbrook deal turned out to be a blunder. All of this, along with the fact that James’ contract only runs through next season, forces the organization to bow to his will.

Los Angeles has no option but to comply with LeBron James’ demands.

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The Lakers have 24 regular-season games remaining to make a meaningful postseason run and maybe more.

The team, on the other hand, is doomed to miss out on another NBA championship. This road will lead to an offseason dominated by media speculation over James’ future.

Due to these constraints, the Lakers will be forced to make personnel selections primarily for the sake of building a championship contender. Their attempts will persuade James to stay on through his 20th election cycle.

Los Angeles must first find a way to transfer Westbrook in order to get the financial freedom necessary to assemble a dominant lineup. Meanwhile, since head coach Frank Vogel is under contract until next season, the organization must determine if he is the long-term solution.

The Lakers may not want to confront reality, but James is in charge of the team’s destiny. The forthcoming offseason will be a make-or-break opportunity that will have a huge influence on the near future.

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