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LeBron James Shares a Message for Former All-Star Isaiah Thomas: ‘Keep Going’

LeBron James is no stranger to sharing advice—he’s a former mentor to the likes of Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, and Carmelo Anthony, after all. On Monday, the four-time NBA champion gave a bit of his own advice to Isaiah Thomas, stating that Thomas should “keep going” and continue to work hard on his game as he returns to the court after a two-year absence.

In a recent interview with ESPN, Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James shared a message for former teammate Isaiah Thomas. Here’s what he had to say: “The kid is a great kid. He’s a great player. He went to school, he stayed in school, he worked hard. It’s hard to see him go through all that he went through, to become the All-Star that he’s become, and I feel like now he’s got to continue to prove himself and show the world what he can do. He’s a competitor. When you’re a competitor, you want to prove yourself all the time, and he wants to be better. He’s a great kid.”

After the Boston Celtics acquired Isaiah Thomas in a trade with the Cleveland Cavaliers , they were hoping that Thomas could be the player he was when he was a member of the Celtics. However, it didn’t take long before Thomas’ body betrayed him so he was forced to sit out for a year. Now that he’s back, the Celtics are hoping that he can get back to the player he once was and help them reach the playoffs.. Read more about isaiah thomas team and let us know what you think.

Isaiah Thomas hasn’t played meaningful NBA minutes in a long time.

He last played in a game during the regular season with the New Orleans Pelicans on a 10-day contract. He only appeared in three games as a pinch runner before being released.

Thomas bounced around the league before joining the Pelicans, spending time with the Washington Wizards, Denver Nuggets, Los Angeles Lakers, and Cleveland Cavaliers. The 5-9 point guard has had a turbulent few years, with many dismissing his chances of returning to the NBA.

Following a mind-blowing 81-point performance in a recent pro-am league game, LeBron James offered Thomas some words of encouragement.

After seeing a former teammate score 81 points in a pro-am game, LeBron James tweeted his encouragement.

In Cleveland, James and Thomas were teammates for a short time. However, the collaboration did not always work out for Thomas. 

James was dissatisfied with Thomas’ general talent and health (he was recovering from a serious hip ailment) and didn’t spend much time with the former Boston Celtic.

Thomas was a returnee in the Kyrie Irving deal between Cleveland and Boston in 2017, which went lopsidedly in Boston’s favor. The Celtics acquired a player who could consistently score 20 points per game and control the offense, whereas James and the Cavaliers got a version of Thomas who wasn’t even close to the player he was from 2015 to 2017.

After only 15 games, Cleveland traded Thomas.

Isaiah Thomas used to be one of the league’s top point guards.

Thomas was regarded as one of the best point guards in the league during his heyday with the Celtics, prior to his awful season in Cleveland (and the dismal years that followed). In 2015-16, he averaged 22.2 points per game, while in 2016-17, he averaged 28.9 points per game.

Because of his short stature, Thomas had an unconventional playing style, but his numbers spoke for themselves. 

He figured out a good technique to score the ball, and the Celtics were content to ride the wave until Irving was traded.

This season, James and Thomas could reunite.

LeBron James and Isaiah Thomas. Isaiah Thomas #3 and LeBron James #23 | Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

Thomas has been out of the NBA for a few months and it appears unlikely that he would sign with a team anytime soon. A 10-day deal is possible if a team is willing to be generous, but Thomas is unlikely to go that way these days.

Thomas, at 32 years old, isn’t exactly a high-upside prospect worth pursuing. His best days have passed him by.

According to a recent report by ESPN’s Marc Stein, James and the Lakers have “considered the possibility of signing” Thomas. Perhaps James is remorseful for how things ended in Cleveland, or perhaps the Lakers actually believe he can contribute as a backup point guard.

In any case, Thomas completing his career in Los Angeles — chasing a title — would be a satisfying conclusion for a player who had to overcome numerous barriers to make it to the NBA in the first place. 

Basketball Reference provided all stats.

Before the Lakers traded for Russell Westbrook, LeBron James wanted to play with Chris Paul.

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