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Mario Golf: Super Rush Courses Guide — How to Unlock All Courses

This guide will teach you how to unlock all courses in Mario Golf: Super Rush in Golf Club 3 for the Nintendo 3DS!

The Super Mario Golf segment of Super Mario Golf: World Tour was hugely popular due to the huge amount of content, and even more so due to the ability to unlock and play all of the courses in a single game . Thanks to a glitch in the game, you can also unlock all of the courses without requiring access to the card shop. If you’ve got your own copy of the game, you can use the following guide to unlock all courses in the game.

Super Mario Golf really is a fantastic game. It’s arguably better than Mario Tennis, though it has a few issues. However, it’s hard to find a game with more content than this, and I’ve given up on monetizing this site, so I might as well try to help make more content. So you guys can find out what courses are in the game, here’s a complete list of them.

Mario Golf : GameSur Rushfeatures six unique tracks, each with its own challenges, characters, unlockables and more. At the beginning of the game, you only have access to two of the six available courses. Of course, you’re wondering how to unlock them all.

Each course can be unlocked in two ways: in normal game play or in Golden Adventure mode. In this guide we will look at both methods and briefly describe how both ways of playing work, their variety helps to make the game fresh and engaging.

To unlock all courses in Mario Golf: Super Rush

Beginners course

The beginner course is the first course in the game and by far the best place to learn the basics (it is a tutorial after all). Here you will get your standard clubs for free from the caddy master and learn how to use them, although the holes are very simple. There are few obstacles and the weather is not a problem here.

Unlocked in the regular game
This track is unlocked by default in the regular game and is one of the two tracks available from the beginning.

Unlocking in Golf Adventure
When playing Golf Adventure, the beginner’s course becomes available after completing the three learning exercises in Bonny Greens.

Bonnie Greens

Bonny Greens is similar to the Rookie course, but with more obstacles. Bunkers are more common, and many more trees block potential shots. Since the Rookie course exists as a tutorial, Bonny Greens is the first real field where you can test your new skills.

As unlocked in the normal game
This is another course that is unlocked by default in the normal game. You can start this course without having taken the beginners course.

Free to play in Golf Adventure
In Golf Adventure, however, you must quickly complete the final three holes of the Rookie Course in 10 minutes or less and finish the game with a score of less than +3.

Ridgerock Lake

Ridgerock Lake is the first course where you can choose the order in which you play and pass the holes. This course has more water and height differences than the other courses, and more dynamic obstacles like enemies, tornadoes and high winds.

Unlock in normal play
Complete 18 holes on Bonny Greens to unlock this course. You don’t have to play every holeto every hole , but you can choose to play two 9-hole sessions at Bonny Greens or three 6-hole sessions. The most important thing is that you play 18 holes.

To be unlocked in Golf Adventure
To be unlocked in Golf Adventure, you must finish the Bonny Green Open with a score of less than +8 on par and earn a Chrome badge.

Balsamic Dunes

Balmy Dunes is a desolate playground. Visibility is poor due to sandstorms and strong winds. Lots of sand hazards and roaming pokies will definitely get you in trouble.

Unlock in normal play
To unlock Balmy Dunes in normal play, you must complete 18 holes at Ridgerock Lake. Again: However you decide to do 18, do what’s best for you.

Unlocking in Golf Adventure
Unlocking in Golf Adventure is a bit more complicated. You must complete the final nine miles of Ridgerock Lake in less than 40 strokes and receive a bronze badge. You must then speak with Master Stinger to unlock this course.

Wildweather Woods

As the name suggests, you can expect bad weather in this area. Beware of strong winds, rain and lightning that can hit you if you hit the ball hard. In addition, the track is littered with puddles.

Unlock in the regular game
To unlock Wildweather Woods in the regular game, you must play 18 holes in Balmy Dunes.

Unlock in Golf Adventure mode
To unlock in Golf Adventure mode, you must complete the Speed Golf challenge with Chargin’ Chuck and Boo in Balmy Dunes.

Bowser Highland

The final track of the game, Bowser Highlands, is full of obstacles. Along the way you can expect bombs, chain bombs, thwomps, fireballs and more. The greens are incredibly undulating and there are no lava obstacles anywhere. There will even be snow and ice on some holes of Golf Adventure.

To unlock in normal game
To unlock Bowser Highlands in normal game, complete all 18 holes in Wildweather Woods.

Unlockable in Golf Adventure
Unlockable in Golf Adventure, earn a gold badge in a game of Speed Golf in Wildweather Woods by beating Luigi and Donkey Kong.

Now that you know how to unlock all the courses, it will be much easier for you to practice and improve your skills in the game Mario Golf :. Super Rush. Do your best to stay within par on all six courses, and you’ll be an unstoppable force online.With the help of our Mario Golf: Super Rush Golf Guide, you can unlock all the courses in the game in a matter of minutes. We’ll show you exactly what you need to do to unlock all courses. There is a total of 111 courses to find, and they unlock in groups of 11. To find the courses you just have to play the Super Mario Golf mini-games in different levels to find stars.. Read more about mario golf dlc and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to unlock all courses in Mario Golf Super rush?

Complete all the tournaments in Mario Golf Super rush.

Are there unlockable characters in Mario Golf Super rush?

There are no unlockable characters in Mario Golf Super rush.

How many courses are there in Mario Golf?

There are 18 courses in Mario Golf.

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